The Legend of Futian
2150 Cangyuan Continen
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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2150 Cangyuan Continen

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In the Shangqing Domain, the Upper Nine Heavens was composed of a cluster of continents that were structured like a pyramid.

At the very top was the Shangqing Continent, surrounded by other less significant continents. The Shangqing Continent was unquestionably the center of activity in the Shangqing Domain. Apart from the Shangqing Continent, where the Domain Chief’s Manor was located, other continents were also packed with prominent forces and were rather influential in general.

In recent days, the news slowly spread in the Divine Prefecture and reached the continents in the Upper Nine Heavens. In the meantime, the notice from the Domain Chief’s Manor requesting the presence of representatives of various groups also went around fast in the Shangqing Domain. Many people had set out for the Shangqing Continent, including plenty of powerful cultivators who were curious about the situation.

At this moment, a group of cultivators was marching through the clouds somewhere. It was an impressive assembly that consisted of Ye Futian, other people from Four Corner Village, and cultivators from the ancient royal family of Duan.

They gazed into the distance and could see the continents that were floating in space. Because of the extended distance, the cluster of the continents looked like a single tectonic plate of an irregular shape.

They had traveled through many continents on their journey. When they looked up at the sky, they could vaguely see a splendid Heavenly Palace far, far away, towering over everything as though it was the center of the continents.

“That’s the Shangqing Continent. Although we can see it with our naked eyes, it is still a great distance away,” Duan Qiong said. They had occasionally met other cultivators on their way. It was safe to assume that those people were heading to the Shangqing Continent as well.

Ye Futian nodded slightly. He was not in a rush. Back in the Donghua Domain, every top force had a teleportation grand matrix that was directly connected with the Donghua Heavens. Yet, it was not the case in the Shangqing Domain. According to Duan Qiong, most of the top forces in the Shangqing Domain were located in the Upper Nine Heavens. Therefore, teleportation grand matrixes were not necessary. Even if something serious happened, the master cultivators could get to the Shangqing Continent in a short time.

As they moved forward, they approached two continents that were adjacent to each other. Ye Futian and the others noticed that many cultivators from various directions were making a stopover in one of the continents.

“I’m surprised that we are passing by this place,” said Duan Qiong, “It is a relic continent that is rather rare for cultivators to come across. It’s made up of ruins and relics instead of a place for humans to inhabit. A Great Emperor used to cultivate there back in the distant past. People in the Upper Nine Heavens named it the Cangyuan Continent.

“Nevertheless, countless cultivators have been there to search for relics over the past centuries. They all wish to obtain treasures from ancient times. Generation after generation, the relics on this continent have all been raided and plundered. It’s hard to find any more cultivation opportunities there. On top of that, some places are filled with dangers. Thus, few people are willing to explore the continent nowadays. That being said, cultivators who come from other continents far away still want to have a tour. After all, one of the Great Emperors allegedly cultivated there,” Duan Qiong explained to Ye Futian in detail.

“Do you want to take a look?” Duan Yi asked Ye Futian.

“Let’s check it out since we’re passing by anyway. We won’t waste much time,” Ye Futian replied. They didn’t need to make a detour as it was on their way. Ye Futian would like to visit the relic continent, but he didn’t have high hopes for encountering any cultivation opportunity.

“Alright, let’s have a look then,” said Duan Qiong. Right away, they sped up in the direction of the Cangyuan Continent.

They arrived at the Cangyuan Continent before long.

While descending from the sky, they could vaguely see cultivators scrambling in the Cangyuan Continent in different directions.

With the dilapidated walls, a desolate scene was all around. Giant steles were split open, and splendid ancient buildings were in ruins. Ye Futian also noticed a divine gate that was over a hundred yards tall and covered with cracks. Innumerable broken stones and fallen pillars scattered on the ground as though the place used to be the entrance of the continent.

Ye Futian sensed an indistinct smell of the ancient history as soon as he set foot on the continent.

Over the years, this relic continent had gone through countless rounds of plunder and test of battles.

“According to the tales, the original ruler of the Cangyuan Continent had reached the pinnacle of cultivation. Any character he carved could represent the Heavenly Path. If he carved ‘Heaven,’ a stretch of sky that could project overwhelming might would materialize; if he carved ‘Kill,’ unparalleled and unstoppable deadly force would emerge. All creatures would be annihilated wherever his runes landed,” said Duan Qiong. He learned about these from the antique books possessed by the ancient royal family.

Besides that, some of the characters carved by this early ruler still existed on the Cangyuan Continent, which was why the continent was infested with hidden dangers to this day. Some cultivators who came to the Cangyuan Continent to look for cultivation opportunities in the relics died inexplicably.

Ye Futian was surprised by the story. He didn’t know what kind of power the ancient Great Emperor possessed. Nevertheless, he understood that the Great Emperor was certainly far superior to any Renhuang. Donghuang the Great Emperor was the only one in the entire Divine Prefecture who had reached that level. One could well imagine how powerful he must be to reign over the vast Divine Prefecture.

Ye Futian and the others kept moving forward at a faster pace into the depth of the continent.

The solemnity and immensity of time that Ye Futian sensed initially were becoming more and more intense. They noticed a lot of cultivators in the distance and sensed a burst of energy coming from afar. They raised their heads and saw a beam of brilliant divine light that shot up into the sky and pierced through the clouds.

“What is that?” they looked in the direction of the light and whispered to each other.

Could it be that someone found an unknown cultivation opportunity in the relic continent?

“Let’s go.”

They quickened their steps, marching in that direction. The energy they sensed before grew stronger and stronger. They saw that a lot of cultivators gathered around the light. Apparently, many people stopped at this relic continent just like them. And it seemed that someone had discovered something.

As they approached the site, a cluster of tumbledown ancient buildings came into their sight. Although the buildings had fallen into ruin, it was not hard to imagine how splendid they were in the past.

Moreover, the buildings sat on a vast expanse of land. It was probably the place where the Great Emperor used to cultivate.

Many people from the Outer Realms were here too. They also gazed in that direction. Some of them were even walking toward the area. Everyone was curious to see what happened there and if a new cultivation opportunity had emerged.

They only intended to have an easy tour of the place. Discovering a new relic would be a fortunate stroke of serendipity.


At this moment, a person shot a look at Ye Futian and his companions from the other side of the buildings. His piercing gaze riveted on Ye Futian like a sharp, icy sword. Hair standing up on the back of his neck, Ye Futian sensed the glare directing at him.

He turned around and saw an arrogant young man—Muyun Shu.

Of course, Muyun Shu was an adult now. He had outgrown his childishness and became a menacing presence. Even though it had been years since he last saw Ye Futian, his hatred for him didn’t diminish even a little bit.

The Muyun family enjoyed a high status in Four Corner Village, and he used to be the ringleader of all the children.

However, everything changed after Ye Futian arrived at Four Corner Village. He never even dreamt that he would be expelled from the village. Subsequently, his father and everyone else in his family were banished as well. It was a tremendous shame that he would never forget.

Now, he met Ye Futian again here on the Cangyuan Continent.

“Who is he?” A female Renhuang next to Muyun Shu noticed the sudden change in his expression. She was a middle-level Renhuang from the Nanhai family with a dignified posture.

The Muyun family followed Muyun Lan to the Nanhai family after they were expelled from Four Corner Village. Muyun Shu was well respected and valued in the Nanhai family thanks to his extraordinary talents and promising potential. The Nanhai family put priority on grooming him and sent excellent cultivators to train and protect him. This middle-level female Renhuang was one of Muyun Shu’s cultivation instructors. It was an illustration of how much importance they attached to him.

After he left Four Corner Village, Muyun Shu enjoyed a luxurious life in the Nanhai family. It was nothing like his old days in the village, and it provided him a chance to see the real world. Even so, Muyun Shu could never cease to think of the humiliation Ye Futian brought upon him.

“Ye Futian,” Muyun Shu answered in a cold and menacing tone. The female Renhuang and other cultivators around Muyun Shu all turned their eyes to Ye Futian.

Ye Futian was a well-known figure nowadays. Rumor had it that he singlehandedly forced his way into the palace of the ancient royal family of Duan. His reputation spread throughout the Shangqing Domain. Even the cultivators in the Nanhai family had heard about him.

Ye Futian darted a disdainful look at Muyun Shu as well. He had always despised the young man and wasn’t shy to show his contempt. He loathed Muyun Shu no matter how talented he might be.

“I’m surprised that you dare to leave Four Corner Village,” Muyun Shu said to Ye Futian coldly, “I would be hiding in the village for life if I were you,”

Everyone around Ye Futian frowned in disapproval. Condor-sama scowled at Muyun Shu and said, “Little b*stard, how come you’re as stupid as the time when you left the village. It seems that the lesson you got back then was not enough.”

“You vile beast. You’re courting death!” Muyun Shu shifted his anger to Black Wind Condor. His eyes were filled with malice, and even his body was emitting brilliant golden light. He charged at Black Wind Condor immediately.
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    《The Legend of Futian》