The Legend of Futian
2278 Cruel
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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2278 Cruel

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Ye Futian and the others arrived in the palace of the Crimson Dragon Realm. The Crimson Dragon Emperor personally came to welcome them.

When he saw the current Ye Futian, the Crimson Dragon Emperor was overwhelmed. Although they had not had many interactions, he knew everything that had happened to Ye Futian. Back in the day, Ye Futian and his brother Yu Sheng had previously cultivated in the Crimson Dragon Realm for a period of time. They had even stirred up quite a storm when they entered the palace.

Later on, Ye Futian followed the juniors of Crimson Dragon Emperor and ventured to the Heavenly Mandate Realm to cultivate. After several decades, when Ye Futian once again returned to the Crimson Dragon Realm, he returned as the College Chief of the Heavenly Mandate Academy, the ruler of the Nine Realms, and the person who controlled the Original Realm.

This made him seem like some surreal figure.

“Crimson Dragon Emperor,” greeted Ye Futian as he walked forwards. The Crimson Dragon Emperor bowed and said, “Greetings, Renhuang Ye.”

“No need for formalities,” said Ye Futian. “Crimson Dragon Emperor, do you know where the force of the Dark World is now?”

“Hmm,” responded Crimson Dragon Emperor as he nodded his head. “We have been keeping tabs on their movements. If Renhuang Ye wishes to head over there, I will lead the way.”

“Alright. Let’s head over immediately,” said Ye Futian.

As he said this, their group immediately departed. Their speed was breakneck.

Along the way, Ye Futian asked Crimson Dragon Emperor, “What has this force done?”

Crimson Dragon Emperor explained, “They used people to refine life force for their own cultivation. It is an extremely evil dark art. Currently, several realms face the danger of being eliminated. Before this, the Heavenly Mandate Academy also sent people down here, but even they have not made it back alive. The other party might be an extremely powerful force in the Dark World. Otherwise, they would not dare to act without restraint.” This caused Ye Futian’s gaze to narrow. A cold, murderous look flashed past in his eyes.

They actually went to such lengths.

This force had openly massacred people in the Original Realm and used them to refine the life force of their own cultivation.

The group traversed the sky at a rapid pace. After some time, they arrived at a realm. The realm was filled with the aura of death. The entire space was dark, and there were no signs of life. The ground was littered with corpses. The scene could only be described as tragic.

The scene of corpses littered across the ground shocked Ye Futian and the others greatly. Yet alone Ye Futian, even the cultivators from the Lower Worlds of the Heavenly Mandate Realm were livid. Their gazes were filled with murderous looks.

The Divine Light of Space flashed, and in an instant, Ye Futian appeared on the ground. A woman carrying a little girl was sitting on the ground. She stared blankly at her surroundings. The eyes of the little girl were filled with terror. A few dead bodies were lying in front of them.

“Bring them to the Crimson Dragon Realm,” instructed Ye Futian. “Crimson Dragon Emperor, make arrangements for all the survivors in this realm to be relocated to the Crimson Dragon Realm.”

“Understood, Renhuang Ye.” Crimson Dragon Emperor nodded. He was similarly filled to the brim with anger. Murderous intent rampaged in his mind.

It was too cruel.

This was a living hell.

Countless lives in the Original Realm were used by the force of the Dark World for their cultivation. Almost all the cultivators in this realm had been eradicated. The situation was too tragic.

Buzz. Renhuang Chen unleashed a frightening will, and it expanded outwards into the distance. He said, “Let’s locate the force of the Dark World first. Otherwise, more lives will be sacrificed.”

Ye Futian stood up, and with a flash, he appeared beside Renhuang Chen. Starlight twinkled around Renhuang Chen, and it enveloped the group within it. The next moment, starlight shone, and they disappeared.

Not long after, they arrived at another realm. The aura of death also pervaded this realm. A terrifying will of death seemed to envelop the heavens and earth. The clouds of death loomed over the entire sky, covering the sun.

“Found them,” said Renhuang Chen.

He took a step forward, and the group once again shifted to another place. When they appeared again, they were in mid-air, looking down at the ground below. There was a huge altar set up. Towering black stone pillars surrounded the altar. On the altar sat an exotic black-robed youth.

Many cultivators gathered around the altar. They seemed to be protecting the black-robed youth.

From within this altar, countless shadows seemed to rush out, screaming into the distance endlessly. In the divine consciousness of Renhuang Chen and the others, they saw countless cultivators shrouded and bound by these shadows. The cultivators were swept up into the air, and then their life force was stripped and extracted from them. Their life force was channeled into the center of the altar and consumed by this youth.

Bang. A frightening aura burst forth from Renhuang Chen’s figure. It severed the connection between the altar and the vast world. The cultivators of this realm were immediately released. The people who were bound freed themselves. They revealed shocked looks.

Down below, a few figures appeared on the stone pillars of the altar. All of them had extremely powerful cultivation. Among them, a black-robed elder had an aura so terrifying that even Renhuang Chen felt threatened.

As expected, it was as Lord Taixuan; the others had surmised this. There was an existence who had survived a divine tribulation of the Great Path among the force from the Dark World. This force was most likely a superpower from the Dark World that had descended upon the Original Realm. They were using the lives of the members of the Original Realm to refine the life force for cultivation.

The youth at the center of the altar raised his head. Menacing light of death flashed in his pupils as he stared at Ye Futian and his group. The youth’s level of cultivation was very powerful. He was an eighth-tier Renhuang. His aura was unfathomable. Moreover, he was protected by the Tribulation level mighty existence. One could imagine the status of the youth.

This youth was most likely a direct descendant of the leader of a giant-level force in the Dark World. Its status was akin to that of the Holy Land of Taichu.

“You’ve disturbed my cultivation,” said the youth. His tone was sinister. He had only recently arrived at the Original Realm. It was because there were 3,000 Realms of the Great Path here, so there were plenty of living beings for him to use for cultivation. There were restrictions in the Dark World, so he couldn’t do as he pleased. However, he could do whatever he wanted here.

Rumble. Terrifying might of the Great Path descended and pressed down from the heavens. Murderous intent flared up in Renhuang Chen’s eyes as he stared at the black-robed youth. He had cultivated in the Ziwei Segmentum for many years. Yet, he had never seen such a bloodthirsty cultivator like this youth. The value of human lives was insignificant in the youth’s eyes. He actually used people to refine his life force for his own cultivation.

The moment Renhuang Chen unleashed his might, the sky seemed to crumble. Rumbling sounds kept thundering. The stone pillars collapsed, and the altar was destroyed. The vast space became the domain of Renhuang Chen.

However, at the same time, the Tribulation level elder from the Dark World force stepped forward, and a storm that struck fear in the hearts of the people around swept out. A dark aura churned in the sky. Death loomed over the vast space. Everyone was trapped in this domain of death. It was as though all the cultivators here would be slaughtered.

Both of them were figures of the same level. Neither of them wanted to act recklessly!
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    《The Legend of Futian》