The Legend of Futian
2212 Nebula
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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2212 Nebula

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Ye Futian’s group traveled along the ancient starry road upwards. In the endless starry world, starlight rained down from above. The crowd gradually sensed a solemn will. It was as though they could sense a heavenly might by just standing there. They could vaguely make out that this place was indeed the previous cultivation court of Ziwei the Great.

At the end of the starry space, the illusory silhouette formed from gathered starlight gradually became clearer. It was actually the illusory figure of Ziwei the Great. This silhouette carried the entire starry world on his back and held a Heavenly Scroll in his hand. This Heavenly Scroll emanated brilliant starlight that shot out in different directions.

In the direction where the starlight radiated out towards, the crowd vaguely saw many places where the starlight gathered. There seemed to be uniquely shaped nebulae there. It also seemed like galaxies existed there. However, they were not real, instead formed from endless starlight gathering in one place.

Right then, the silhouettes of cultivators also appeared before these nebulae. They seemed to have discovered something.

“Let’s go take a look,” Ye Futian said. His group immediately headed over towards a sword-shaped nebula. The gathered starlight formed a sword that floated in the starry sky. Many cultivators were standing before this nebula.

When Ye Futian’s group arrived, they sensed that there seemed to be a sword within the nebula. They did not know whether or not there actually was a sword. However, no one entered into the nebula to retrieve it. It was because someone had already tried to do so before Ye Futian’s group arrived.

“It is a Sword Will,” said Ye Wuchen beside Ye Futian. From the nebula, he actually sensed the existence of a Sword Will.

Could it be that Ziwei the Great had previously cultivated here?

Had the Sword Will he unleashed formed a sword-shaped nebula?

This nebula was very expansive, enveloping hundreds and thousands of miles of space. It was like a sword of stars hanging in the starry sky. Endless starlight flowed within it. Even the flowing star light contained Sword Will within it.

“Did Ziwei the Great also practice swordsmanship?” someone asked in a low voice. Ye Futian gazed at the nebula and saw the flowing Sword Will. His gaze seemed to become extremely bright. It was as though everything in the world changed within his pupils. In his eyes, there was no galaxy, only countless swords.

He saw countless swords flowing in the starry sky. They were eternal and indestructible, forming a majestic and beautiful nebula.

The river of swords was reflected in his eyes. It was as though they had entered into his Eye Sorcery Zone and into his mind.

Ye Futian felt as though the entire world was changing. As he stood there, within the galaxy of swordsmanship, in an instant, terrifying Sword Will descended. Endless sword light in the galaxy rained down on him. He could not evade them at all. It was as though they flooded space and time. Astonishing light burst forth from his pupils, followed by the aura of the Great Path. Yet, the river of swords descended and immediately buried his figure.

Rumble. Ye Futian felt a sharp pain in his eyes. Blood actually seeped out from them. He stumbled backward a few steps. He lowered his head and closed his eyes, no longer looking forwards.

This scene surprised the people beside Ye Futian. They frantically looked at him.

What happened?

Could it be that he saw something again?

Many people from other forces were also looking at Ye Futian. Among their own members, someone had experienced something similar to Ye Futian just now. An indifferent voice said, “This might be the remnant Sword Will of the Great Emperor. One should not simply try to comprehend it.”

Ye Futian opened his eyes and did not look at it the same way as before. He took a deep breath and calmed his aura. His heart was still shaking. Back then, he had a similar experience when he first saw the corpse of Shenjia the Great Emperor. This time, he had been careless and looked directly with his eyes. His consciousness had entered into the Sword Will, and that resulted in him being attacked.

If that was the case, were the other nebulae also remnants of the will of Ziwei the Great?

Ye Futian turned around and looked far into the distance in other directions. If it was as he speculated, this place was a cultivation holy land. There was law power left behind by Ziwei the Great here.

However, Ye Futian was not very interested in this. After all, he had already cultivated using many different methods and was not lacking in law powers. The Body of Way that he forged from observing the body of Shenjia the Great Emperor was already mighty.

In the heavens above, what was the Heavenly Scroll that Ziwei the Great held in his hand?

Was the remnant will of Ziwei the Great truly contained within this illusory figure of him?

At that moment, Ye Futian felt a powerful Sword Will suddenly appear beside him. He turned and glanced to the side. He saw Ye Wuchen shining from head to toe. Sword Will flowed over him. There was even the faint sensation of an extremely divine will of swordsmanship coming from him. His glabella seemed to shine with brilliant sword light. The light immediately pierced towards the river of swords ahead. Clearly, Ye Wuchen’s consciousness had also entered into the Sword Will. He was a swordsman, so he naturally would be able to sense it.

After a short while, Ye Wuchen’s figure was sent flying backward violently. A formless storm of Sword Qi swept up around his body. A streak of blood appeared on his forehead. As he steadied himself, he opened his eyes. His gaze was not as sharp as before. He actually seemed decadent. The aura on his body was also fluctuating.

Ye Futian took out a bottle of pills and passed it over to Ye Wuchen. Ye Wuchen immediately took the bottle, poured out a pill, and swallowed it. A vibrant life force immediately enveloped his body. He still held onto the bottle of pills, ready to consume them at any moment if needed.

“What type of Sword Will did you detect just now?” Ye Wuchen asked Ye Futian.

“See for yourself,” answered Ye Futian. Then, a divine light burrowed into Ye Wuchen’s mind through his glabella. After a short while, Ye Wuchen looked up at Ye Futian. He was somewhat surprised as he said, “The swordsmanship contained inside this Sword Will is complicated. We have both sensed different things.”

“Huh?” uttered Ye Futian as he revealed a strange expression. They had both sensed different things?

“Let’s try again,” Ye Futian told Ye Wuchen.

“Alright,” replied Ye Wuchen as he nodded his head. The two of them continued to gaze at the river of swords ahead. Ye Futian’s eyes once again became very frightening. Could it be that he had underestimated this river of swords before this?

He peered inside once again. In the galaxy, billions of divine swords were flowing. However, this time, he expanded his will, radiating it out towards the entire galaxy. He wanted to get a clearer look.

He did not try to sense the flow of the Sword Will anymore. Gradually, his brilliant eyes closed, and he stopped using his eyes to see, instead feeling with his heart.

His consciousness seemed to be standing in an endless starry sky. He was overlooking the galaxy. At that moment, he no longer saw countless swords flowing. He only saw one sword. It was a starry divine sword that stretched across the starry world. This was completely different from what he had sensed just now!
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    《The Legend of Futian》