The Legend of Futian
2294 Awakened Corpse
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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2294 Awakened Corpse

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Terrifying storms continued to blow past the cultivators. When the black turtle tore apart space, fissures formed, and destructive storms continually surged out from them. The howling storms affected the cultivators. This was the reason why they attempted to stop the Dragon Turtle from moving just now.

Unfortunately, up until now, no one was successful in making it stop. It was as though it had been moving in the vast void space since time immemorial.

All the cultivators were shrouded with the divine light of the Great Path. Their gazes were fixed on the corpses in front of them. Many of the dead bodies were deformed; some only had tiny sections left. One could imagine the intensity of the battle they were involved in before they perished here.

Even on this day, countless years after the battle, the dead black turtle was still wandering in space aimlessly with these dead bodies on its back. Nobody knew where this black turtle was heading.

Everyone felt uncomfortable, as they were exposed to the destructive storms. Despite that, they still launched attack after attack at the tower-shaped grave. They were interested in opening up the grave and exploring the secrets hidden within. The powerful might, which instilled fear in everyone, emanated from within it. There might be an Emperor-level corpse hidden within the pile.

Perhaps, the corpse was similar to the body of Shenjia the Great.

The black turtle continued to let out sorrowful wails, affecting the cultivators. Right at this moment, a faint aura could be sensed from the tower-shaped grave. The faint light brightened slightly. Then, under the shocking gazes of all the cultivators, the rest of the corpses glowed and started moving.

Some of the corpses floated in midair. At this moment, the cultivators who stood on the black turtle felt that they were being watched. It was a peculiar sensation. Before their eyes were indeed lifeless corpses; however, the corpses now gave off a vibe as though they were alive. The situation of the corpses was similar to that of the black turtle. It was undoubtedly dead, but it could continue moving while carrying this ruin on its back.

Buzz! The corpses suddenly charged towards the cultivators. All the corpses seemed to have come alive. The eyes of some corpses, which had been closed for a long time, suddenly opened and emitted creepy light.

“Be careful,” Renhuang Chen warned the surrounding cultivators. The gazes of the cultivators from various forces turned serious. These corpses actually moved and pounced on them. Who was controlling them?

Accompanying the sorrowful wail of the Dragon Turtle, the corpses lunged at the cultivators. More than ten corpses pounced in the direction where Ye Futian and his group were. The speed of the corpses was astonishing. They were practically crashing towards them.

A cultivator from Ziwei Imperial Palace, who stood in front, punched the space in front of him. Instantly, starlight circulated and shot outwards. The corpses crashed head-on into the starlight. Loud rumbles thundered. A few corpses were shattered into pieces, but some corpses managed to force their way past the gigantic stars. The collision between the corpses and the stars caused the stars to crumble continuously.

The corpses were so powerful!

The giant-level figure was shocked. The corpses actually broke through his attack. If they were so powerful even as corpses, what level were these people at when they were still alive?

Most likely, all the cultivators buried in this tower-shaped grave had not been simple beings.

Old Ma and the rest also unleashed their divine light of the Great Path to withstand the incoming corpses. However, the corpses ignored all resistance and continued to press forward. They were lifeless and were not afraid of death, so they kept pushing forward.

Many countermeasures set up by the cultivators were destroyed by the terrifying push from the corpses. Ye Futian and his group were not the only ones being attacked. More and more corpses buried in the tower-shaped grave surged out and rushed towards different directions. The number of the attacking corpses was increasing. They were like an army of reapers. It was a frightening scene to behold.

Buzz. Star Light Screens appeared all around, with Ye Futian and his group as the center. Renhuang Chen raised his scepter. The surrounding space became his absolute domain. More and more cracks appeared on the tower-shaped grave, and more and more corpses joined in the attack against the cultivators. However, all of them were blocked outside the screens. None of them could break through Renhuang Chen’s defense.

Even so, the corpses still slammed themselves relentlessly on the screens, causing the screens to vibrate.

At this moment, the sorrowful wail of the black turtle intensified. Ye Futian looked ahead and saw that, from within the grave, beams of divine halo shone. The halos transformed into a unique rhythm. The rhythm was permeated with immense sadness.

Boom! A loud thud sounded, and another corpse appeared. This corpse was not deformed. He was garbed in blue robes. His hair was actually still jet-black in color, untainted by the passing of time.

The rhythm surged out from the grave and permeated into the blue-robed corpse. Immediately, the corpse opened its eyes as though it had been awakened.

His jet-black hair danced violently in the air. In different directions, a few other corpses that were at the same level as the blue-robed corpse appeared. The pressure emanated by these corpses was enough to make the giant-level figures from various forces feel threatened.

“Be careful. These corpses were existences that had survived divine tribulations of the Great Path when they were alive,” a solemn voice rang, warning all the cultivators to beware of these newly awakened corpses. The capabilities of these corpses were unfathomable.

A beam of blue light flashed, and the blue-robed corpse sprang in the direction where Ye Futian and his group were. His speed was shocking.

He extended his arms and sent out a palm strike against the Star Light Screens that materialized from Renhuang Chen’s power of the Great Path. The Starlight Screens shook fiercely upon the impact. Then, cracks appeared on the screens.

The facial expressions of Renhuang Chen and the rest changed. These corpses were insanely powerful.

Since the city on the black turtle’s back was in a dilapidated state, the black turtle had most likely wandered around in the void space for a very long time. However, after so many years, not only were the corpses still in good condition, even the clothes that they were wearing also did not decay.

Now, the corpses moved as though they had been resuscitated. The situation was too bizarre.

Rumble. More and more cracks formed on the screens. Renhuang Chen raised his scepter and pointed it forward. With a loud bang, the Starlight Screens shattered into pieces. The screens were replaced with a gigantic starry divine sword, which charged straight towards the blue-robed corpse.

The blue-robed corpse showed no intention of dodging the sword. He actually used his bare hand to grab the sword. The momentum of the divine sword caused the corpse to be pushed backward. However, at the same time, the divine sword was also disintegrating bit by bit.

Ye Futian stood motionlessly at his spot. He was carefully listening.

There was a rhythm playing.

He heard a rhythmic sound coming out from the grave, affecting the corpses. It seemed like the corpses were awakened and gained their fighting spirit from the rhythm.

Ye Futian listened to the rhythm attentively. It was a vehemently sorrowful rhythm. The wail of the Dragon Turtle echoed the rhythm. As Ye Futian listened, an intense grief welled up inside of him as well; it was as though he had no control over his feelings.

Who is playing this rhythm? Ye Futian wondered as he stared at the grave ahead. What exactly was hidden inside the grave?

“I need to make a trip. Uncle Ma, please keep me company,” Ye Futian said out loud all of a sudden. Old Ma looked at him and nodded. A dazzling light shone on Ye Futian. Then, he actually entered into a dark fissure formed from the space tearing. Old Ma followed closely behind him.

Ye Futian wanted to make a trip to the Divine Prefecture. He wanted to return to the village and bring the body of Shenjia the Great to this ruin.
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    《The Legend of Futian》