The Legend of Futian
2216 Mightiness
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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2216 Mightiness

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Seeing that Ye Futian clearly didn’t intend to fight at all, Chen Yi knew that he had been heartlessly abandoned. He couldn’t help but curse Ye Futian for being a disloyal friend, thinking it had all been a waste of his kindness before.

It seemed like he had to rely on himself.

Chen Yi looked around at the people surrounding him. All these powerful cultivators had sealed this entire area off, so if he wanted to escape, he would have to smash right through the Great Path energy they used to seal the area. That would be a bit too difficult to do.

“So, none of you intend to do me this favor?” said Chen Yi as he looked around.

None of them budged after hearing what Chen Yi said; they even looked at him rather mockingly. Was this guy still able to do anything about this situation?

“Since you’re not going to do me any favors, then fine, I’ll give you the treasure.” The next thing Chen Yi said made everyone take a double-take. They stared at him speechlessly, then watched as a treasure really appeared in Chen Yi’s hand and glowed brilliantly. He flung it out from his hand, and it floated in the void. That was exactly the item he had snatched earlier.

“What the…”

Everyone was stunned for a moment, but it only lasted one moment. An explosive blast could be heard the next moment as several hands reached out to grab the item. Some of them immediately tore through the void. Each one accelerated to their maximum speed to be the fastest to get their hands on that treasure.

They couldn’t be bothered about Chen Yi anymore at this point. Several large palms were headed straight for the treasure, and the sounds of their palms crashing into one another were horrifying as a fight immediately broke out. Nobody was going to allow anybody else to get their hands on it.


Just then, a beam of light suddenly shone and flashed right past everyone else. This beam of light was too quick, so all they saw was a flash of light that passed and disappeared immediately. But what also disappeared immediately after that was the treasure they were fighting for just a moment ago. Everyone looked up in shock to see the beam of light shoot out into the distance, cutting a line through the sky and leaving only a faint trail.

“I can’t believe all of you didn’t learn your lesson,” a provoking voice came from afar. The cultivators felt like they had been played out, and their expressions were particularly nasty. Chen Yi had fooled so many high-level cultivators, and the worst part was that he had pulled the same trick on them twice.

Once they started fighting among themselves, he had gone at top speed to dash in and run off with the treasure. They had made the same mistake twice, and this stemmed from their greed. After all, the moment Chen Yi flung the treasure out, the first thing they thought of was to hurry up and snatch it. If one didn’t grab it, someone else would. Nobody would think of guarding Chen Yi since that meant that someone else would get their hands on the treasure instead. If someone else got the treasure, there was no point in holding Chen Yi captive anymore.

Besides, all of this had happened too quickly. Chen Yi had very cleverly used this sort of logic to trick these people again and run off with the treasure yet again.

Boom, boom, boom… An alarming aura began to explode from each person. Beams of divine light shot through the sky at an insane rate as they tore right through the galaxy. Each beam was headed for that first flash of light. It was obvious that many of them were incensed.

It was no longer a simple matter of fighting for treasure now. They were now feeling challenged and insulted.

Some of them knew that they couldn’t catch up with Chen Yi, so they remained where they were without bothering to give chase. Instead, they looked down below them, and their gaze fell on Ye Futian and his other companions.

It was as if they were one team. This was exactly how they had forced Chen Yi to retrace his steps.

Ye Futian had a strange look on his face now. This fellow had actually just run off with the treasure. What a “surprise.” But did that idiot purposely say those provoking words as revenge on how Ye Futian wanted to pretend not to know him?

As expected, the cultivators around Ye Futian had an unfriendly look in their eyes. Blind Tie, Fang Gai, and the rest were gathered together, and they looked back at the other cultivators warily.

“Everyone here are high-level people from various factions of power. Every feud is traced back to one person, just like how every debt belongs to a creditor. Since he’s the one who snatched a treasure from all of you, all of you can go and snatch it back from him. We are not well acquainted with him, so I hope that everyone will not implicate the innocent,” said Ye Futian as he stretched his arms out in a shrug.

But it was obvious that nobody was buying it. Several mighty shadows put pressure on them as they trapped them within this space. Even though this was only one of the areas in the starry space where people had gathered, there were still a fair number of high-level cultivators. Some of them were also Perfect Great Path high-level Renhuangs.

“If we take all of you down, he’s going to come back for sure,” said one of them.

“If you still insist on implicating the innocent, then we’re not going to sit by and do nothing,” said Ye Futian in a cold and distant voice. He looked around at the cultivators around him. More than one person from each major faction of power had come, and while some were powerful, some not so. Besides those high-level Renhuangs, there were also Renhuangs of other levels.

A terrifying aura descended as nobody cared about what Ye Futian said. In fact, some of them had already begun to make their attack. One of them raised his hand, and a Storm of the Great Path immediately gathered above him, followed by the appearing of a storm pagoda. This storm pagoda was suspended in the skies and kept expanding until it covered the whole place. Frightening lightning bolts could be seen below the storm pagoda, and each part of the storm seemed to contain alarming levels of destructive power.

Blind Tie flew up into the sky and took a step forward. The heavens and earth roared as his divine hammer appeared once more. An equally alarming powerful storm was born, and it weighed heavily on this vast space.

Every cultivator standing in different positions started to launch their attacks. Shi Kui, Gu Huai, and the rest also took a step forward to unleash their own frightening auras.

Ye Futian glanced at all those Renhuangs with an aloof look on his face. The power of the Great Path flowed through his body, and a ferocious booming resonated from within his body, echoing in this space, causing loud blasts to ring out loud.

More frighteningly, his body seemed to give off a seemingly sacred sort of glow, which made him look extremely otherworldly. His eyes seemed to transform into demon eyes, and it was as if a heart was beating wildly within him, causing this demonic qi to fill the place.


Doong, doong…

Many eyes were staring at Ye Futian. They seemed to all have sensed the aura of a Demon God. The aura that was emanating from Ye Futian’s body shocked them somewhat. This was the aura of a Level-six Renhuang, but even Level-seven Renhuangs felt threatened. Just his aura alone was already no weaker than powerful Level-seven Renhuangs like themselves.

Also, there was an incredibly frightening force that gripped their hearts, causing their hearts to palpitate, as if they could hear the wild pounding of the heart within Ye Futian’s body.

“Be careful, there’s the aura of the Demon God,” said one of them as he stared at Ye Futian. He could tell that Ye Futian must have had some incredible experiences.

“That’s Ye Futian. He got to view the divine body of Shenjia the Great Emperor in Shangqing Domain, and it’s said that he comprehended the extraordinary body of the Great Path, and now his physical body is invincible,” spoke another man. Ye Futian was surprised that this other man knew who he was. It seemed like he was gaining a reputation out there now, so even cultivators from other domains knew of his existence.

But these cultivators still looked like they were prepared for battle as if this information only made them want to spar with Ye Futian even more than before.


A demonic storm swept through space, and a gigantic illusion of a peacock appeared behind Ye Futian. When the Peacock God spread its feathers, it was as if countless pairs of eyes had appeared, and each pair of eyes was shooting out a frightening demonic light.

The next moment, he suddenly turned into a flash as he dashed towards one particular direction at breakneck speed.

“Stop him!” someone shouted loudly. A powerful Level-seven Renhuang immediately took a step out, and the divine might of the Great Path came crashing down. A giant appeared in front of Ye Futian. It was glowing gold all over as if it was wearing golden armor.

When it saw that Ye Futian was coming its way, it stretched its arms forward to make an attack. Its golden divine fists penetrated the air, and countless illusions of golden fists appeared in the sky. Each of them shot upwards so fiercely that they seemed to be able to punch a hole in the sky.

But Ye Futian didn’t dodge or retreat but continued to hurtle towards the giant’s divine fists. Ye Futian’s executed his Flesh Becoming Way, so his physical body made from flesh and blood became close to a divine body instead, containing all sorts of Wills in it. He was practically invincible, and one punch could break the entire starry sky.

Boom, boom, boom…

Their attacks collided head-on, and the collision threatened to destroy everything around it. The ear-deafening blasts of the Great Path coming from within Ye Futian’s body rang in the air. Several cultivators tried to attack him from all sides, but none of them managed to get close.


Several frightening beams of light shone through the space, and the golden divine fist was shattered. The illusion of the Peacock God went right through it, and a violent attack immediately hit that level-seven Renhuang. His body went flying out into the distance.

But Ye Futian did not stop there. After he had transformed into a flash of light, he started heading for the weaker Renhuangs behind him.

“Stop him!” shouted one of them loudly. Several powerful Renhuangs blocked Ye Futian’s body at the same time, but Ye Futian’s body resounded with the Sound of Buddha. Many Vajras with furious looks in their eyes went right into his opponents’ heads. Then he raised his hand, and his palm became a Divine Monument of World Suppression, which came hurtling down on them. This was an incredibly domineering move.

Every person who tried to kill Ye Futian earlier was forced backward by the impact. Some were still trying to block him, so Ye Futian swung his other hand forward. An indestructible long spear instantly appeared and shattered everything it pierced.

“Retreat!” All the Renhuangs behind started running far away from Ye Futian, but he suddenly clenched his fist, which immediately caused sealed off the space before him. Several Renhuangs were trapped in this space. After that, Ye Futian sent several leaves and branches towards them, which surrounded everyone in the space. A terrifying chilly air instantly filled the space, which brought their body temperature down to zero. They had been encased in ice!
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    《The Legend of Futian》