The Legend of Futian
2208 Palace Lord of Imperial Palace
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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2208 Palace Lord of Imperial Palace

Ye Futian and his group settled down in Ziwei Imperial Palace, for the time being, enjoying the good food and drinks provided by Lord Mu. Afterward, people from other outside principalities also rushed over to Ziwei Imperial Palace.

Ziwei Imperial Palace refused none who came and hosted all of them inside the imperial palace.

And because these various forces also understood how powerful Ziwei Imperial Palace was, they did not act hastily and waited very patiently. They were curious to meet the master of this segment, Star Lord of Ziwei, to see what kind of supreme existence this legend was.

Time passed, day by day. Ye Futian and the others remained inside a palace, cultivating and waiting patiently.

Old Ma came over and sat down as he said to Ye Futian, “Who knows when the palace lord will summon us.”

“It should be soon.” Ye Futian smiled and said, “Old Ma, do you feel all this is kind of familiar?”

“Mmm,” Old Ma nodded. “You mean like the Village.”

“Yes.” Ye Futian knew Old Ma understood what he meant. Now that Ziwei Segmentum had opened up, Ziwei Palace was exposed to the outside world, just as Four Corner Village was when it first opened up. Four Corner Village joined the cultivation world, and every principality in the Shangqing Domain swarmed to gain entry to the village.

In fact, there was only one distinction. The forces that entered Four Corner Village at the time were only limited to the Shangqing Domain. But now, it was the entire outside forces with Ziwei Imperial Palace in their sight, which was a very different scenario. Even as powerful as Ziwei Imperial Palace was, they had to treat the situation carefully. Otherwise, they would be in the same predicament as Four Corner Village once was.

“But we are one of them now.” Ye Futian smiled and shook his head. Although they didn’t do anything, their presence here signified a certain attitude.

“At least we won’t do any harm,” said Old Ma.

Ye Futian smiled and didn’t say anything more. He did not come here, intending on destroying or plundering. However, for those who cultivated, because of their attraction and desire for sources of power, more often than not, it caused them to threaten others unaware. There was no good explanation for this: their presence here was already a threat to Ziwei Imperial Palace.

“If one day, I can make all the rules, perhaps it won’t be like this,” Ye Futian murmured. If he possessed the utmost power, then he would be able to set the rules.

Now, he cultivated fervently, wanting to obtain even greater power just to live, not only for himself but for Heavenly Mandate Academy as well. He used to think that the stronger his cultivation was, the freer he would be. But the reality was that the stronger his cultivation, the less control he had over his life and the more burdens he had to carry.

Therefore, he could only continue forward until he reached the end of his cultivation path.

“I hope that I will have the opportunity to see that day with my own eyes,” Emperor Nan came over and said, seemingly highly expectant of Ye Futian’s aspiration.

Setting the rules… Who would set the rules of this world?

The rules of Divine Prefecture were set by Donghuang the Great.

If Ye Futian wanted to set the rules, then he must head toward the altar and stand on that supreme place of all.

Even the current palace lord of Ziwei Imperial Palace could only devise the rules of this segment. Now that this segment intersected with the outside world, his rules were greatly restricted.

Ye Futian smiled at Emperor Nan and thought, How long will this day take?

It was anybody’s guess.

After a few more days, more cultivation forces had gathered at Ziwei Imperial Palace. On this day, above that palace towering into the sky, there was a most sacred glow that spilled into space below so that the boundless Ziwei Imperial Palace was bathed in its divine light. It appeared dignified and solemn.

At the palace occupied by Ye Futian and his group, they looked in that direction and saw someone approaching from the sky. “Everyone, the palace lord has come out of his retreat. He has now summoned everyone. This way, please.”

Everyone nodded, then followed the man to levitate into the sky, moving towards that most sacred temple.

Not just them, but in every direction, cultivators from many top principalities were also traveling by air, heading in the same direction from different places.

After a while, they came to a magnificent temple that reached high into the sky. Divine light shone from above, rendering a sense of solemnity and holiness.

Many cultivators, clad in starry long robes, were already standing on both sides in front of the temple. Every one of them was a major figurehead. On one side was the temple, a staircase on the other side. There were also many Renhunag in starry long robes standing on the staircase, facing the base of the staircase.

There was a massive space at the foot of the staircase, open and empty. At this moment, those cultivators who came from the sky were brought to wait inside this open space. Forces were continuously coming over, waiting and looking up the stairs.

Many of these top figures had unfathomable eyes, secretly thinking that this summoning ceremony by the Ziwei Palace Lord was truly spectacular, as spectacular as if a real emperor were summoning them.

However, they did not treat the whole affair with disrespect. After all, the Palace Lord of Ziwei Imperial Palace was the master of this segment and could be considered an imperial figure himself.

In this world, he was the supreme being of Most High.

When Ye Futian arrived, there were already many cultivators from other principalities. They landed on the ground, assessing what was waiting in front of them. It was the first time they had seen such a show of force with so many powerful figures waiting on both sides. Was the Palace Lord of Ziwei Imperial Palace the strongest person he had ever seen?

Some of Ye Futian’s acquaintances were present. With the arrival of more and more top principalities, the forces that gathered here at Ziwei Imperial Palace this time may be far beyond imagination. Not only were there the top forces from all 18 domains of the Divine Prefecture, but there were also top forces from the Dark World and Empty Divine Realm.

Surveying from atop the staircase, this makeup was simply mind-boggling.

More than half of the terrifying forces from the Original Realm had assembled here.

The opening of a long-forgotten world—a world that was sealed off by the ancient and legendary Ziwei the Great—and it was the same world where Ziwei the Great once cultivated. How could they resist the urge to come here?

At this time, an extremely dazzling light flashed through the temple, and three figures appeared, walking out from the temple.

The man in the middle was the head of the group. He appeared to be a stately elder about 50 or so in age. There was a terrible starry divine aurora in his eyes, and the robe on his body was embroidered with patterns of the stars. His long black hair casually hung behind him. His temperament alone was enough to hint at his extraordinary status, and he naturally exuded a superior aura about him.

As he moved forward, the cultivators on both sides bowed to him and saluted, saying loudly, “Greetings to the Palace Lord.”

Likewise, the cultivators that were standing on the staircase also turned to face him, saluting and calling, “Greetings to the Palace Lord.”

That elder was the Palace Lord of Ziwei Imperial Palace.

He was holding a scepter in his hand—the Scepter of the Stars. With each step, the scepter in his hand fell on the ground and made a crisp clicking sound, which was exceptionally clear in the silent space.

The Palace Lord of Ziwei Palace from the Original Realm was among the crowd. Seeing the sight in front of him, he had mixed feelings. The ancient legend was true, after all. He did re-open the history that was once hidden in the past. But everything that happened afterward was totally different from what he could have imagined. The heirs of Ziwei the Great were really here, and they were the ones who continued to carry on the Way of Ziwei the Great; they didn’t need him to do the inheriting.

The Palace Lord of Ziwei Imperial Palace stepped forward until he was at the front of the staircase. He surveyed the crowd with eyes that seemed not to be human, but more like two bright stars, with starlight flowing behind them. When he scrutinized the mighty groups of cultivators below, his eyes were extremely tranquil, still carrying the aura of someone far superior.

On the contrary, although the makeup of the cultivators below was awesome in their own right, they felt an invisible pressure of might nonetheless, like pressure from those above.

“A powerful existence who had experienced the divine tribulation of the Great Path,” someone remarked secretly.

Duan Tianxiong looked at the other as he transmitted his voice to Ye Futian and others around him, “This man has experienced at least one divine tribulation, and very possibly two.”

Threefold of divine tribulations, and after passing through these three tribulations, one became a deity.

Duan Tianxiong could feel the aura from the man and estimated that the Palace Lord of Ziwei Imperial Palace might be a super existence who had survived two divine tribulations. If this was indeed the case, another level of existence could face giant-level figureheads and crush them easily.

Then, it was no surprise that those top cultivators treated him with such respect.

In the vast space surrounded by top cultivators, it was extremely quiet, and no one spoke. Everyone was waiting for the Palace Lord of Ziwei Imperial Palace to speak. The master of Ziwei Segmentum, measured by the standard on the outside, would surely be the existence of a supreme giant.

“Everyone here must already know much about Ziwei World, so I will not bother making any introduction. Many years ago, Ziwei the Great sealed this world that is open today, years later, to connect with the outside world again. As the Palace Lord of Ziwei Imperial Palace, I welcome everyone with us today,” said the Palace Lord of Ziwei Imperial Palace. His voice was not overly loud, but it resounded throughout this space so that everyone heard it clearly.

“You are here, and my summoning you today is to hear your thoughts,” continued the Palace Lord of Ziwei Imperial Palace.

“In the outside world, Ziwei the Great is a deity of the old days, a god from ancient times. Now, we are here in the world of Ziwei the Great, and we want to ask the Palace Lord that if there are relics left by the Great Emperor so that we can feel the essence of this legendary great emperor,” a man said in a loud and clear voice.

This was what everyone wanted to ask. The Palace Lord of Ziwei Imperial Palace looked at the man and nodded. “Yes, and they are in this imperial palace. Here is the place where Ziwei the Great once cultivated!”
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    《The Legend of Futian》