The Legend of Futian
2249 Engage in Battle
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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2249 Engage in Battle

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Although Ye Futian spoke up, none of the cultivators moved.

There were many forces from the Divine Prefecture here. They all had their own thoughts on the matter. Should they go against Ye Futian and directly seize the teachings? Or should they help Ye Futian and be able to venture into the cultivation court of Great Emperor Ziwei to cultivate?

They might still be able to observe for a bit and see how the battle progressed first.

On the battlefield, various cultivators attacked the shroud of starlight simultaneously. The shroud was pressed against the ground, and frightening cracks immediately appeared. The ground began to split apart, forming terrifying gorges that continued to propagate into the distance. It seemed as though the ground within a radius of thousands of kilometers was about to split apart.

The cultivators who were observing from a distance continued to retreat when they saw this terrifying scene. This large-scale battle would most likely spread to the entire Heavenly Mandate City. It was impossible to observe the battle up close. Once the battle completely broke out, the top figures would not hold back their combat power and attack area.

Under the combined attacks of various cultivators, more and more cracks finally appeared on the shroud of starlight. Beams of divine light descended from the sky above and entered the cracks, seeping into the shroud. Finally, with a beam of dazzling light, the shroud of starlight was completely shattered.

In the instant the shroud shattered, two silhouettes dashed out. They bore monstrous might and were extremely fast. These two figures were Renhuang Chen as well as Emperor Xi—two extremely powerful existences.

Frightening starry divine swords appeared around Renhuang Chen’s figure. They immediately covered the vast space, blanketing all of the cultivators in the sky. He directly unleashed his wide area divine technique. In an instant, the top figures standing in the sky, who were attacking them, frantically released their power of the Great Path that clashed with the starry divine swords. A few of the strongest figures stood at the very front.

Emperor Xi’s attack arrived at the same time. The two of them tore the space apart in an instant, causing deep and terrifying jet-black cracks to appear in the space. The various cultivators frantically dispersed, forced back by the attacks.

In the heavens above, various cultivators appeared in different locations. On the ground, Ye Futian still had various cultivators guarding him. Millet Emperor was standing beside him with the Wangshen Watchtower on his back. Astonishing divine might emanated from the watchtower.

Buzz. At that moment, a beam of light from the divine swords pierced through the space. It seemed as though it appeared from the cracks. It ripped apart the very fabric of space as though it wanted to consume this region.

A cultivator from Ziwei Imperial Palace immediately stepped forward to cut it off. However, Sword Qi that filled the sky swept out from the terrifying cracks. The divine swords seemed to merge into the cracks and then come slashing out in Ye Futian’s direction.

Bang. The Millet Emperor furiously stomped his foot on the ground. An endless, frightening power of the Great Path immediately exploded outwards from his figure. He raised the Wangshen Watchtower in his hand and charged into the fray. Divine gates appeared around him, forming Gates of World Suppression that charged forwards. The gates shattered the divine swords slashing towards them and blocked off the attacks descending upon where they stood, seemingly forming an absolute defensive zone.

Back then, during the battle of the Donghua Banquet, using the Wangshen Watchtower, the Millet Emperor was already a powerful figure who could go toe-to-toe with Domain Chief Ning Yuan of the Donghua Domain Chief’s Manor. Once he merged with the Wangshen Watchtower and became one with it, he could fully unleash the might of the Gates of World Suppression. He could stand on par with the powerful figures who faced divine tribulations of the Great Path. Hence, ordinary figures could not break through the defensive power of the gates.

High above, Swordmaster of Taichu gazed down at the defenses below with a gaze as sharp as swords. Powerful gales and clouds immediately swept up in the sky above. A frightening galaxy of swordsmanship appeared in the heavens, birthing countless divine swords from within it. The galaxy filled the skies, and its might was extremely menacing. It roared down from the sky. It was as though its might grew as it descended. The people in the surrounding regions could all sense its power.

“Everyone, be careful,” warned Ye Futian as he looked up at the sky. The Millet Emperor took a step into the air. Even more divine gates appeared as the Wangshen Watchtower floated in the sky. It seemed to summon ancient Gates of World Suppression which suppressed all powers. It caused the wave of power sweeping downwards to be unable to continue advancing. The two powers that filled the sky had yet to collide when a terrifying, intense sound could be heard.

Rumble. The sword river destroyed everything in its path as it swept down. Extremely frightening dark cracks appeared. The cracks seemed to coexist with the swords. The space of the Original Realm was not very stable. It could not withstand such a forceful attack.

As the sword river came slashing down, the Gates of World Suppression that seemed to come from ancient times also rained down. They swept up a terrible, destructive storm. The surrounding space was completely ripped apart as though there was a terrifying black hole.

While the two of them were clashing against each other, many of the other cultivators were also busy. Among them, a powerful cultivator from Sun God Mountain was summoning the Divine Fire of the Sun. His entire person was bathed in the Divine Light of the Sun. The divine flames of the Great Path circled around him. He was like a Sun God, radiating immense heat that incinerated everything around him. It was as though the intense power of his flames could instantly melt away all existence.


A terrifying fire domain appeared like a domain of the Great Path. All the cultivators present were enveloped within the scorching fire domain. The Sun was high in the sky. A flaming deity appeared beneath the Sun and grew larger and larger. It appeared to be the Sun God.

The deity radiated terrifying Divine Light of the Sun that shone over everything. Everywhere the light touched, everything was reduced to ashes and scattered into nothingness.

A few cultivators from Ziwei Imperial Palace stepped out. They would be against the Divine Power of the Sun.

They extended both their hands at the same time. Immediately, with this region as its center, a grand matrix of starlight appeared and circled around the various cultivators. This grand matrix of starlight shone brilliantly. When the Divine Fire of the Sun shone down on it, it could not penetrate the grand matrix. The light of the Divine Fire of the Sun was blocked off by the starlight.

The Sun God in the sky extended his palm. From the Sun, the unparalleled Divine Power of the Sun surged out and actually formed a gigantic Sun God sword. The Sun God’s sword appeared enormous as the Sun God wielded it in his hand. It was as though the Divine Light of the Sun was concentrated on the sword.

The silhouette of the Sun God stabbed forward with the sword in his hands. The Divine Light of the Sun expanded rapidly. The Sun God’s sword immediately stabbed into the starlight. Terrifying divine flames corroded the grand matrix of starlight. It gradually turned the grand matrix into the color of flames and began to reduce it to nothingness, resulting in the matrix being shattered.

These top figures from the Divine Prefecture all had astonishing abilities. Many of the best among them were superior existences who had faced divine tribulations of the Great Path. The difference in plane was not something numbers could make up for.

If the members of the Divine Prefecture had a few more figures who survived divine tribulations among them, it would be a disaster for Ye Futian’s side.

Seeing the Sun God sword stabbing past the matrix bit by bit, Ye Futian stared up at the sky above. There was a cold look in his gaze. Unless it was the last resort, he did not want to take the risk!
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    《The Legend of Futian》