The Legend of Futian
2191 The Hun
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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2191 The Hun

The group in the Heavenly Mandate Academy came to a decision during that telepathic discussion. Ye Futian rose and left the place with Old Ma and those from the village following right behind him. Emperor Nan, Duan Tianxiong and the others remained behind in the academy instead of following them.

Ye Futian were to get there first and they would show up later.

While Heavenly Mandate City was quite vast, yet it was not that huge of a place to those like Ye Futian. All of them got to the air and flew at blitzing speeds, reaching the place where the cultivators of Mithraism before long.

The people of Mithraism all sat there. The hierophant was a middle-aged man wearing a golden robe, which dazzled under the sunlight. His hair was tied and he looked very magnificent. He then took a look at Old Ma and knew that the man was anything but ordinary. That man was one of the top-notch fighters just like him.

All the others following behind were powerful as well, which surprised him somewhat. He had never seen those people around in Heavenly Mandate City, speculating that those people were from the Divine Prefecture. The ancient royal family of Duan from Shangqing Domain was there as well.

The only thing that he was oblivious to was what those people had to do with the Heavenly Mandate Academy.

“Greetings, Mithraism Hierophant, my name is Ye Futian.” Ye Futian greeted the hierophant while staying midair.

“Ye Futian.” The hierophant felt that the name sounded rather familiar, like he had heard it somewhere in the Void Realm. At that moment, some cultivators in the area were feeling very shocked, with their sight nailed at that silver-haired young man.

They were not the only ones, with many other powerful cultivators saw it when Ye Futian was making it his way there from the academy. There were a lot of other Renhuang Realm figures appearing far away, looking where Ye Futian were and felt very shocked.

Ye Futian actually survived that battle 20 years ago.

He had returned.

Countless cultivators of the Heavenly Mandate Realm bore witness to that battle. Almost everyone in the city saw that intense battle taking place in the air, and they all wondered how did Ye Futian managed to survive.

That legendary being who had been very renowned among the nine realms 20 years ago, was thought to be an unparalleled genius who had perished for 20 years. Yet, there he was, standing alive and well before everyone.

There were lots of chatter from everywhere. The hierophant scanned with his will and sensed that countless were talking about Ye Futian. He couldn’t help but felt intrigued, looking at that silver-haired young man in midair and asked, “you seem to be famous in this city.”

“I’m famous not only in the Heavenly Mandate City. 20 years ago, I’ve been famous in the entire Heavenly Mandate Realm and even the nine realms.” Ye Futian answered while standing midair. Wills were sensed scanning that place at that moment. It was apparent that quite a lot of cultivation forces were paying attention to what was happening over there.

While Ye Futian sounded like he was talking big, yet everyone from the city knew that he was telling nothing but the truth. There was literally no cultivator in Heavenly Mandate Realm who didn’t know of Ye Futian’s name.

The hierophant looked at him and Ye Futian continued, “I was the one who pushed for the establishment of the Heavenly Mandate Academy more than 20 years ago, and I was the one who had consolidated the forces of the entire Heavenly Mandate Realm, making the academy the holy land for cultivation throughout the realm.”

“Your level of training more than 20 years ago shouldn’t be high. It’d be rather extraordinary of you to be capable of such achievements.” The hierophant said. He was naturally able to sense Ye Futian’s level—level six of Renhuang Realm.

That meant that Ye Futian probably wasn’t at the level he was at currently 20 years ago.

“I was doing fine. I heard that you came from the Divine Prefecture, sir, and you have acted against the Heavenly Mandate Academy.” Ye Futian then added.

“So?” The hierophant looked up at Ye Futian with very pointed eyes. There seemed to be a very powerful force washing all over the place in an instant, shrouding over Ye Futian and making him feel extremely stifling.

“Nothing much. I’ve just returned from the Divine Prefecture as well and I’m curious just how powerful Mithraism from the Tongtian Domain actually is, seeing how you dare to do as you please in Origin Realm.” Ye Futian added, “As such, I’d like to see if there’s anyone from your cult considered capable.”

Several people around the hierophant, who were all at Renhuang Realm emanated very powerful presence. There was even an elder who was at level nine, who harbored extremely frightening aura.

All of them looked up at Ye Futian, taking note that the young man was indeed there asking for trouble, wanting to fight someone at Renhuang Realm from the cult.

The cultivators of the city far away were all shaken to their cores, seeing how Ye Futian went on to challenge Mithraism, who had acted against the Heavenly Mandate Academy right after he returned.

“Who among you would heed the challenge?” The hierophant sat where he was and asked casually, seemingly unfazed by what was happening. Nothing much could happen with him in charge after all.

Someone who was at level seven of Renhuang Realm rose to the air. His eyes were filled with fiery divine light and emanated frightening aura. Old Ma and the others backed away, making space for Ye Futian and the cultivator who just emerged.

Booom… a frightening might of the Great Path washed all over the place, shrouding over Ye Futian. The sky seemed to have been shrouded by the flames right away and a terrifying ring of fire appeared right above Ye Futian, which turned into a terrifying region of flames.

The flames roared and shot at Ye Futian right away. All eyes were on Ye Futian. However, he didn’t bother evading and simply stood his ground, until the roaring flames engulfed him altogether.

That cultivator at level seven of Renhuang Realm glared at Ye Futian, wondering if he was having a death wish.

The flames were extremely destructive as they surrounded Ye Futian. However, he looked like he was simply basking in the flames, standing quietly in the air and let flames engulf him without moving a muscle.

“That’s all?”

Ye Futian asked with a calm tone, yet those two words were like a massive insult. That cultivator at level seven of Renhuang Realm then conjured a terrifying sun halo. Beams of divine light shot from it and he seemed to have turned into a sun god. He then stepped out and threw a palm attack right away at Ye Futian, which looked like it could shroud and burn down the skies.

The intense heat from the palm attack was very terrifying.

Yet, he saw that Ye Futian simply remained standing around like he saw nothing. That cultivator from Mithraism was someone very formidable in the cult, and he had never been belittled before. That terrifying palm attack blasted out right away, and Ye Futian simply extended his hand and clapped at it calmly.

Boom… The flames were extinguished right away and the palm attack was shattered. That man was sent flying backwards and spitting blood. All of his internal organs felt like they had been ruptured by that one attack, and his aura got increasingly weak by the second.

What happened caused several cultivators at Renhuang Realm from the cult standing up at the same time, staring at Ye Futian and towering aura washed all over the place, putting an extremely pressure over the sky.

Ye Futian was then seen scanning at those people and the look in his eyes remained filled with contempt. None of them felt like a threat to him.

“So, this is a force from the Divine Prefecture then? You’re welcomed to come at me at once,” he then said.

The hierophant wore a cold expression right there and then. He was naturally able to sense that while Ye Futian was only at level six, yet his Great Path was perfect. Ye Futian’s current level of powers had fully enabled him to fight common cultivators at level eight of Renhuang Realm.

Overbearing auras burst and several cultivators at Renhuang Realm came right at Ye Futian. Old Ma flashed and came to the side of the hierophant, causing the hierophant to turn his eyes at him. However, Old Ma had no intentions of making a move. He simply looked at the sky and said, “they probably aren’t a match for him after all.”

Those cultivators charged at Ye Futian, who burst with frightening pressure from his body all of a sudden. He took a step out into the sky and divine light glittered on his body, like a divine body shinning with a dazzling glow.

He looked at those people coming at him and he remained unflinching.

“Kill.” All of them were onto him soon enough and terrifying palm attacks were thrown at him right away.

Boom… Extremely terrifying might washed all over the place. The attacks blasted onto his body right away, yet his body simply burst with unparalleled, blinding aurora. Those who charged at him were shocked to see what happened, noting that they failed to make him budge at all.

At the very next moment, a terrifying spatial storm formed around his body and he was seen shooting upwards. All of those cultivators felt as if their bodies had been put under lockdown, shooting into the clouds alongside him.


The hierophant stood up and his powers reached unbelievable heights in an instant, extending his hand right away to grab at Ye Futian in the sky. A spatial divine beam was seen emerging, shrouding the entire place and blocking his move. Old Ma was then seen appearing right above him.


Old Ma waved and the people from the village disappeared right away. He continued to rise to the sky at the same time. The hierophant stepped into the air, causing the place to rumble as he shot to great heights. It didn’t take them long to reach the sky above Heavenly Mandate City. Countless cultivators turned to look at where they were at once.

Ye Futian stopped and looked down. Several very powerful ones from the Four Corner Village made their move as the hierophant shot to the skies, making their way to the surrounding areas right away.

The hierophant sensed towering might and scanned around him. He then saw frightening spatial powers appeared around him, locking down the area he was in like some kind of divine walls.

It was then that he realized that Ye Futian hadn’t been there to fight those cultivators at Renhuang Realm; they were there for him.

Those top-notch figures from the Heavenly Mandate Academy intended to hunt him down, and he never expected that those people would actually have the guts to hunt him down right before the many cultivation forces around them.
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    《The Legend of Futian》