The Legend of Futian
2262 Outcome
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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2262 Outcome

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Lord Taixuan and the rest of the people were inspecting Ye Futian. An ace from the Ziwei Segmentum stepped forward. Purple starlight coiled up around his body, and a wisp of healing energy seeped into Ye Futian’s body.

However, Ye Futian remained in a coma and showed no signs of awakening.

“I’m afraid he needs more time,” that man said in a low guttural voice. When one’s spiritual soul became damaged, it required time to recuperate. Recovering within a short period of time was most likely impossible.

“Mm.” Lord Taixuan and the others nodded. All of them understood Ye Futian’s situation. The series of events has evidently inflicted great damage upon him. Controlling the body of Shenjia the Great Emperor itself might have caused a burden so tremendous that it was simply unimaginable.

He stood up and took a glance at the fissured ground and the Heavenly Mandate Academy that was no more. Lord Taixuan and others sighed. They looked at each other and asked, “What should we do next?”

It could be to rebuild the Heavenly Mandate Academy or something else.

Having suffered so many blows, the Heavenly Mandate Academy and Heavenly Mandate City were in a state too pathetic to describe.

“Let’s rebuild the academy for now. No one should dare to find trouble with us easily in the future,” the Sky River Great Elder opened his mouth and said. Lord Taixuan nodded gently while Renhuang Chen, the Supreme Elder of Ziwei Segmentum’s Emperor Palace, said, “After the academy is rebuilt, we can build teleportation grand matrixes at both here and the Ziwei Segmentum so that both sides can look after each other. Should something occur, help can be provided at once.”

When the crowd heard the Supreme Elder’s words, they nodded seriously. If that was carried out and the Heavenly Mandate Realm and Ziwei Segmentum became connected, they would establish themselves as a superpower. That, along with the fact that the forces of the Original Realm were shocked by and even afraid of them, the Heavenly Mandate Academy would, in a true sense, be standing at the pinnacle of power among forces in the Original Realm.

Most certainly, the now chaotic Original Realm did not consist of just local forces as more of them actually arrived from the Outer Realms.

“Go and get the others back,” said Lord Taixuan. After this battle, be it forces of the Original Realm or Outer Realms, it was speculated that they would not be bold enough to provoke the Heavenly Mandate Academy. With a guardian supposedly at the Imperial Realm, who would dare to make a move against them?

If the master of the Four Corner Village wanted a bloodbath, no one could stop him, and a myriad of aces would fall. However, he did not do so. But even so, no one should be bold enough to behave with impetuosity anymore.

When Lord Taixuan finished, the aces parted ways and began to work, mending the fissured ground. They commenced the rebuilding of the Heavenly Mandate Academy. Some aces also departed into the void to get the others back.

The Supreme Elder of the Ziwei Imperial Palace, Renhuang Chen, said, “I will take him to the Great Emperor’s Cultivation Court at the Ziwei Segmentum to recuperate. The Will of the Great Emperor is present over there. Besides, the Palace Lord himself has developed resonance with the stars. Hence, his recovery may be hastened there.”

“Good.” Lord Taixuan and the others nodded. This suggestion was a positive one. Ye Futian had already acquired the Great Emperor Ziwei’s inheritance. The starry cultivation court that harbored the Will of the Great Emperor should help Ye Futian with his recovery.

“In that case, I shall depart with him right now. Apart from that, I will also look into the construction of the teleportation grand matrixes,” Renhuang Chen continued. The crowd nodded. Emperor Xi, who was beside him, said, “I wonder if I may tag along? I would like to see what a starry dimension that contains the Will of Great Emperor Ziwei looks like.”

Emperor Xi was someone who had gone through a level one Divine Tribulation. Knowing that the Will of the Great Emperor was present there, he wanted to get a feel for it and see if it could help his cultivation.

“That’s certainly no issue,” Renhuang Chen nodded and said. Emperor Xi was on par with him in terms of Cultivation Base and could be considered one of the top figures. What’s more, he was an elder figure to Ye Futian, who came to provide him assistance in times of crisis. Ye Futian was also the Palace Lord of the Ziwei Imperial Palace. How would he disagree with him going to the starry dimension to cultivate?

With all factors combined, there was no reason for him to turn down Emperor Xi’s request.

“Let’s set off then,” Renhuang Chen opened his mouth and said. Immediately, the aces took Ye Futian and left for the Ziwei Segmentum. Emperor Xi, the Millet Emperor, and the Thunder Punishing Skylord also tagged along to experience the Ziwei Segmentum.

Lord Taixuan and his party remained. For them, they had plenty of chances to do so. With Renhuang Chen’s suggestion of building teleportation grand matrixes between both places, when construction was complete, they could go back and forth between that starry dimension and their own at any time.

The aces became busy with their own affairs, and various forces from the Original Realm returned. But after returning, the ambiance within these forces became different from before. They were panicking.

For the Shen Clan, their Chief Elder, Shen Ji, died in the battle that took place more than 20 years ago. At present, with their clan lord and Shen Gao having been killed in succession, the only ones left alive were a few powerhouses from the Shen Clan at the Upper World. At this moment, all the Shen Clan’s aces were gathered as they gazed at the top figures from their clan at the Upper World.

At present, they could only place their hopes on them. With the relationship between the Shen Clan and the Heavenly Mandate Academy, if the other party were to seek revenge, they might destroy the Shen Clan.

However, even with their aces from the Upper World, could the Shen Clan still keep themselves alive?

“Select a batch of people and come with me,” those aces said to an elder of the Shen Clan. Immediately, members of the Shen Clan displayed expressions of despair. Were they going to abandon the Shen Clan at the Lower World?

Selecting a batch of people and leaving implied that only some powerful ones would be taken away, while the others would be left behind and forsaken.

“Understood.” That elder from the Shen Clan dared not oppose them. Given how things had become, he had no choice.

“You’re dismissed,” the ace of the Shen Clan from the Upper World continued, making it so that the powerhouses of the Shen Clan were now obsolete. The Shen Clan of the Lower World was completely abandoned. They were asked to disband and would no longer be one of the top powers of the Original Realm.

After that battle, the powerful Shen Clan that had dominated the Central Emperor Realm for so many years was going to pass away like a cloud, becoming a distant part of history.

Everybody felt waves of sorrow.

The cause of everything could be pinpointed on a single person—a cultivator who was once an inconspicuous figure, looked down upon by the Shen Clan. He was a disciple of Qi Xuangang, whose master was the Sky River Great Elder.

The three top powers of the Shen Clan died because of him, and the Shen Clan itself dissipated because of him.

Not only the Shen Clan but many forces in the Original Realm were also experiencing similar scenarios.

For instance, in the Golden Divine Nation, their aces were no longer unified, and many had left the Golden Divine Nation. Before they left, a great war broke out, which led to the looting of treasures and resources left behind by the Golden Divine Nation. The battle was so horrible that it even led to the fall of their prince.

With the King of Divine Nation gone, as well as Gai Qiong, who was left to care? With the Divine Nation was at the verge of crumbling, it was only natural to loot whatever they desired. Identity and whatnot; none of those bore any significance.

As of now, everyone needed to focus on keeping themselves alive.

Most certainly, some forces were not planning to disband. However, they were discussing whether or not to head towards the Heavenly Mandate Academy to beg for forgiveness, for peace, and to iron out the grudge between both parties. Otherwise, no matter how enormous the Original Realm was, they would have no place in it!
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    《The Legend of Futian》