The Legend of Futian
2200 The Transformation of the Ziwei Realm
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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2200 The Transformation of the Ziwei Realm

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The Shen Clan and the Golden Divine Nation had launched their attack, but they did not go about it in the same way they had 20 years earlier. They had just made some threats and then retreated. This made the cultivators of the Heavenly Mandate Realm realize that this truly was not like it had been 20 years ago. Most of the forces that had come here were of one mind. They were not here to start a war but to protect themselves against Ye Futian’s actions.

The best outcome would be for the two sides to temporarily create a delicate balance and not disturb each other. They would live in this volatile situation.

At the same time, they had come once to test out just how powerful Ye Futian was now. But when they saw the frightening strength that he had displayed, they became even warier in their hearts. They wanted to attack, but they were unable to.

After the other forces had retreated, the Heavenly Mandate Academy and its allied forces enjoyed a period of calm. They did not take any actions but cultivated in peace, improving themselves gradually.

That was how the situation stood. No one was willing to shatter the peace.

They understood that the world would fall into chaos, but they had no way of changing this situation.

The power of the Divine Prefecture, the Dark World, and the Empty Divine Realm had all seeped in there at the same time. It was unavoidable that the world would fall into chaos.

However, the power of the Heavenly Mandate Academy and its allies was there. The other powers would not dare to act against them lightly. Thus, all the cultivators were able to enjoy a time of peace. The forces that had come watched all the changes in the Original Realm.

The days passed one after another. Ye Futian cultivated calmly in the Heavenly Mandate Academy, practicing alchemy and giving the pills he created to others to use. They could struggle through taking the pills to improve their physiques, allowing them to go even further along the path of cultivation.

Now that he was a Renhuang, he was in harmony with heaven and earth. If he was not killed, he would live forever and not wither away. Thus, he would naturally spend time helping those who were his elders.

Even while the Heavenly Mandate Realm was at peace, the other realms were experiencing a time of great turmoil. Something major had happened in the Ziwei Realm.

At that moment, Ye Futian and others were all cultivating in the Heavenly Mandate Palace. The teleportation grand matrix lit up, and Dou Zhao appeared within the matrix along with a group of people.

Ye Futian and the others naturally noticed this. They watched as Dou Zhao strode through the air towards them until they reached the place where they were cultivating.

“Is something the matter?” Ye Futian asked Dou Zhao.

“Something has happened in the Ziwei Realm,” said Dou Zhao in his clear voice. “Those guys are all crazy. They have cut open the veins of the earth within the Ziwei Realm. Moreover, it was the faction from the School of the Emperor Star that went down and opened the underground door, causing an earthquake throughout the whole realm.”

Ye Futian’s eyes narrowed slightly. Had they acted against the Ziwei Realm?

Moreover, it had happened at the School of the Emperor Star.

The School of the Emperor Star was the most powerful force within the Ziwei Realm. Taking the Emperor Star as its name, its inheritance must be extraordinary.

“What happened?” A group of figures walked in, all of them looking at Dou Zhao. The forms of the Nine Realms all seemed to hide some secrets. Now, the forces that had come from outside did not want to let such a thing go. They wanted to open up the secret doors.

For the cultivators who had come from other realms, they basically did not care whether people from the Original Realm lived or died, and they definitely did not care about their cultivation. They wanted to uncover the secrets of the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path. They wanted to unearth their treasures and leave. And if their actions caused the realms to collapse, what did that matter to them?

“Previously, there had been news spreading through the Ziwei Realm that the School of the Emperor Star was protecting the veins of the earth there. Now, it seems like that information was not false. The School of the Emperor Star must know something, which is why they agreed to have those outsiders come and open the door. They discovered a frightening underground palace in the core of the Ziwei Realm,” said Dou Zhao.

“An underground palace?” Everyone’s eyes narrowed. The Shadow Realm had had the Shadow Divine Stone underground. Why would there be a palace under the Ziwei Realm?

“Now, those who are going to the Ziwei Realm have guessed that this underground palace is probably an imperial palace,” continued Dou Zhao. “An ancient palace of the Great Emperor. Of course, this is only a guess. As of yet, no one has uncovered its secrets. All of the realms must have heard this news by now, though, and many cultivators are heading to the Ziwei Realm.”

Ye Futian nodded slightly and said, “Go and let the others know.”

With the Heavenly Mandate Academy as its center, the teleportation great matrix could send people to many other top-level powers. The Dou tribe, the Clan of the Seven Slayers, the Nantian Divine Kingdom, the Xiao clan, and the Yuanyang clan were all connected through the teleportation great matrix in the Heavenly Mandate Academy.

“Very well.”

After a while, the teleportation great matrix was activated, sending people to the other forces to let them know what was going on.

Before long, cultivators from all over were gathering at the Heavenly Mandate Academy.

“You are wounded, and the academy needs someone to guard it, so please do not leave,” said Ye Futian to Lord Taixuan. Lord Taixuan nodded. These days, he spent all his time recovering. When Ye Futian and the others came back, he could rest a lot easier, and the pressure on him would lessen quite a bit. The Heavenly Mandate Academy needed someone to guard it.

If some sort of problem were to suddenly arise, they would be able to temporarily deal with it if they had someone powerful there.

The other cultivators set off, activating the teleportation great matrix.

The Dou tribe stood high in the heavens, looking vast and mighty within the Ziwei Realm.

The elder of the Dou tribe was there waiting for them. When he saw them coming, he came out to meet them, saying, “Something big will likely happen here in the Ziwei Realm.”

Everyone nodded. They naturally still remembered what had happened twenty years ago with the Shadow Realm. Ever since then, the Shadow Realm had been set on a ruinous path.

Now, people had opened up the veins of the earth in the Ziwei Realm. After this, it would likely go the same way as it had with the Shadow Realm.

And before that happened, this sword would probably sweep up countless cultivators of the Ziwei Realm.

“Let’s go and take a look,” said Xiao Dingtian. He wanted to go and see what lay beneath the earth of the Ziwei Realm as well.

Ever since the Dark World had started to rampage through the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path and destroyed many realms, the top forces of the Nine Supreme Realms had guarded their secrets closely. The Shadow Realm and the Hidden Land Realm had already changed beyond recognition. The forces of Sun God Mountain now controlled the Shadow Realm.

The Central Imperial Realm was the most stable because there were so many top forces there. The Empty Imperial Palace was there as well, and no one would dare move against them lightly.

Thus, the place that most powers would want to strike first was the Heavenly Mandate Realm. Many of them had taken the opportunity to destroy the Heavenly Mandate Academy, but they had been blocked by the powerful figures there.

Now, the Ziwei Realm had been struck first.

Everyone stood up together and flew up into the sky, heading off into the distance. They pierced through the air, moving faster and faster.

After a while, they descended from on high down towards the Ziwei Realm. They saw that terrible cracks had appeared in the earth here that spread out into the endless distance. None of them knew how wide the gashes were. They filled the entire realm.

The closer they came to the School of the Emperor Star, the cracks became even more terrible. The atmosphere of the whole realm had become disturbed. The aura of heaven and earth was mightily unsettled.

When they came near to the School of the Emperor Star, they saw an endlessly deep black hole that was vastly wide. It seemed to have broken open swiftly, like a sinkhole.

A terrifying aura was seeping out of the sinkhole. Many cultivators stood around it, gazing down into it.

Ye Futian and the others moved downward. The horrible aura that was seeping out of the sinkhole had faint divine light flowing in it. As they moved into the sinkhole, they could tell that it was this terrifying power that had caused the cracks all over the Ziwei Realm to appear and spread out continuously.

“What frightening power!” Everyone could feel the aura seeping out from within. Even these powerful and famous figures were all afraid of it. It was very similar to what had happened in the Shadow Realm.

“If things continue like this, the whole Ziwei Realm will likely be split open, which lead to the realm being divided into different continents,” said the elder of the Dou tribe, a hint of sorrow in his tone.

The most unfortunate ones were the common folk. The lower one’s level of cultivation, the more terrible it would have been for them. They would likely have been destroyed in this transformation. They had been buried for these people’s ambition.

The School of the Emperor Star was gone, but its cultivators were still there. They stood off in another direction, staring down. The Palace Lord held a scepter in his hands, and divine light wrapped around him, mingling with the faint divine light coming out of the sinkhole.

“You did not hesitate to bury the School of the Emperor Star, and you also sought to open up the forbidden door?” The elder of the Dou tribe lowered his head as he spoke, his voice empty. This made the Palace Lord of the School of the Emperor Star look up at him, purple radiance flashing in his eyes.

“The School of the Emperor Star will only become stronger from this,” answered the palace lord, looking back at the elder.

“Even if you do open the forbidden door, why do you think the ones who will get the most out of it will be you?” said the elder of the Dou tribe sarcastically. This transformation would attract cultivators from many different realms. If the Palace Lord of the School of the Emperor Star wanted to unearth the treasures to claim them for himself, it would not be easy.

Even the forces allied to him would probably gaze at him like a tiger gazing at its prey.

“You do not need to concern yourselves over this,” the palace lord responded, looking back down into the empty space. Divine light flashed on his scepter, looking incredibly terrifying. It was as if it was able to produce a resonance with the power coming out of the hole.

This made many people wonder. Could it be that the divine item underground had a connection to the modern School of the Emperor Star?

Up in the sky, cultivators appeared one after another as more forces descended upon the Ziwei Realm. When they arrived, they stood in different places, looking down in the hole in the earth. They would not act lightly here.

As more cultivators arrived, Ye Futian saw some familiar figures. They were people that he knew from the Divine Prefecture, such as people from the top forces in the Shangqing Domain and the Donghua Domain. They had shown up here as well!
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    《The Legend of Futian》