The Legend of Futian
2254 Invincible
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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2254 Invincible

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The powerhouses who attacked Ye Futian were not looking too happy. Under such circumstances, not to mention killing Ye Futian and snatching the inheritance and the corpse of Shenjia the Great Emperor, protecting themselves was an issue.

“Banish the corpse and go for his flesh,” someone suggested. Immediately, the eyes of some aces glistened. This was a legit plan. They could first banish the body of Shenjia the Great Emperor, who Ye Futian was controlling.

“Do it.”

As soon as the words fell, someone acted. The top aces from the Shen Clan exuded a terrifying aura. An appalling spatial storm emerged. The storm tore the void open and even contained the power to sever one’s spiritual soul.

Slash. There was a loud shout, and the destructive spatial storm moved to devour Ye Futian’s body. They were not the only ones who attacked. The other aces also launched attacks at Ye Futian. Above the sky, a terrifying pagoda shattered the void and slowly ripped the region apart, bringing about a terrifying black hole.

“Bury!” a voice yelled. The murky fissure devoured the body of Shenjia the Great Emperor, burying it within the endless void.

“Destroy his flesh,” another voice sounded. Immediately, the aces rushed downward simultaneously, charging directly towards the area guarded by the powerhouses of the Ziwei Imperial Palace to shatter Ye Futian’s flesh. As long as Ye Futian’s flesh was destroyed, with no vessel for his spiritual soul to settle in, he would not be able to control Shenjia the Great Emperor’s body for too long.

Ace of the Shen Clan, Shen Gao. A cataclysmic spatial storm emerged on his body, showering down from above the sky and tearing apart all that existent. Every cyclone was like a divine spatial blade that was slicing through the void, slashing down onto the ground below the vault with the intent of cutting through the star-shaped barrier.

The attacks of the other aces descended one after another. A pagoda smashed into the void, and an ancient clock exploded at the top, stirring up a destructive cyclone of unparalleled might. The defensive barrier was about to shatter.

Whoosh! Shen Gao excelled in spatial power. He seized the opportunity and unleashed a slash towards a fissure, immediately tearing it apart. He morphed into a ray of light and slashed downwards, diverting his attack to the crowd, hoping to scatter the powerhouses who were guarding Ye Futian. All of these people had terrifying levels and were the top-notch figures of Ziwei Imperial Palace. None of them were weak. To destroy Ye Futian’s flesh, they must first scatter the body parts, rendering them unable to band together to protect Ye Futian.

However, at the location where his attack landed, a fissure abruptly appeared, and from within what looked like a murky hole came a hand shining with dazzling brilliance. This hand slowly stretched forward and gradually grew in size. It morphed into a massive palm composed of massive amounts of runic combinations. It moved towards the sky, blocking out the sun, shattering Shen Gao’s attack. At the same time, it moved toward Shen Gao, who was flying in its direction.

Sensing that something was not right, Shen Gao’s expression altered drastically as he halted his body with the desire to retreat.

“Be careful,” the clan lord of the Shen Clan yelled as he watched nervously.

Divine Light dazzled. Shen Gao wanted to travel through space and leave only to discover the massive palm gripping at the void. Suddenly, endless amounts of runes appeared above the sky, turning into an even larger palm that blocked the entire realm. It clenched into a fist, blocking Shen Gao’s path of retreat.

Within the fissure, the body of Shenjia the Great Emperor emerged once again. Naturally, the palm belonged to him.

“His control got even stronger.” Looking at the scene that was unfolding, the powerful warriors’ hearts were thumping wildly. Ye Futian was seemingly familiarizing himself with Shenjia the Great Emperor’s flesh and the way to tap into his powers. He was seemingly becoming more and more accustomed to it.

The ginormous palm abruptly clenched, emitting a loud bang. Terror was written on Shen Gao’s face. He had seemingly plunged into an absolute space that he could not leave. He could only watch as the godly hand contained him at where he was.

In an instant, he was caught by the palm, and a terrifying divine brilliance erupted from his body. The appalling spatial storm seemed not to affect them at all. As long as they came into contact with the palm, they would be turned to ash. He could not escape.

“Ahh!” A miserable shriek sounded. The palm tightened as the Divine Light slowly destroyed Shen Gao’s flesh, causing his body to shatter and gradually dissipate. A phantom escaped from the flesh. It was Shen Gao’s spiritual soul.

However, the Divine Light on the palm immediately ran through him and turned him into ash. The spiritual soul could not escape as well.

Bam! In the midst of pathetic screaming, the palm clenched, directly obliterating Shen Gao. It felt as if it were done without effort. In other words, he had been crushed like an ant. This had those cultivators, who were originally tempted, second-guess their greed and ambition.

He was too dangerous. At this moment, Ye Futian, who was controlling the body of Shenjia the Great Emperor, could be seen as a Killing God. To have wiped out Shen Gao with one single palm… Should he do the same to them, they would probably end up like him.

No matter how greedy they were, they must still preserve their lives. Their only choice was to wait and see. They refused to believe that Ye Futian could maintain control over the sacred remains for an extended period of time.

The better was his control over the sacred remains, the greater the exhaustion it would become to his body. Sooner or later, his spiritual soul would not be able to bear the immense burden.

However, at this moment, the aces from the Shen Clan were feeling a little hopeless. Shen Gao was killed. He was from the original Shen Clan in the Divine Prefecture; however, he was crushed and killed in such an overwhelming way. Shen Gao was one of the aces who partook in the raid of the Heavenly Mandate Academy, which included Gai Cang and Gai Qiong from before.

Now, Ye Futian was having his revenge. He wanted to seize this opportunity to massacre his enemies from the past.

Even the power of Space Exile was useless against him?

How could he be killed then?

Their only choice was to exhaust him to the point where he would crumble under his own weight.

At this moment, Ye Futian gazed at the aces hovering in the void. He knew that many of them had not made a move yet and were only spectating. In fact, all of them were looking at him with desire. The more they witnessed the power of Shenjia the Great’s body, the stronger their greed became.

For those who have cultivated to their level, who did not want to venture toward the ultimate plane?

If a top figure who had gone through a Divine Path and divine tribulation could manipulate the body of Shenjia the Great Emperor like him, they would become near invincible.

Most certainly, Ye Futian was well aware in his heart that aside from him, it was tough for anyone else to control the body of Shenjia the Great Emperor, even for those who had gone through a Divine Path and divine tribulation. But of course, that would exclude the master.

As for how the master was able to do so, Ye Futian had not figured it out yet. Most certainly, he did not question him either, as he was an entity who was beyond this world.

Looking at the powerhouses around him, the pressure Ye Futian was under intensified. His spiritual soul was becoming a little unstable. He could not sustain such a battle for too long. He must think of a way to end this battle as soon as possible. If not, it would become more and more troublesome.

Once something happened to him, the powerhouses staring at him
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    《The Legend of Futian》