The Legend of Futian
2272 Ruination
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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2272 Ruination

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An area formed by the ​​Great Path had appeared around the Millet Emperor. It was as if an ancient divine gate from the past was now being summoned, surging toward the ground below.

The Watchtower continued to expand until a divine gate capable of suppressing the world emerged from it. It crashed through the ground and revealed itself to be the Gate of the World, capable of suppressing all the forces in the world.

The divine fire that gushed from beneath the ground could not melt away the Gate of the World, and the world beneath the ground was cut off. The cultivator from Sun God Mountain instantly began to wilt. Unable to leverage the power from under the ground, his momentum was clearly not as strong as before; the situation in which Renhuang Chen was being suppressed was rapidly reversing.

Boom… A terrifying divine power rocked the godlike body as it burst out, smashing the Solar Divine Palace inside the divine flames. Those eyes glanced at the Millet Emperor in the sky below, knowing full well that it was him who suppressed the power underneath the ground. Now, his power was blocked, and he was being repelled.

Unsurprisingly, it wasn’t easy to contend with the others just on the strength of a single person. It seemed that it was an impossible task, after all.

The terrible rumbling sound came out, and the space around him had been transformed into a starry sky world. It was as if he was in the absolute domain of the starry Great Path. The starry sky world was full of shining bright stars that sprinkled down their radiant divine light. The starlight was like countless lines that connected these stars, forming a horrific starry sky matrix.

Renhuang Chen floated in the air as if to become one with the starry sky. It seemed as if he was the master of this starry sky world. He held the scepter in his hand as his blue robe fluttered in the wind. There was an unfathomable aura coming from him; it was incomparably sacred.

The cultivator from Sun God Mountain knew very well that the others wanted to keep him here to finish him.

In another direction, the Millet Emperor was walking this way, still carrying Wangshen Watchtower on his back. It was difficult for him to fight against the man who had borrowed the power from the underground. But now, with that source of power shut off, he who carried the Watchtower was absolutely qualified to participate in the battle. Not to mention that they had Renhuang Chen on their side.

The cultivator from Sun God Mountain looked at the two, knowing that they wanted nothing more than to detain him here permanently, in this land of the Original Realm, and kill him once and for all.

In the other direction below, where Ye Futian and the others were, the cultivators from Solar Divine Palace met their miserable end. Many were killed by that powerful cultivator from Sun God Mountain. The divine fire he summoned had burned many people to death; the layout of the field had prevented them from escaping.

Everyone who was still alive was at the Renhuang level. However, at this moment, there was nothing but desperation and hopelessness in their hearts.

“Solar Divine Palace is willing to submit to Heavenly Mandate Academy,” a voice from below said. It came from a cultivator of the Solar Divine Palace. But Ye Futian did nothing except glance indifferently toward the sky below, thinking, Now they are willing to submit?

He had given them a chance before, but the Solar Divine Palace did not take it. Only when they were in dire strait, as they were now, did they think of surrendering. But, unfortunately, they had overestimated his generosity.

“The Heavenly Mandate Academy is not recruiting right now,” Ye Futian replied indifferently, and the cultivator in the sky below paled instantly as a feeling of desperation crept up on him.

Boom… Next to Ye Futian, many top figures started to move downward as a collective horrific aura burst out from them, suppressing the cultivators from the Solar Divine Palace. There was extremely tyrannical murderous intent upon all of them.

At this moment, the Solar Divine Palace understood that the end was upon them—they were finished.

The battle afterward was one-sided. Without any doubts, every cultivator from Solar Divine Palace was slaughtered, one after another. Under such absolute and domineering power, there was no way for them to fight back. Thus, on this day, this most powerful principality in the Solar Realm had been wiped out.

The truth was that the Solar Divine Palace had the same chance as the Shen Clan and the Golden Divine Nation to save themselves. At the very least, they wouldn’t have ended up like this, but they had been used and sacrificed by their own people.

On another battlefield, the stars that surrounded the man from Sun God Mountain suddenly shot out many rays of starry divine lights, and these divine lights now turned into Starry Divine Swords, crossing heavens and earth, trying to destroy this side of the space. It had shut off all the escape routes, leaving nowhere to go. Once anybody was hit by any one of these swords, there would be nothing left.

These attacks came in an instant, and when that cultivator from Sun God Mountain saw this, that godlike body started to burn. It was as if he was transformed into a blazing sun. Then, with his body as the center, a terrifying solar storm manifested to destroy everything.

The divine glory of the sun spilled out, and the space was burning. When those destructive Starry Divine Swords came in front of him, they entered into an absolutely powerful field. Those swords took on the color of fire and began to melt. By the time they got to him, they had already melted into nothingness.

An existence that had been through the divine tribulation of the Great Path was frightening enough, for it had already come infinitely closer to the origin of the Way. Nevertheless, it would not be so easy to kill him.

At this time, the large starry matrix that surrounded them gathered into one point, and that was where Renhuang Chen appeared. He extended the scepter in his hand, and a terrible rumbling sound was heard. Suddenly, starlight seemed to fall from somewhere outside the firmament. It was as if they were summoned here to bestow the divine glory.

At this moment, the endless and vast area of ​​the Solar Realm turned into a starry sky world. The light of hundreds of millions of stars gathered, all flowing in the direction of Renhuang Chen, and converged upon the scepter he held. They seemed to draw on the power of the nine heavens, summoning the power of the starry Great Path from somewhere outside the firmament.

Even as mighty as the man who came from Sun God Mountain was, he, too, felt a strong sense of threat at this time. His eyes, burning with the Divine Fire of the Sun, stared at the figure in the void; they held a sense of great apprehension.

He wanted to get away from here.

Boom! Light of the divine fire rushed straight into the sky, wanting to pierce the starry sky world and leave this area. Suddenly, the starry sky above the firmament seemed to be set ablaze, bathing in the divine fire. However, Renhuang Chen stood high above the sky. He didn’t seem to be aware of it, but he continued summoning that force. If he wanted to finish off his opponent here, he must mobilize extraordinary power to unleash the fatal attack.

The Millet Emperor had wanted to make a move but was shocked by the power summoned by Renhuang Chen at this time. This power was nothing close to anything he could have produced, not even with the help of Wangshen Watchtower.

After all, Renhuang Chen himself, with his scepter in hand, was already an existence who had experienced the divine tribulations. The scepter was a divine item passed down by the Great Emperor once upon a time, and only the Palace Lord of Ziwei Imperial Palace may possess and control it. However, Ye Futian didn’t claim it for himself but handed it over to Renhuang Chen instead. Therefore, Renhuang Chen was quite partial to Ye Futian since their trust seemed to be mutual.

Outside the firmament, brilliant starlight descended and gathered on the scepter. As Renhuang Chen stretched out his hand, the scepter suddenly flew out of his hand and began to float in the air. The shape of the scepter seemed to change as if it was transformed by all the stars in the sky until, finally, a sword emerged.

In the vast starry sky world, boundless starlight converged on the sword and transformed it into a heavenly divine sword. As it was transformed by stars in the heavens, it was crushing this corner of the sky.

Sword intent flowed down one by one, and everything was suppressed in the world below. Finally, the cultivator from Sun God Mountain fixed his attention on the sword and felt the threat of death approaching. He looked at Renhuang Chen and said, “If I perish here today, all the cultivators from Sun God Mountain will come to the Lower Worlds to seek justice. Is this something the Heavenly Mandate Academy wants?”

“It seems that you had forgotten the last battle quickly.” Renhuang Chen glanced at the man indifferently and continued, “Since it was you who started this war, it’s only fitting that you die here, as you have proven you are not up to the task. So let’s end it now.”

When his voice fell, Renhuang Chen pointed his finger down, and the Starry Divine Sword penetrated heaven and earth as a loud rumbling sound was heard. The world was pierced through by the Star Divine Sword as it came down from the firmament.

Boom… That supreme existence from Sun God Mountain fought hard to resist, unleashing the Sun God Sword to smash and shatter everything without discrimination. The Divine Sun Furnace attempted to melt the sword, but it was useless. This Heavenly Star Divine Sword slammed down, led by the power of the heavens and the stars, summoning powers outside of this world to gather upon this one sword.

The sword struck, and the body of that cultivator from Sun God Mountain was penetrated. But then, his body disintegrated little by little until it turned into an illusion. Finally, a face was revealed in that soon-to-disappeared illusion, and it was full of reluctance and disbelief.

How could he meet his end on a battlefield in the Lower Worlds?

Bits of the flaming divine light dissipated, and a cultivator of supreme existence—someone who had survived the first divine tribulation of the Great Path—had been killed on this spot. The starry sky world disappeared as well, with many observing the battlefield from different locations in the distance. The witnesses trembled in their hearts and were shocked beyond belief. They did not expect Renhuang Chen from the Ziwei Segmentum would possess such terrifying strength. The scepter in his hand had killed an existence of the same level from Sun God Mountain, and he didn’t even allow the man a chance to escape.

In this battle, the entire Solar Divine Palace was wiped out, and everyone from there was slaughtered. From this moment forward, the Solar Realm would be controlled in the hands of the Heavenly Mandate Academy.

The Heavenly Mandate Academy was systematically gaining control over all of the Original Realm.

Ye Futian witnessed everything that occurred. He walked up and said to Renhuang Chen, “Thank you, Elder.”

“It was what I’m supposed to do. If it weren’t for the Millet Emperor, who had suppressed the underground power, I probably wouldn’t have been able to kill him. Most likely, I would have even been at a disadvantage. I still don’t know what is underneath this ground.” Renhuang Chen looked below as the Millet Emperor extended his palm toward the sky blow. Instantly, rumbling sounds were heard, and the power that suppressed the underground disappeared.

Suddenly, everyone perceived a majestic force surging out from the ground underneath. Hot airflow diffused towards the ground above. Very quickly, the temperature of the air became scorching hot, and even the ground appeared red-hot. It was as if it had been branded by a hot iron.

It has been many years since Solar Divine Palace has started the process, and then there was that cultivator from Sun God Mountain who came here from the Lower Worlds. All this meant that they probably have already started channeling the power from the earth’s center, just short of finding a method to completely control or take it away. So this explains why that cultivator from Sun God Mountain was so reluctant to leave—he still wanted to use it to fight, Ye Futian reasoned in his heart.

Especially when he felt that hot air current, he sensed that the man had already achieved some kind of communication with the power in the heart of the earth. Otherwise, there was no way he could have used it to fight.

Everyone around him nodded in agreement. If the cultivator from Sun God Mountain could use the power of the earth’s center to fight before, it stood to reason that a channel already existed, just that there was no way to master it completely!
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    《The Legend of Futian》