The Legend of Futian
2238 The Sigh of the Great Emperor
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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2238 The Sigh of the Great Emperor

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More and more cultivators collapsed because they couldn’t bear the power. A few cultivators with insufficient willpower collapsed directly with no time to escape and perished in that field of starlight.

Some people were hit hard but were able to break free. They moved to the side. Like the cultivators from before, they were speechless in the backdrop of the starry sky.

It seemed that they were overthinking, after all.

Who could remain unmoved with the inheritance of Ziwei the Great within reach? But not anyone was eligible for the inheritance.

Obviously, they didn’t have that sort of ability yet.

They thought that this time, they had been conned by Ziwei Imperial Palace. After all, the Palace Lord of Ziwei Imperial Palace was an overbearing character, and he was here in person. Furthermore, he was a descendant of Ziwei and had been in charge of this segmentum. It was only natural that the inheritance of Ziwei the Great would go to him.

Ziwei Imperial Palace let them in for the express purpose of unlocking the mystery of this starry sky and sought to benefit from their effort.

The Palace Lord of Ziwei Imperial Palace at this time stretched out both of his hands, still holding the scepter in his right hand. His black hair dancing wildly in the wind as his clothing fluttered. He closed his eyes as he endured that heavenly might. It was as if entering a state of ecstasy as he embraced all of its power.

“How strong!” Those cultivators who were on the sideline watched with amazement. They couldn’t bear this power at all, but the Palace Lord of Ziwei Imperial Palace embraced it willingly, allowing the starlight to enter his body as he endured the heavenly might.

They couldn’t help but sigh. Everything seemed to be happening just as Ziwei Imperial Palace had calculated.

At this time, Ye Futian was bearing that terrifying power as well. He felt that every fiber of his being no longer belonged to him. His spiritual soul entered into the starry sky and was split into countless fragments. It merged into the sky that was full of stars.

He had a feeling that if he were not careful and allowed this power to overwhelm him, his will would be broken, and his spiritual soul would collapse and perish.

Inside his body, an even stronger power bloomed, and the ancient tree of the world seemed to have transformed into invisible branches and leaves. It integrated into the spiritual soul so that everything grew madly. No matter where the spiritual soul drifted, ancient trees connected to it. His roots were still intact.

In Ye Futian’s Life Palace, a figure that seemed to be Ye Futian sat there, firmly rooted. In the world of the Life Palace, there seemed to be countless doubles of Ye Futian scattered in different positions, but all of them were led by the tree of the ancient world.

I can still keep going, Ye Futian said in his heart. He, too, was suffering great pain at the moment, but he was hanging on. He had already gotten to this point and solved the mystery of the starry sky by himself. No matter what, he couldn’t just give up and leave it to the others.

He felt that if he could take possession of the inheritance of Ziwei the Great, he might control this starry sky.

The current situation was actually perilous for him. His previous performance was way too dazzling. Everyone worked together and did not turn against him. They even hoped that he could solve the mystery of the Imperial Star and the starry sky.

However, that was then. Once the matter had concluded, the situation would be different, and he very well might be isolated for retaliation.

He was still controlling the inheritance of the Imperial Star and its power. Would the other forces let him off the hook so easily?

There were many from the top forces here who would want his help to communicate with the power of the Imperial Star. At that time, anything could happen, and he may very well become everyone’s target.

Therefore, in some sense, he was now in a very difficult position.

Although he may still face the same great threat if he had taken the Great Emperor’s inheritance, it also meant a great opportunity. The will of the Great Emperor seemed to be there and was in charge of this starry sky world. If he could use the help of his power, it would be unimaginable.

Now, he could only give all he had.

As his thought turned to this, Ye Futian completely let go of himself and released his spiritual soul, whereafter he drifted into the starry sky. His world had completely changed. His body and spiritual soul disappeared, and it was like he was part of the starry sky world.

He felt that he was also merging into the starry sky, and he could see everything below. The sceneries were so clear, a feeling that Ye Futian had never had before.

As an astonishing celestial might descend, which made even Ye Futian tremble in his state of oblivion. He seemed to see Ziwei the Great. It was not that he had not before but was now seeing him face to face.

It was like the boundless and majestic figure of Ziwei the Great was right in front of him. The two looked at each other in the starry sky, facing one another.

Had the will of Ziwei the Great really existed in this starry sky world and had never been destroyed?

It existed by way of the boundless starry sky and would be here forevermore.

At this moment, the body of the Palace Lord began trembling ever so slightly. Even a being as great as himself seemed to be under unparalleled pressure. At this point, there were not many who could remain standing in that space. Each of them was a top-notch figure in their own right, and most of the people could only watch all this happen from the side.

“The Great Emperor.” The Palace Lord of Ziwei Imperial Palace seemed to have seen something. He spoke in a solemn voice. He was incredibly respectful. It was as if he had seen the Great Emperor.

“Great Emperor, please bestow the power on me.” There was a degree of pleading in the voice of the Palace Lord, enough to make many people tremble. The Palace Lord of Ziwei Imperial Palace had already sensed the Great Emperor’s existence, and was this a dialogue he was having with Ziwei the Great?

If so, it was simply astonishing.

Indeed, it seemed that everything belonged to Ziwei Imperial Palace.

Ziwei Imperial Palace allowed them to come to this starry sky, but Ziwei Imperial Palace was ultimately the winner.

The Palace Lord of Ziwei Imperial Palace saw that Ziwei the Great was looking at him. However, there was indifference in his eyes. It was as if he did not intend to choose him. The Palace Lord had a doubtful look on his face as he once again called out respectfully, “Great Emperor.”

However, Ziwei the Great did not acknowledge him.

But, from Ye Futian’s perception, the figure of Ziwei the Great was approaching him, zooming in on him.

At this moment, Ye Futian could feel the real existence of Ziwei the Great, as if he had never fallen.

Was it because the starlight was lit, and that revived the Great Emperor’s will?

Then, Ye Futian heard a sigh, as if it was from the Great Emperor himself. This shocked Ye Futian to no end. Why was the Great Emperor sighing?

Not only did Ye Futian hear it, but all the cultivators in the entire starry sky world heard the sigh as well.

“This is…?” The eyes of countless people sharpened as their hearts beating violently. Whose sigh was this?

Was this the sigh of the Great Emperor?

The Great Emperor remained?

Such a simple sound had such a tremendous impact on these cultivators as if it made them perceive the existence of Ziwei the Great.

Similarly, this sigh caused the Palace Lord’s heart to skip a beat. Why did the Great Emperor sigh?

At this moment, he had an inauspicious premonition.

He had a faint sense that the Great Emperor had no intention of choosing him.

At this time, the pressure on Ye Futian was getting even more terrifying. It was as if he was about to be completely torn apart and destroyed. However, he was still holding on by a strong will. He sensed that the Great Emperor was watching him. Perhaps, there was a chance he would be chosen.

Ziwei the Great left an enigmatic mystery in the starry sky, but in the end, it was not the person who solved the mystery that received the inheritance, nor was it decided by competition. Ziwei the Great would be the ultimate decider.

His Will had long survived in the world, had never decayed, and was integrated into the starry sky. When the starry sky lit up and the will restored, he would choose the heir he wanted himself.

This kind of setup was quite shocking to him.

“Everything is a reincarnation of fate.” An ancient voice sounded in Ye Futian’s mind, still tinged with the sound of a sorrowful sigh. In the next moment, Ye Futian felt a strong coercion merge within him. He felt that his spiritual soul was on the verge of collapse. It was an indescribable pain along with the fluctuation of starlight as Ye Futian’s consciousness began to falter in that boundless pain. Gradually, his consciousness was becoming blurry.

In this instant, Ye Futian felt that he had become a part of the starry sky without any sense of the self. He was now on the verge of a deep slumber.

The stars were endless, and Ye Futian had a feeling that he was the starry sky itself!
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    《The Legend of Futian》