The Legend of Futian
2177 Divine Mausoleum Collapses
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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2177 Divine Mausoleum Collapses

“What is happening?”

The look in their eyes changed, and they watched in shock. Were they hallucinating?

However, it was impossible for them to hallucinate at their level of cultivation.

At that moment, they clearly saw the corpse of Shenjia the Great Emperor move, and it was an extremely curious feeling. Their eyes were shining with a frightening divine aurora as they turned their attention there.

Ye Futian’s body was still emitting sounds of violent rumbling as infinite characters flew out from his body. It seemed as if he had achieved a certain resonance with the body of Shenjia the Great Emperor so that infinite characters were also bursting from the corpse. They floated everywhere inside the mausoleum.

At this time, those major figureheads felt a powerful aura that gave rise to a strong sense of danger. Each of them called out to their own Renhuang cultivators and commanded loudly, “Get back! Be careful.”

The cultivators around them had no idea what was going on, but they became very alarmed when they heard this command. At the same time, the characters that were floating in the void became even more radiant as frightening divine glory shot out from them. Many felt as if their eyes would be blinded, so they dared not look directly at them.

“Ah…” There were shrill screams as blood oozed from the eyes of those whose cultivation was weak. Instantly, a chaotic atmosphere swept across the divine mausoleum, and those cultivators retreated quickly and took care to avert their eyes.

Boom! Those major figureheads sensed the danger and took a step forward. At this moment, those characters, blooming with incomparable divine glory, swept toward this space.

Boom, boom, boom! But those major figureheads were prepared for it. The terrifying power of the Great Path almost sealed off the space entirely, blocking the power that had erupted from the sacred remains. However, in the next moment, the divine light of the ancient character penetrated their defenses, slaughtering toward them.

Psst… Someone’s body was pierced by the divine light. It was as if the defense of the Great Path had no effect at all.

“Get out,” a voice commanded, and those major figureheads waved their hands at their people, signaling for them to retreat to the outside, as they could no longer stay in this divine mausoleum.

The speed of these top cultivators was unimaginably fast. In just an instant, all of them had retreated toward the entrance at the same time. In this short moment, the divine glory of those ancient characters had flooded the space inside the mausoleum.

A violent booming sound came out as the matrix engraved inside the divine mausoleum was activated. The entire mausoleum was spinning like a stunning pagoda. Just like the divine matrix, an unparalleled power was suppressing this space.

In the space below, the stone pillars oscillated and began to crack, then started to shatter. The sacred coffin was moving violently. Inside the coffin, infinite characters burst out, and some blasted onto the divine matrix and bumped around inside the mausoleum. As they collided with the space inside, an astonishing sound erupted, causing the entire divine mausoleum to vibrate wildly.

Numerous characters blasted on the radiant divine matrix, and soon, cracks began to appear on the matrix itself. As these golden cracks continued to spread and expand, they did so rapidly.

“Ka-cha!” There was a violent sound, and some characters rushed directly into the divine matrix so that it began to collapse and disintegrate. The entire divine mausoleum trembled even more violently.

Outside, all the major figureheads had already taken their own cultivators to retreat. Even the people from Four Corner Village had withdrawn. Xia Qingyuan was forcibly taken out by Old Ma; she didn’t even have time to react.

Many cultivators were still gathered around the divine mausoleum, and their attention was focused inside the mausoleum at the moment. A golden light was shining on the massive mausoleum, even as the terrifying matrix was spinning. However, at this moment, cracks continued to appear on this supreme matrix, and the outer part of the mausoleum began to crack as well.

On the day when the divine mausoleum was constructed, they remembered that the Chief had personally proclaimed the sturdiness of it; he was protected by a supremely powerful matrix to prevent the fiercest fluctuations. However, they never dreamed that the divine mausoleum would disintegrate so soon.

They could guard against the violent aura fluctuations from other cultivators, but they couldn’t guard against the sacred remains inside the coffin.

Countless eyes were glued there, and there were chattering noises. What was happening inside the divine mausoleum?

The cultivators of various top principalities had retreated from the divine mausoleum. Could it be that even the likes of them could not withstand this terrifying force?

They all wanted to know just what was going on inside the mausoleum.

“Elder, what happened?”

There were voices, but those major figureheads paid them no mind. They continued to stare at the divine mausoleum and saw that the divine matrix was beginning to disintegrate with a force that could not be stopped. They knew that the collapse of the mausoleum was inevitable and could not be avoided.

If the divine mausoleum were to collapse without setting a proper defense on the outside, what terrible consequences would that be?

At this time, in the direction of the Domain Chief’s Manor, there were wisps of horrific aura that could be felt, and the two of them were particularly tyrannical. In the next moment, they saw two figures appearing above the divine mausoleum, looking down below.

These two were the Chief and Vice Chief, Zhou Muhuang.

“Get out of here. Now,” Chief Zhou said to the massive crowd around him. A terrifying coercion swept out, covering the divine mausoleum. The cultivators that were around also sensed the threat as soon as the Chief reminded them. If the divine mausoleum were to collapse, even the divine matrix would not withstand the power inside. How terrible would that be? And how could they bear it?

When they thought of this, their bodies instantly withdrew. They cleared out of this area quickly to avoid being attacked by that force.

At the same time, a terrifying coercion from the Chief enveloped this divine mausoleum.

Bang… Finally, with a loud noise, the divine mausoleum collapsed and shattered. A dazzling light shot from it as infinite characters flew in every direction. Each character contained its own horrific power.

The terrifying power contained within these characters swept through everything, attempting to move farther away. However, a figure stood there in the sky above, and the cultivators who were fleeing in the distance saw the Chief stood there like a god, an astonishing light screen formed around him, shrouding that area. Those overwhelming characters shot out but were blocked by that dreadful light screen.

At this moment, everyone felt that inside the light screen, there seemed to be a world controlled by the Domain Chief and that he was the master of that space.

A dreadful divine glory now emerged from the Chief, causing the light screen to spin as if it were about to form a massive matrix on its own.

Below, the divine mausoleum had now completely collapsed and shattered, and a sacred coffin was revealed. Inside the sacred coffin, the corpse of Shenjia the Great Emperor was lying there quietly; it was as if he had never moved. But that terrifying divine glory had indeed exploded from it.

What was even more astonishing was that there was a cultivator standing there in front of the sacred coffin. He seemed capable of ignoring the terrifying power coming from the sacred remains inside the coffin and had even achieved some resonance with it. Countless characters lit up upon his body, full of divine brilliance. The body of the Great Path was roaring as an extremely tyrannical aura now burst out from him.

“He’s breaking through the realm!”

Many were trembling. Ye Futian actually using the sacred remains in the coffin to break through the realm. He became the only one who was still cultivating in the divine mausoleum. Not only was he there, but he was also resonating with that power and using that power to break through his own physical limitations and elevate.

How did he do it?

Such frightening talent was something that no one in the Shangqing Domain could come close to accomplishing. While those major figureheads dared not linger a moment longer, he was busy cultivating inside.

Many of them even wondered if all this happened because he was cultivating and the cultivation had caused such horrific happenstance.

At this time, Chief Zhou’s eyes were fixed on Ye Futian, who was below. He had the clearest view because Ye Futian was breaking through the realm right below him. The aura released from Ye Futian was indeed the aura of the Renhuang Sixth Realm with a perfect Great Path.

However, Ye Futian’s aura of the Sixth Realm was far more terrifying than the same levels aura from other cultivators. Even those in the Seventh Realm with perfect Great Path could hardly compare with the mighty power exuded from Ye Futian from the Chief’s estimation. When Zhou Muhuang was breaking through, his aura was certainly a lot less intimidating.

This man’s potential was so great that it was difficult to find his likes in all of Shangqing Domain. He had the possibility of becoming the topmost existence among giants.

Furthermore, he had even achieved resonance with the corpse of Shengjia the Great Emperor; who knew what would happen next?

Boom, boom, boom… Ye Futian’s body was roaring, and when the Chief sensed the power inside Ye Futian’s body, he was even more astonished.

“Is he refining his body?”

The Chief felt that Ye Futian’s breakthrough this time was different from other cultivators. The body of the Great Path seemed to have become a truly divine body, which was terrifying. All the power of the Great Path was erupting from his body. It was as if his physical body was the Body of Way and that he had completely become one with the Way.

At this moment, the Chief’s eyes showed extreme disbelief. It was as if he wanted to see through Ye Futian but could not. What secrets were harbored by this cultivator from the Original Realm?
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    《The Legend of Futian》