The Legend of Futian
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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2244 Transfer

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Ye Futian looked at Lord Luo and said, “Thank you for telling me this, Lord Luo.”

Previously, he had helped Luo Su obtain the inheritance of an Imperial Star. Now, Lord Luo had come specifically to tell him this. This was obviously in order to repay the consideration that he had shown to Luo Su before.

“This is but a small matter, although it will be very dangerous for the Original Realm,” said Lord Luo. “Moreover, many forces are having this same thought. If they join together, even if you go there, it will still likely be very dangerous. Our opponents are purposely trying to draw you there. You should be careful.”

Ye Futian naturally understood this as well. His opponents could not kill him in the Ziwei Imperial Star. Thus, they wanted to lure him to the Original Realm to deal with him there.

He had many secrets and inherited powers, including the divine corpse of Great Emperor Shen Jia and now the inheritance of Great Emperor Ziwei. Many cultivators were likely jealous of him.

Particularly the forces of the Dark World and the Empty Divine Realm. They would not be terribly worried about this. After all, even if he retaliated against them in the future, the forces that he would actually act against would probably only be the ones in the Original Realm and the Divine Nation. No matter what, he would not get to the ones in the Dark World and the Empty Divine Realm.

Unless Ye Futian, one day, dared to attack them there. But how strong would he have to get to dare do that?

Renhuang Chen looked at Ye Futian and said, “What do you think, Palace Lord?”

If the Palace Lord of the Original Imperial Palace were still alive, he would have been strong enough to threaten an entire horde of heroes. But he had fallen, and now there was no one in the Ziwei Imperial Palace at that level. Although many great figures were there, if many forces allied against them, they would have a hard time dealing with them.

“If you lead a group of people along with me, I will do my best not to leave Ziwei Imperial Palace in danger,” Ye Futian said to Renhuang Chen.

There was a bit of hesitation in Renhuang Chen’s expression, but he still nodded and said, “I hear your orders Palace Lord, and I will obey them. I will go with you.”

“Thank you, Supreme Elder,” said Ye Futian with a slight nod.

After a while, the cultivators of the Ziwei Imperial Palace gathered there, all of whom were top-level cultivators. They watched as Ye Futian stepped forward and said, “I have just become the Palace Lord, so I should not put you all in danger. After all, this is a personal matter. But the situation is very tense, so I must be so bold as to ask you for your help. If you have the chance in the future, please report this matter to your seniors.”

“The Palace Lord’s words are serious,” said Renhuang Chen. “They want to seize the inheritance of the Great Emperor, but when he is here, they have no way to do so. If he does not leave, things will be fine, but their forces have used his home in the Original Realm to threaten him. So, this is all a personal matter for him.”

After all, there was no relationship between the people of the Heavenly Mandate Academy and Ziwei Imperial Palace.

“Say no more, Palace Lord. We will set out,” said another cultivator. The cultivators of Ziwei Imperial Palace were still grateful to Ye Futian for everything that he had done for them before. He was not arrogant or domineering, and he had not given any orders after becoming Palace Lord. Instead, he had given the authority to the Supreme Elder. And the first thing he had done after that was to bring them here to cultivate.

“Even if some forces have allied, they are still different powers, and it will be easy to split them,” said Renhuang Chen. “The Palace Lord’s talent is incredible. After you leave, you can invite some friends if it will be beneficial. You can even bring them here. In this way, some people will probably be willing to lend the Palace Lord their strength.”

Renhuang Chen was still here, but it seemed like he was already thinking about the situation when he returned.

Ye Futian nodded. “The Supreme Elder has spoken rightly. Let’s go. We can talk more on the road.”

“Alright,” said Renhuang Chen with a nod. A group of powerful figures stepped directly into the sky, leaving the starry world behind them. After they left, they started to leave the Ziwei Segmentum, preparing to go to the Original Realm.

Ye Futian sped onward through the endless sky. Beams of light still seemed to be shining towards the Ziwei Segmentum from the Ziwei Realm in the Original Realm. This was the phenomenon that had appeared when the forbidding power was broken. Moreover, some cultivators from the Ziwei Realm who had lost their homes were still traveling along these beams of light in the direction of the Ziwei Segmentum.

But those cultivators who were of low level would probably never reach their destination.

The cultivators of the Ziwei Segmentum were a little bit shocked when they saw this scene. They had not realized they had been enclosed in the Ziwei Realm within the Original Realm, hidden in the Divine Stone. Just how strong had Emperor Ziwei been at the peak of his power?

“We have finally left,” said Renhuang Chen with a sigh. The cultivators of Ziwei Imperial Palace had always known about the existence of the sealing force. They knew that they had been sealed within a starry real and that they had not made contact with the outside world for countless years.

Now, the seal had been broken, the way was open. They were finally going to make contact with the outside world. This had a great deal of significance to the Ziwei Segmentum.

The group of cultivators rushed through the sky like beams of divine light. They moved with steps two fast for thought as they rushed in the direction of the Original Realm.

These days, the Original Realm had calmed down quite a bit. The Heavenly Mandate Realm was just the same.

They already knew about the great changes that had happened in the Ziwei Realm and that it had even been destroyed. They had heard there was another world sealed within the Ziwei Realm. Now, this world had been opened, and the cultivators of the many top forces that had come to the Original Realm had gone inside to investigate it. They had left behind very few people.

Lord Taixuan had not gone with them but had stayed at the Heavenly Mandate Academy. Right now, he was swamped sending the cultivators of Heavenly Mandate Academy out.

Once Ye Futian heard the news, Little Condor, who had been left behind at Heavenly Mandate Academy, knew about it as well. He immediately notified Lord Taixuan. Thus, Lord Taixuan had immediately acted, sending people out to other realms.

Thus, there was currently almost nobody in the Heavenly Mandate Academy. Either they had been sent out, or they had heard Lord Taixuan’s orders to depart temporarily. There were only a few people left there.

As the College Chief of Heavenly Mandate Academy, Lord Taixuan was naturally still there. Anyone else could leave, but not him.

Several quiet coughs from Lord Taixuan could be heard throughout the quiet Heavenly Mandate Academy.

A person waited off to the side. It was a woman.

“Your wound has not completely healed, My Lord. Why don’t you avoid overworking yourself for the time being?” the woman asked, not understanding him.

Lord Taixuan smiled and looked at the woman, saying, “Why are you still here, Loulan?”

“My Lord, I am of low standing and have no value. The cultivators of those top forces will not deign to kill me,” said Loulan Xue.

“You have always waited on others these years at the palace. You were the one who watched Nianyu grow up. It must have been hard,” said Lord Taixuan with a sigh. “You must have followed Futian since early on?”

“Yes, ever since the Nine States in the Lowest Realm,” said Loulan.

“You poor girl,” said Lord Taixuan shaking his head. Ye Futian was too dazzling. The more people there were by his side, the less he cared for them all. The distances grew too great, and it was hard for him to connect with them.

“My Lord, the Heavenly Mandate Academy has taken good care of me these past few years. I am satisfied with the fact that I have achieved my current level of cultivation,” said Loulan Xue with a slight smile.

“Satisfied?” Lord Taixuan did not say any more. Perhaps she did not require much. She just wanted to be able to see him.

At that moment, Lord Taixuan looked up into the sky. A terrifying force was descending. A dark figure landed upon one of the buildings within the Heavenly Mandate Academy, looking down at the ground.

Soon, a mighty group of cultivators appeared in the sky like an army of gods. They stood in different places, and every one of them was so dazzling they were hard to look at. Divine light wrapped around them, and their auras were supernatural.

They all had ugly looks on their faces. This was because they had discovered that the Heavenly Mandate Academy had emptied so quickly. There was no one there. The news had leaked back to them that their opponents, the cultivators of the Heavenly Mandate Academy, had already left.

It seemed as if their plan would come to nothing.

Gai Cang, the ruler of the Golden Divine Nation, looked down and said, “Lord Taixuan.” His voice was cold. “Do you think that since you sent your people away, we can’t find them? Where can they go in all the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path?”

“Gai Cang!”

Just as Gai Cang was speaking, they all heard a voice come out of Black Wind Condor, spitting out his name, making Gai Cang look over at him. A torrent of overwhelming pressure descended as Black Wind Condor’s bird eyes were filled with a strange and mysterious light.

“Believe it or not, when I return, your Golden Divine Nation will be the first that I destroy!” The voice came out of Black Wind Condor again, making the color on Gai Cang’s face change. He fixed his gaze on Black Wind Condor.

“Ye Futian!”

These seemed to be Ye Futian’s words. He was coming back?

“Yes,” replied Black Wind Condor. “You all come from powerful forces. You all had the same opportunity as me at the Ziwei Great Emperor’s Cultivation Court. But I was the one who uncovered the Great Emperor’s secret. Now, you all are greedily trying to seize Great Emperor Ziwei’s inheritance. You have come to the Heavenly Mandate Academy and used the cultivators of the Lower Realms to threaten me. Have you all lost all sense of propriety?”

“We are not threatening you. We are just waiting here for your return,” came an indifferent voice from a black-robed cultivator. It was one of the top cultivators of the Dark World.

“Very well. In that case, I will be there soon,” came the voice from Black Wind Condor. “If you do not abide by the rules and attack the cultivators of the Divine Realm and the Original Realm from the Heavenly Mandate Academy, I will do to you whatever you do to them. I will go to your places and slaughter everyone there.”

The voice was full of murderous intent, which caused fear to sprout in all of their hearts. If they could not deal with Ye Futian, this was a grave threat!
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    《The Legend of Futian》