The Legend of Futian
2317 Secret of the Devil World
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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2317 Secret of the Devil World

The outcome of their battle was decided.

Down below, the cultivators of the Devil World were quite restless when they saw this scene before them. Xiao Mu had actually been defeated.

Even the sixth slash of the Nine Slashes of the Heavenly Demon still could not take down Ye Futian. It had been blocked. After the power that Ye Futian inherited from Shenjia the Great Emperor and Great Emperor Ziwei burst forth, even the eighth-tier Xiao Mu could not touch him at all.

After this slash, Xiao Mu was already worn out. Unleashing the sixth slash of the Nine Slashes of the Heavenly Demon had already drained all his strength. He had reached his peak condition right before that moment. However, after the slash, he had now slumped into a phase of weakness. Moreover, his demonic blade was shattered by Ye Futian.

Yet, Ye Futian was not affected much. Right now, he was still in peak condition. His entire body was shining brightly. Brilliant divine halos radiated from his body. It was unparalleled. It looked as though he could unleash his previous attack once more at any moment. Hence, both of them knew the outcome of this battle. There was no need to continue fighting. Xiao Mu admitted his defeat.

This young ruler of the Heavenly Mandate Realm was actually this strong.

The various cultivators of the Heavenly Mandate Academy secretly heaved sighs of relief. They were also moved. Ye Futian had surpassed the boundary of Planes and defeated Xiao Mu, a direct disciple of the Devil Emperor. It would be hard to find someone on the same Plane as Ye Futian who could contend with him in various worlds. Even if there were such figures, there would not be many of them. They would truly be rare specimens and would be monstrous figures who stood at the pinnacle of their worlds.

They were looking forward to Ye Futian’s growth even more. When he reached the peak of the Renhuang Plane and experienced a divine tribulation of the Great Path, how glorious would that day be?

The ruler of the Original Realm would truly be able to shock the cultivators of various worlds. No one would dare trespass in the Original Realm. Ye Futian would become the absolute leader of the Original Realm.

In a tavern in the distance, Mei Ting raised a cup of wine and drank from it. Before the battle began, even he did not know who would emerge as the victor. He was also very interested in this battle. Now that it had ended, he seemed to have a better understanding of Ye Futian’s combat ability. After all, for Mei Ting, Xiao Mu was a good opponent for Ye Futian and could check on Ye Futian’s ability.

Did that person train Ye Futian to this level?

It should have been impossible. That person did not have the time to do so. From what Mei Ting learned from Yu Sheng and the abilities that Ye Futian displayed, their abilities were not related to that person at all. Even for Yu Sheng, that person had merely passed on a set of demonic arts for Yu Sheng to train himself.

So, Ye Futian’s achievements were all related to the fateful encounters that he had. Aside from being lucky and having many opportunities for him to have come so far in his cultivation, it also meant that he was extraordinary, to begin with. He was very talented. His real identity was even more intriguing now.

“Let’s go,” commanded Xiao Mu. Then, he flew up to the sky and left the Heavenly Mandate Academy. He was a little weak. Moreover, it was meaningless for him to hang around any longer now that he had lost.

The top cultivators from the Devil World took a good look at Ye Futian. Then, one by one, they flew up to the sky. Traversing the clouds, they left the place along with Xiao Mu. Soon, the group disappeared of those on the ground. Only a tint of demonic aura was left lingering in the sky.

The cultivators in the Heavenly Mandate Academy collectively heaved a sigh of relief after the demonic cultivators left. The latter emanated an imposing pressure on the rest of them. Even Renhuang Chen had his guard up the whole time while the demonic cultivators were around. If the group from the Devil World initiated an attack against them, it would put them in great danger. No one dared to act recklessly. After all, the incomers were cultivators from the Devil Imperial Palace.

Fortunately, the source of the pressure had disappeared now. The demonic cultivators leaving meant that the crisis was over.

Ye Futian looked in the direction where the demonic cultivators had disappeared to. He appeared calm and showed no sign of joy upon winning a battle. During the battle, he also sensed the immense pressure imposed by the direct disciple of the Devil Emperor. It was Ye Futian’s first time encountering an opponent who could clash head-on with him just with his flesh. Furthermore, the Nine Slashes of the Heavenly Demon posed a threat to him. What would happen to him if one of the direct disciples of the Devil Emperor mastered the seventh, or even the eighth, slash?

How could Ye Futian possibly defend himself against such a figure?

How about the Devil Emperor himself? What kind of person was he?

“Renhuang Ye is indeed an unparalleled figure. Even an eighth-tier direct disciple of the Devil Emperor has lost to you,” a cultivator from the Song Imperial City said to Ye Futian. The cultivator was very impressed by him. The wish of the cultivator to become acquainted with Ye Futian grew even stronger now. This battle had once again verified Ye Futian’s talent. He was a bona fide exceptional figure able to defeat a direct disciple of the Devil Emperor. Most likely, very few people in the Divine Prefecture were comparable to Ye Futian now.

“I got lucky. If he mastered the seventh slash, I would most likely not have been able to withstand his attack.” Ye Futian spoke humbly. “Does Senior know anything about the Devil Emperor? What kind of person is he?”

“The current Devil Emperor is a living legend in the Devil World. He became famous even before Donghuang the Great did. Before Donghuang the Great unified the Divine Prefecture, the Devil Emperor had already ended the era of various demons fighting over the Devil World. He unified the entire Devil World. People claimed that no one, past or future, could compare to him. Not only would he inherit the glory of the Devil Emperors of the ancient era, he even wanted to bring it to new heights.”

“Bring it to new heights?” asked Ye Futian as his heart trembled.

“Hmm,” said the cultivator from the Song Imperial City as he nodded his head. “I heard that he previously tried to do so.”

Ye Futian’s heart was racing. After unifying the Devil World, the Devil Emperor wanted to bring it to new heights. Ye Futian naturally understood what that meant. The Devil Emperor had wanted to conquer other worlds and claim them all for his own.

He had even attempted to do so before.

What had happened back then?

“Did the Devil Emperor have incredible figures beside him who were very close to him?” asked Ye Futian.

The cultivator from the Song Imperial City had a pensive look. He softly said, “I have heard of a secret, though I do not know whether or not it is true. This matter seems to be unknown to many. Even among the top forces, it is but a rumor that goes around. It is impossible to verify its legitimacy.”

“What secret?” asked Ye Futian.

The cultivator from the Song Imperial City continued, “There were previously two prominent figures in the Devil World. It was not just the Devil Emperor alone. He had a brother. However, later on, this brother of his would disappear without a trace. Rumors claimed that he had betrayed the Devil Emperor. Others claimed that he had died at the hands of the Devil Emperor. There could only be one ruler of the Devil World.” This caused Ye Futian’s heart to beat even faster.

He could faintly sense that he was approaching the truth soon.

It was just that even the top figures of the Song Imperial City knew very little about it. They had only rumors to go by, and they could not even verify the legitimacy of the information.

The brother of the Devil Emperor?

Then, what was Yu Sheng’s status?

If what the other party claimed was true, then the brother of the Devil Emperor clearly had not died and had always been by Yu Sheng’s side. He became a lonely, frail old man. No one knew his status and who he was.

However, why would such a terrifying figure claim to be a slave?

Ye Futian could not wrap his head around this. What was the story behind all this? This information itself might be incorrect, and that person was not the brother of the Devil Emperor!
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    《The Legend of Futian》