The Legend of Futian
2225 Mystery
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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2225 Mystery

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In the endless starry sky above, there were actually silhouettes of other Great Emperors.

However, the silhouettes of these Great Emperors were eclipsed by the silhouette of Great Emperor Ziwei. Ye Futian recalled what the Renhuang had said to him before. Legend has it that Great Emperor Ziwei ruled over the segment back in the day. He was also known as “Star Lord of Ziwei.” Beneath him, there were other Great Emperor level cultivators. With the silhouette of Great Emperor Ziwei present, the other Great Emperors were hidden in the vast starry sky.

It seemed that back when Great Emperor Ziwei sealed off the segment, it was not just him who left behind something in this starry cultivation court. The other Great Emperors under him also left behind their powers to be inherited. Only after doing so did they leave the segment and participate in the War of the Heavenly Path.

That meant that, right now, the two cultivators had sensed the power of the Great Emperors. Starlight descended upon them, and they were now inheriting the power of the Great Emperors.

Ye Futian suddenly wondered whether or not they had seen what he had seen. Or had they resonated with the stars by chance?

He would not know the answer; only the two cultivators themselves would know.

However, discovering this secret was crucial for comprehending the mystery of the starry sky.

Ye Futian’s figure went over to the cultivation court of one of the two cultivators. Then, just like before, his spiritual soul left his body and floated into the endless starry sky. He glanced around the star that was shining down on the cultivator. As expected, he once again saw a divine silhouette. The star that shot down divine light contained unparalleled power that resembled imperial glory. Was the star an Imperial Star?

How many Imperial Stars were there here in this endless starry sky?

His spiritual soul wandered over to other locations, no longer observing the cultivation of the two outstanding Renhuangs. They could sense the existence of the Imperial Stars and obtain the teachings of the Great Emperor. They were certainly also extraordinary and monstrous figures who stood at the peak.

Although the most powerful figures from various Realms were gathered here, there would only be a handful of figures like these two Renhuangs.

Beneath the starry sky once again, Ye Futian sat down cross-legged. He sensed the heavenly might coming from the sky above. His expression became stern. It would certainly be challenging to sense the presence of an Imperial Star.

He wanted to find other Imperial Stars in the starry sky. Right now, Ye Futian speculated that these Imperial Stars were crucial in unraveling the mystery of Great Emperor Ziwei. If he managed to find these Imperial Stars, he would most likely be able to discover the secrets in this segment which was ruled by Great Emperor Ziwei.

Streaks of divine lights surrounded Ye Futian. His spiritual soul left his flesh and was enveloped by the divine light of the Great Path. The halo of the Great Emperor was faintly radiating. It was dazzling. His spiritual soul wandered in the endless starry sky.

When Ye Futian’s spiritual soul reached a spot, he paused, and his consciousness scanned the starry sky as he was surrounded by divine light. Soon, Ye Futian was completely immersed in the starry sky. He had forgotten about everything else. He was fully engaged in sensing the starry sky. It was vast, majestic, quiet, and barren.

Countless stars twinkled in the starry sky. Ye Futian’s consciousness drifted past many of them. There were innumerable stars in the sky. Attempting to locate the Imperial Stars among them was no different from finding a needle in the sea. It was a tough task.

However, Ye Futian noticed a pattern when comprehending the cultivation of the other two Renhuangs just now. The Imperial Stars were each surrounded by a small segment that formed a silhouette. The silhouettes were similar to that of Great Emperor Ziwei. If Ye Futian could locate another silhouette amidst these endless stars, he would most likely be able to find an Imperial Star.

However, even locating a silhouette was an arduous task in this vast starry sky.

How did the other two Renhuangs do it?

Aside from Ye Futian, many cultivators in this starry sky cultivation court had come to the higher sky. All of them were eager to discover the secrets of this starry sky after they witnessed the success of the two cultivators receiving the star lights. However, even though there were many cultivators around, they appeared exceptionally tiny here. After they dispersed to various directions, their existences were insignificant. They were like grains in the ocean.

Moreover, it was challenging for the cultivators to communicate with the stars in the sky like the other two cultivators did. Nevertheless, everyone wanted to give it a try.

The division of day and night did not exist in this place. Nobody paid heed to the passing of time either. Another day had passed without anyone noticing. The spiritual soul of Ye Futian was still observing the starry sky. He was determined to locate a small-scale segment that could form the silhouette of a human figure.

Finally, he found a region. Some of the stars in this region were stars that formed part of the silhouette of Great Emperor Ziwei. However, if he looked at these stars in isolation, he could faintly make out the silhouette of another figure. Even though the figure was roughly traced out by the stars, Ye Futian could sense the solemn might emanating from it. The face that appeared in Ye Futian’s mind had a majestic temperament.

Was this figure the Great Emperor that used to rule this part of the Ziwei Segmentum? Ye Futian wondered. After such a long time, he finally managed to identify a silhouette. Ye Futian’s discovery made him respect the two cultivators who succeeded even more. Their achievement in discovering the silhouettes of the Great Emperors was indeed groundbreaking. This made Ye Futian realize that there were many talented people in the world. Many of them were as exceptional as Ye Futian himself.

After finding the silhouette of the Great Emperor, the next step would be locating the Imperial Star.

Based on Ye Futian’s previous observation, the Imperial Star should be within the silhouette of the Great Emperor, so it would be somewhere in this region.

Ye Futian’s consciousness wandered to one of the stars. He found nothing. Then, he moved on to the next star. Similarly, he detected nothing. This star was similar to the ones he sensed before. They were all barren stars without any trace of living beings or the Path left by the Great Emperor.

Ye Futian tried again and again. However, all his attempts resulted in failures. After a long while, he had gone to all the stars in this region, yet the outcome was demotivating. He found absolutely nothing!

Floating in mid-air, Ye Futian gazed at the starry sky with a blank expression.

There was no Imperial Star!

How was this possible?

Did something go wrong?

Before this, he had explored the Imperial Stars that resonated with the other two cultivators. By right, he should be on the right track. However, the reality was right before his eyes. He had failed. None of the stars in this region was the one he was looking for. It was as though the Imperial Star did not exist at all.

What exactly went wrong? Ye Futian thought to himself. He was puzzled. He didn’t understand what went wrong.

Was there a hidden star?

Ye Futian recalled the situation he witnessed. If there was a hidden star, how could he detect its existence?

Ye Futian looked at the two Renhuangs. In the distance, the two beams of starlight were still shining on both of them. It was as though the star lights would shine forever. Besides that, the Path that each Renhuang cultivated matched the divine power of the star that shone on them. This meant that the Path of the cultivator and the Path of the star surely resonated.

When Ye Futian thought of this, the divine light of the Great Path circulated in his body. The World Tree emitted a rustling sound in the Life Palace. Instantly, the vines of the ancient tree enveloped his body, emanating a divine halo. At the same time, countless wills appeared on Ye Futian’s body of the Great Path. Behind him, both the sun and the moon shone brightly as he was surrounded by stars. Myriads of divine phenomena radiated from his body simultaneously. His consciousness was still locked onto the region in this segment. He was sensing his surroundings quietly.

A moment later, twinkling starlight slowly lit up in a direction. It was as though a star suddenly appeared in the void of the starry sky.

Buzz. Ye Futian’s consciousness pounced towards the direction of the starlight. His entire body glowed even more brilliantly as divine light surrounded him. He could sense the star clearer now. The star grew brighter and brighter, as though a power was born from it. The power was communicating with Ye Futian across the sky; the two formed a resonance.

He did it!

Ye Futian’s heart was palpitating wildly. He was one step away from success. This Imperial Star was about to be unraveled by him!
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    《The Legend of Futian》