The Legend of Futian
2203 A Divine Miracle
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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2203 A Divine Miracle

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In the vast sky, there were many cultivators. They all stood in different locations, but their gazes were locked on the huge stone.

They had never seen such a huge stone. The stone contained an astonishing aura of the Great Path on it. It was as though the purest and most ancient power of the Great Path was emanating from it.

Some of the cultivators from the Divine Prefecture had pensive looks. The collapse of the Heavenly Path formed two unique Realms. The Original Realm was an ethereal world. Many years ago, countless cultivators had come to extract all the divine treasures here. Over the countless eons, all the valuable treasures of the Original Realm had been ransacked.

Yet, it seemed as though some secrets still existed.

If all that was left was this gigantic stone, it was not very valuable for the cultivators. After all, they couldn’t devise any use for the stone. They couldn’t even move it to another location.

Perhaps precisely for this reason, the giant level figures in the past didn’t do anything to it.

However, right now, could they discover something within it?

Right at this moment, a figure emerged from the crowd and walked towards the gigantic divine stone. This person was none other than the Palace Lord of the School of the Emperor Star. With a scepter in his hand, he approached the stone with a serious expression. He was surrounded by starlight as he put on a pious attitude.

This scene caused the Shen clan and other alliance forces of the Palace Lord of the School of the Emperor Star to reveal strange expressions. Could it be that what the Palace Lord said was true?

This time, the Palace Lord of the School of the Emperor Star actively invited them to join forces with him to open this forbidden door. Before this, they were suspicious as to why he would do so. After all, the School of the Emperor Star would suffer the greatest loss since the place would be flattened and disappear. Logically speaking, the Palace Lord would not want that to happen.

This was unless the Palace Lord of the School of the Emperor Star had secrets that he didn’t tell them. He might know some secrets about the Ziwei Realm.

All the cultivators in the vast sky remained still and observed the Palace Lord of the School of the Emperor Star. His figure appeared exceptionally tiny on top of the gigantic divine stone.

Suddenly, divine lights shone from his body. An ancient book appeared in his left hand. The pages in the book had yellowed, indicating its long history. It had been passed down for countless years. However, as this ancient book slowly opened, brilliant divine light actually surged from within it. It intertwined into a gigantic pattern like a star atlas.

“It seems that the Palace Lord of the School of the Emperor Star has actually kept some secrets,” said the chief of the Dou tribe. Many people realized this. Right now, the Palace Lord of the School of the Emperor Star had a stern expression as he held the ancient book. The power of the Great Path around him frenziedly surged into the book. The star atlas formed from the ancient book immediately kept expanding, spreading out towards the vast space.

Very quickly, a beam of light shot out from the star atlas and landed on the gigantic, seemingly endless, divine stone. Right then, many people astonishingly discovered that grooves began to appear on the divine stone and actually appeared to add radiance to the star atlas.

The star atlas grew brighter and brighter. In the heavens above, endless starlight shone down and resonated with the divine stone. Then, a beam of even more brilliant light shone down. The beam of light seemed to break the divine stone apart, causing it to shine even brighter. The dazzling divine light kept flowing like a current all over the divine stone.

The grooves that resembled the night sky bore a majestic sense of beauty. Many cultivators exchanged glances with the people beside them. They could not hide the astonishment in their eyes.

The divine stone seemed to be carved with grooves.

“It is a matrix,” commented Ye Futian in a low voice. “It might even be a divine matrix.”

“There is a divine matrix carved on the outside of this divine stone?” someone asked. They were astonished. If such a gigantic divine stone was enveloped in a divine matrix, how frightening would the matrix be?

What sort of matrix would it be?

Many people suddenly became cautious. If this matrix were dangerous, it would most likely affect the vast space.

The Palace Lord of the School of the Emperor Star stopped in his tracks. The beam of light descended from the sky. It was blinding. The frightening currents of light still spread across the divine stone. More and more grooves appeared, and brilliant starlight faintly radiated from them.

Ye Futian narrowed his gaze and stared at the divine stone down below. What was that light that was seeping out from the divine stone?

Could it be that this divine stone could be broken apart?

If that was the case, what was hidden within such an enormous divine stone?

“Is this divine stone a sealed object?” other cultivators suggested. They had some speculation as to what it was. If this divine stone was a sealed object itself, what sort of divine item would be sealed within it?

It was such a terrifying grand matrix. Could it be that it was a sealing divine matrix? This star atlas must be the key to unlocking the seal. In the sky above, many giant level figures began to roughly figure things out. If it were as they speculated, the sealed item within would be extraordinary.

Otherwise, who would go to such lengths to keep it sealed?

Giant level figures had tested the grand matrix out. Their attacks could not affect the divine stone at all. The divine item that they could not break apart was merely a seal for another item. One could imagine how terrifying the person who set this up must have been.

For a moment, everyone was speculating as to what was contained inside.

Right now, they merely hoped that the Palace Lord of the School of the Emperor Star could successfully unlock the seal of the divine stone.

For now, they could only wait.

The crowd waited patiently in the sky above as they watched the flowing divine light spread and envelop the gigantic divine stone. After a long while, the exterior of the divine stone finally lit up with blinding divine light. The countless engravings intertwined like a terrifying divine matrix.

The Palace Lord of the School of the Emperor Star stood high in the sky and looked down at the divine matrix below. A pattern appeared on the star atlas that pointed to one location. A beam of divine light instantly shot towards that direction. The figure of the Palace Lord of the School of the Emperor Star floated towards that point.

Right then, the cultivators in the sky followed behind him. They faintly sensed that he was about to unravel the matrix.

The figure of the Palace Lord of the School of the Emperor Star stopped at a spot. Right now, he was exceptionally excited. His gaze revealed a feverish look of obsession. The ancient legend was actually true. The mysterious book that he found turned out to be the real key to unlocking the secrets of the past.

Their School of the Emperor Star actually had such astonishing origins. How could he not be emotional?

If he could inherit what was in the divine stone, could he break through the shackles of the Heavenly Path?

The various cultivators could sense the excitement of the Palace Lord of the School of the Emperor Star. A person of his cultivation level would have an extremely calm state of mind. Yet, faced with such a divine relic, he could not suppress the emotions overflowing from deep within his heart.

However, the Palace Lord of the School of the Emperor Star was still a person who stood above the rest. He took a deep breath and came to a spot. He then released the scepter in his hand and allowed it to gravitate towards the matrix below. It happened to enter a vortex, like a key opening a ruin.

In that instant, endless divine light burst forth from the divine matrix. It outshone the sun and caused many people to be unable to open their eyes. The cultivators were sent flying from the shockwaves. Ye Futian was also pushed back high into the sky by the formless wave. It was the same for the giant level figures.

The divine stone opened, and the sealed history within it was also opened. Dazzling divine light lit up the heavens. Right then, even the cultivators from other Realms could see the light from this space. The divine light radiated outwards for billions and billions of miles, reaching the ends of space like a divine bridge.

Flowing light of the Great Path circled the figures of the cultivators. It blocked the storm that sent them flying. They looked towards the divine light. Then, everyone saw an astonishing scene that caused their gazes to be frozen there. Intense ripples of emotion welled up within them, and they could not calm down for a long while.

They saw an actual divine miracle!
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    《The Legend of Futian》