The Legend of Futian
2179 Pressure on Four Corner Village
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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2179 Pressure on Four Corner Village

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Four Corner Village was quiet and peaceful as usual. However, as soon as Old Ma and Ye Futian came back, a swarm of people followed them and surrounded the village. Old Ma took Ye Futian and headed directly to the private school.

They arrived at the private school in a short moment. Ye Futian seemed to be suffering from tremendous pain right now. Loud and scary noises were still coming out of his body.

“What happened?” Several people rushed over to Old Ma and Ye Futian.

“Master.” Fang Cun, Little Ling, and other teenagers sprinted over to check on Ye Futian. Old Ma faced the school’s gate and spoke to the man inside, “Master, Ye Futian consumed a sacred body. It was the corpse of Shenjia the Great Emperor from many years ago. Now people from numerous groups have chased us here and surrounded the village.”

Old Ma gave a brief account of what happened before. He was well aware that it was meaningless to argue with the master cultivators under the circumstances before. Those mighty figures would never let Ye Futian go. If Ye Futian stayed there, he would undoubtedly be killed by them since they were determined to retrieve the sacred remains of Shenjia the Great Emperor even if it meant disemboweling Ye Futian.

For that reason, Old Ma had no choice but to take his chances and bring Ye Futian back to Four Corner Village.

That being said, he knew that he would not be able to leave if the Domain Chief stepped in to stop him when he created the Door of Space. However, for some inexplicable reasons, the Domain Chief let him go and gave him a chance to leave through the space passage.

Perhaps the Domain Chief was confident that Ye Futian and Old Ma would be captured in the end anyway, so it didn’t matter for them to run away now.

Beams of divine light came out of the school and focused on Ye Futian’s body. The light swaddled Ye Futian tightly and pulled him into the school straight away. In a flash, Ye Futian disappeared in front of Old Ma.

Old Ma stared at the school. As worried as he was, there was nothing else he could do at this point. He certainly realized that Ye Futian was in grave danger for consuming the sacred remains. He had no choice but to ask the master for help.

Inside the private school, Ye Futian’s body floated in midair. An old man with an ethereal quality appeared in front of him.

“Master,” Ye Futian opened his eyes and moaned.

“I can’t help you with your condition. This is something you have to do on your own,” the master said to Ye Futian.

Ye Futian nodded and closed his eyes again. The imperial glory glowed intensely from his body, and the rumbling noise reverberated through the school as if his Body of Way could explode at any second. It was a grim and dreadful scene.

A spasm of pain made Ye Futian contort his face. He seemed to be struggling for his life.

“Get the f*ck out of here!” he bellowed with rage. Countless brilliant runes and characters emerged from his body one after another. It was as though they were being detached.

Immediately after that, a ray of golden divine light shone brilliantly, and a figure was propelled out of Ye Futian’s body. It was Shenjia the Great Emperor.

“Phew…” Ye Futian opened his eyes and stared at the dazzling sacred remains. A sense of fear still possessed him when he thought about the experience. The sacred remains of Shenjia the Great Emperor attempted to destroy his Life Palace.

In the past, the World Tree in Ye Futian’s Life Palace could devour and digest any kind of treasure, including divine items. However, it failed to do so this time. Not only that, it was barely able to kick out the sacred remains after a hard and protracted struggle. If the fight went on, Ye Futian and his Life Palace might be obliterated.

As soon as Shenjia the Great Emperor’s body emerged, a burst of blinding divine light swept across space. The light dimmed gradually and gently poured over the sacred remains. The divine body laid flat as though it was an ordinary corpse.

Only moments earlier, this corpse unleashed enough power almost to take Ye Futian’s life.

“Master, I apologize for troubling you.” Ye Futian slightly bowed to the master. He wasn’t cheerful about advancing to the next stage. He would never choose to consume the sacred remains if the situation was in his hands. He was well aware of how much trouble it would bring. With his cultivation level and experience, he couldn’t control or take away the sacred remains.

Now, he had no choice but to hand over the sacred remains. Otherwise, he might drag Four Corner Village into trouble.

At this point, more and more cultivators had come to Four Corner City, including Zhou Muhuang. They hovered in the sky above the city.

“Muhuang, where is the chief?” someone asked Zhou Muhuang, who was just arriving.

“He is right behind. I got here first,” Zhou Muhuang replied.

“Ye Futian snatched the sacred remains for himself, and Old Ma brought him back to Four Corner Village. How should we deal with them?” One person threw out the obvious question. The cultivators in Four Corner City started to realize what happened upon hearing their conversation.

Ye Futian snatched the sacred remains for himself?

“I believe that Ye Futian will return the sacred remains. We can decide what to do with him later if he refuses,” Zhou Muhuang said. “Let me go in and take a look first.”

“Good.” Everyone nodded in agreement. Then, Zhou Muhuang walked into Four Corner Village in long strides.

Within seconds, a lot of people in the village sensed Zhou Muhuang’s formidable energy. In the meantime, a voice boomed, “This is Zhou Muhuang from the Domain Chief’s Manor. Nice to meet everyone in Four Corner Village.”

Old Ma and Ye Futian both walked over. They stood on the ground and raised their heads to look at Zhou Muhuang in the sky.

“Vice Chief,” Ye Futian greeted him. Zhou Muhuang looked down and said to Ye Futian, “Almost all the cultivators from the Outer Realms are here now. They are gathering above Four Corner City.”

Ye Futian’s expression was somber even though it was not beyond his expectation.

“You generated a resonance with the sacred remains and took them with you. Even though the cultivation opportunity was your own fortune, I’m sure you understand the consequences under such circumstances,” Zhou Muhuang said. Ye Futian didn’t make a sound, but he obviously understood what Zhou Muhuang meant. Just when he was about to respond, Zhou Muhuang added, “But we have one solution left right now.”

“What solution?” Ye Futian asked.

Zhou Muhuang looked directly into Ye Futian’s eyes and transmitted his voice into his head, “I invited you to join the Domain Chief’s Manor before. My sister is also very fond of you. The Domain Chief’s Manor will handle the situation for you if you are willing to become a member.”

A surprised look came over Ye Futian’s face. He certainly remembered that the Domain Chief’s Manor had repeatedly tried to rope him in. Unlike the Domain Chief’s Manor of the Donghua Domain, the Domain Chief’s Manor of the Shangqing Domain seemed quite confident in beating him. Did they want him because they favored his potential?

Regardless, Ye Futian obviously would not accept such an invitation.

“Thank you very much, Vice Chief. However, since I am a member of Four Corner Village, I naturally cannot join the Domain Chief’s Manor. I’m afraid that I have to disappoint you,” Ye Futian replied through voice transmission.

Zhou Muhuang gazed at Ye Futian and asked, “Have you thought it through?”

“Yes,” Ye Futian nodded and said. He would never join the Domain Chief’s Manor even after he returned the sacred remains.

“Good,” Zhou Muhuang replied in a flat voice. “In that case, you should take care of the mess by yourself.”

Then, he turned around and walked out of Four Corner Village with a stern look on his face. He invited Ye Futian on many occasions, yet this young man didn’t show any respect for him.

Moreover, did Ye Futian really think that everything would be over and return to normal once he surrendered the sacred remains?
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    《The Legend of Futian》