The Legend of Futian
2195 Reunion
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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2195 Reunion

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At the moment, inside the Heavenly Mandate Academy, the seat of an ancient temple was filled to the brim. It was full of cultivators.

Multiple powerful and leading figures were inside the academy at the same time.

The clan lord of the Dou Tribe, the Great Elder of the Xiao Clan, Xiao Dingtian, Yuanyang Clan’s clan leader, and the Clan of the Seven Slayers’ clan leader had all arrived.

By now, every practitioner of the nine realms had already learned of Ye Futian’s return, as well as his killing of the Mithraism Hierophant shortly after coming back. The pressure on several of the major factions decreased instantly, and they each came to the Heavenly Mandate Academy to meet Ye Futian.

Back then, the Heavenly Mandate Academy alliance was successfully established because of Ye Futian’s influence. These leading figures agreed to an alliance because each of them saw Ye Futian’s limitless potential. That was what prompted the establishment of the strongest alliance within the nine realms; it also gave birth to an opposing alliance that was just as frightening.

In these 20 years, while Ye Futian had disappeared, they had maintained their alliance. After all, their enemies were too strong. If they did not work together, the end result could have been devastating. It was only because of the alliance’s stability that nothing major happened to them until today. While they were facing a lot of pressure, it was not enough to impact their fundamentals.

Now, after 20 whole years, their wait for Ye Futian, who faked his death, was finally over.

His return would strengthen the alliance. The potential and talent that Ye Futian displayed also increased their confidence in the future.

As long as they could keep hold of Ye Futian, they would be able to support a person to assume the role of the new king 3,000 Realms of the Great Path, a person who could stand at the peak of the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path.

In the banquet, Ye Futian raised his cup and said to everyone, “Thank you, seniors and elders, for your hard work all these years. I went to the Divine Prefecture back then and left everything here to you all. I am ashamed.”

As he spoke, he drank from his cup, and the other practitioners also followed suit, raising their cups. Xiao Dingtian said, “The Nine Realms’ change is a trend of the world. It cannot be changed. In truth, it is only because of the alliance established back then that we are still safe and sound today. Some factions have already crumbled and dissolved. Among them, various factions of the Hidden Land Realm have already yielded.”

The others nodded. Xiao Dingtian was correct. The changes of the Nine Realms were a world trend that could not be stopped.

If the world wanted to change, no one could prevent it from doing so. All they could do was to adapt and survive amidst the changes, and this powerful alliance had undoubtedly emboldened them. If they were to remain single factions, they would not have been able to withstand some of the more major changes and incidents.

“Moreover, it also provided opportunities to the younger ones. Dou Zhao and the others all managed to prove their paths and obtained a Perfect Grade Divine Wheel. After that, they went and followed Donghuang Princess to cultivate and train in the Divine Prefecture. These are all opportunities,” said the clan leader of the Dou Tribe heartily.

“That’s right. Now, we have to wait for their return,” said Xiao Dingtian. Back then, Xiao Muyu proved her path and obtained a perfect Divine Wheel, resulting in her becoming the Goddess of the Xiao Clan. Everything had to be attributed to Ye Futian. Back in the day, in the Original Realm, practitioners who had Perfect Grade Divine Wheels were scarce. However, Ye Futian managed to create a team of such people single-handedly.

It was comparable to a miracle. However, he managed to do it. Not only was his talent unparalleled, but he was also able to help others achieve greatness. It was due to this that everyone trusted Ye Futian and was willing to follow this junior forward.

“The changes of the Original Realm come from the strongest factions of the outer realms. The practitioners that appear are all influential and exceptional figures. If they did not have these opportunities, they would have only been able to look up and gaze upon those monster-like geniuses in the Divine Prefecture,” said the clan leader of the Yuanyang Clan.

They were also clear on one truth: the Original Realm was indeed a prohibited land and could not be compared to the Divine Prefecture. If the next generation did not receive those opportunities, the gap between them and the geniuses of the Divine Prefecture would have been immeasurable.

In truth, it was Ye Futian who made them.

“Dou Zhao, this little b*stard has been gone in the Divine Prefecture for 20 years now. Who knows when he will come back and how his cultivation’s been?” said the clan leader of the Dou Tribe with a hearty chuckle. They were all looking forward to the return of those who had left for the Divine Prefecture many years ago.

The changes of the Original Realm led the imperial palace to order and provide domain chief manors to the 18 domains and allow the cultivators to enter the realm. Clearly, the imperial palace is very aware of the situation here. Since that is the case, the Donghuang Princess should be bringing them back soon, thought Ye Futian. Then, he said, “I think it will not be long.”

“Yes.” Everyone nodded, agreeing somewhat to Ye Futian’s guess.

“Why don’t you tell us about your experiences in the Divine Prefecture these 20 years. We’re quite curious,” asked someone with a laugh. Ye Futian nodded and briefly summarized his experiences in the Divine Prefecture over the years, eliciting sighs and sympathy from his listeners.

Who knew that Ye Futian would encounter such tragedies and challenges immediately after entering the Divine Prefecture. He was almost killed. It was a good thing Xia Qingyuan followed along and was able to save Ye Futian.

It was rare for the group to have this moment of leisure to chat about Ye Futian’s experiences in the Divine Prefecture and the changes experienced in the Original Realm. After 20 long years, many things had changed.

As people feasted and drank until they were half-drunk, something strange seemed to originate from the sky. Everyone quickly shifted their gaze over and beamed their divine consciousness over. After that, several people became stunned. Following that, several hearty laughs came about.

“The brats are finally back,” said the clan leader of the Dou Tribe with a hearty laugh.

Ye Futian stood up excitedly. He raised his head to look into the sky. Then, beams of lights flashed, and from afar, a group of people traveled and finally reached the sky above the Heavenly Mandate Academy.

Seeing these figures, the people in the Heavenly Mandate Academy were very excited. Back then, the people who had Perfect Grade Great Paths and made a name for themselves by following Ye Futian back in the day had all come back from the Divine Prefecture. Moreover, each of their aurae was a lot more exceptional. They looked a lot brighter than they were back then.

Now, they must have grown a lot stronger.

After all, they left with Princess Donghuang.

The group stood up in the sky and gazed down to look at many familiar faces. When they saw the white-haired youth, everyone was briefly stunned. Then, bright smiles appeared on their faces.

“So, you’ve come back as well.” Dou Zhao looked quite excited when he looked at Ye Futian.

“Yes.” Ye Futian nodded and said, “I’m back.”

“You, little brat! You’re ignoring me?!” Roared the Dou Tribe’s clan leader.

“Ugh…” Dou Zhao blinked several times. Then, he looked at the clan leader of the Dou Tribe. “Old man, don’t be so calculative.”

“It looks like your bones have become hard after 20 years,” said the clan leader of the Dou Tribe. After that, he cracked his knuckles, which made Dou Zhao shrink his head back a little. Every practitioner at the banquet smiled after watching that scene.

At that time, the figures in the sky descended slowly. Ye Futian’s excitement and happiness suddenly dimmed in his gaze. A tinge of worry could be seen in his profound eyes.

“Young brother.”

“Young brother…”

Then, Sword Saint and Gu Dongliu landed in front of Ye Futian at the same time. Ye Futian was naturally happy meeting his two senior brothers. They had not seen each other for 20 years after all.

“Big brother, second brother!” Ye Futian shouted. Then, he looked behind them and asked, “Where’s Jieyu?”

Hua Jieyu was not there.

She did not return with the rest of the group.

Hua Fengliu, Nandou Wenyin, and Hua Nianyu also walked over to look at them. They were clearly apprehensive. Yu Sheng left with Mei Ting back then, but Jieyu left with the same group. However, right at that moment, they did not see Jieyu return.

“Younger brother, you do not need to worry. Jieyu should be fine,” answered Gu Dongliu. “Back then, after you left, Jieyu experienced a complete life-changing awakening. After that, she became silent. We do not know what had happened to her. However, your second sister has already spoken to her. Jieyu recovered her memory. After we reached the Divine Prefecture, Jieyu’s cultivation rate was the fastest. Based on what Princess Donghuang said, Jieyu might have cultivated a long-lost secret technique that was from ancient times. She has many illusory bodies, which include Brahma’s Pure Sky Empress and Jiutian Goddess. After reaching the divine realm, apart from cultivation, Jieyu moved alone. After a while, she left by herself. The princess did not stop her. However, with her frightening progress, she may reach the Lady of Brahma’s Pure Sky’s level soon. In addition, she has already reshaped her body of the path. She is definitely stronger than us,” explained Gu Dongliu to Ye Futian.

Ye Futian listened to Gu Dongliu closely. He would never have imagined such drastic changes occurring to Jieyu after he left. However, these were all good things.

Back when he left, he was most worried about Jieyu. Back then, Lord Taixuan and the others had warned him that Jieyu might not be the Jieyu that he knew. Brahma’s Pure Sky Empress’ cultivation was special. Jieyu could be her body of the path. Helping Jieyu cultivate might have been helping Brahma’s Pure Sky Empress.

However, he still took care of Jieyu. Even though it was a new Jieyue, she was still his wife.

Now, upon hearing from his second brother that Jieyu might have recovered her memories, he was happy; however, he did not know how she was doing.

Nonetheless, it was still a relief.

As he thought of that, Ye Futian showed a smile and looked at the others. Wuchen, Yaya, Xiao Muyu… Familiar faces one after another. They were all very close and personal.

“You’re back.” He patted Wuchen’s arm firmly. Ye Wuchen’s aura had also changed drastically. He looked at Ye Futian and smiled. Then, he nodded and said, “I’m back.”

Seeing that he was fine, Ye Futian was happy. Back then, the three of them left from a small place, and it was not easy to reach where they were today. Yu Sheng… Ye Futian wondered how he was doing.

“Yaya. Swordmaster.” Ye Futian habitually rubbed Yaya’s head. Yaya also responded habitually by staring at him. 20 years later, this person’s habits still had not changed.

On the side, Swordmaster of Lihen could not help but smile after looking at the actions of these two. Only Ye Futian could thoroughly and completely subdue this sky sword emperor. Normally, her tempers were ridiculous; no one would ever dare touch her head. They’d have been met with a sword to their face.

“Master.” Xiao Muyu looked at Ye Futian excitedly. Her master really did not lie to her. He was still fine.

“Yes.” Ye Futian replied. “How’s your cultivation?”

The Xiao Muyu now was completely different from the Xiao Muyu back then. Her aura of an empress was more outstanding.

“I’m a middle-level Renhuang now,” Xiao Muyu smiled and answered. In the past 20 years, she had become a Renhuang of the fourth plane. She was actually not that far away from the fifth plane.

“Moreover, my Divine Wheel is still perfect,” said Xiao Muyu proudly.

“Not bad. You have the demeanor of your master,” Ye Futian laughed and said. Instantly, everyone around them also laughed. The relationship between this pair of master and disciple was truly quite hilarious. However, Xiao Muyu’s respect for Ye Futian was truly from the heart!

Seeing familiar and close friends one after another, Ye Futian was thrilled. If Yu Sheng and Jieyu were here, it would have been perfect!
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    《The Legend of Futian》