The Legend of Futian
2325 Entering the Lost Clan
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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2325 Entering the Lost Clan

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Ye Futian waited quietly in the tavern. Everyone seemed calm enough. They, too, were probably just waiting.

While they were chatting, the entire tavern suddenly quieted down. Ye Futian and the others were alarmed when they saw the majority of the cultivators in the tavern get up from their seats. This collective action surprised Ye Futian and the others more than just a little.

He didn’t expect so many of the cultivators in the tavern were loyal to the Lost Clan.

Outside the tavern, there was a group of people walking in this direction. Suddenly, all those who stood up greeted the cultivators who were coming this way. Their respect was clearly coming from their hearts, not simply a matter of formality. This sight was actually quite touching for those who witnessed it.

This group of men came in front of Ye Futian and the others. When Ye Futian looked up at them, he already knew these were the cultivators from the Lost Clan. He knew it when they came; he just didn’t know why they came to him.

In his assessment of these cultivators from the Lost Clan, he could see all of them were powerful in their cultivation with high realms. They weren’t clad in lavish clothes but were dressed rather plainly. Some of them even had tattered clothing simply draped on their shoulders, revealing bronze-toned skin underneath.

Even in such unremarkable attire, nothing could conceal their extraordinary temperament. Just standing there, they felt quite solid, like towering mountains. There was not a strong sense of authority, but everyone could detect a strong sense of will and belief; it was a unique temperament from within. Ye Futian had known enough powerful cultivators to know that not many people were like this.

But all the cultivators in front of him were like this.

Aside from that, they exuded a great feeling of power just by standing there. They were like some indestructible existence.

“We are cultivators from the Lost Clan, here to welcome Emperor Ye and cultivators from Heavenly Mandate Academy, Ziwei Segmentum, as well as Four Corner Village.” The person leading the group greeted Ye Futian and the others. His hands were clasped together, somewhat resembling Buddhist etiquette, but it was a little different. However, his sincerity was obviously from the heart, as he treated the whole affair with great importance.

What piqued Ye Futian’s interest was that these people had actually discovered their identities, knew where they were from, and who they were.

It seemed that after the Shenyi Continent appeared in the Original Realm, not only did the cultivators of the Original Realm come to explore it, but the cultivators from the Lost Clan had also gone to the Original Realm to explore on their own, hence, their knowledge of them.

Faced with such courtesy from the other party, Ye Futian got up and returned their gesture, “Elder is overly polite. If our abrupt visit has disturbed the Lost Clan, we ask for your forgiveness.”

“No disturbance to speak of. We have been floating in the void world for many years and have never seen anyone from the outside. Now that there are visitors from everywhere, please know that the Lost Clan is not inhospitable. The Lost Clan is more than happy to make friends with Emperor Ye and all of you. That’s why we came here to invite Emperor Ye to be our guest so that you may get to know a bit more about us,” the man continued. He caught Ye Futian and the others by surprise.

The Lost Clan had invited him to be their guest.

Weren’t they worried about letting wolves into the chicken coops, so to speak?

Anyone could tell that the cultivators from the Original Realm and the other major worlds had unfriendly intentions, and each came with their own designs in mind.

Ye Futian looked at the man and asked, “Did the elder mean to invite us to the Lost Clan for a visit?”

“Yes, exactly. But because we don’t know you, we want to first invite Emperor Ye to visit the Lost Clan so that you may get to know us.” The voice of the other man was calm and full of energy. Many cultivators around him looked at Ye Futian. Now that the Lost Clan had invited many people, would Ye Futian agree to go?

However, the cultivators from the Heavenly Mandate Academy frowned and were a little unsure. They had already known that the Lost Clan was a highly unusual clan whose strength may be great beyond their imagination. Perhaps even the Heavenly Mandate Academy itself might not be enough to contend with them, let alone Ye Futian on his own.

Once Ye Futian entered the Lost Clan, he would be under the control of the other party. If the Lost Clan had some malevolent intent, he would end up in a very undesirable situation.

“You don’t know much about us, and we don’t know much about the Lost Clan either. It may not be suitable for him to travel by himself.” Fang Gai stepped forward. Ye Futian’s safety was of great importance to them; this was their number one concern.

“In that case, we don’t have to invite only Emperor Ye. Even if every one of you joins him in the Lost Clan, it’s all the same to us,” the man bowed slightly and replied. His mannerism was still courteous, but there was an immensely strong confidence in his tone. What he didn’t say with his words was that if the Lost Clan had any bad intentions toward them, the outcome would be the same no matter how many of them attended, so there was no need to invite just Ye Futian.

The cultivators of the Heavenly Mandate Academy looked at them in silence, but Ye Futian smiled and said, “I believe in you, elder, and I am willing to go with you for a visit.”

He had been curious about the Lost Clan before. Now that the Lost Clan had taken the initiative to invite him, he was willing to go along and take a look.

“Thank you, Emperor Ye, for your understanding.” The cultivator from the Lost Clan continued, “In that case, Emperor Ye, please come with me.”

“Elder, please lead the way,” Ye Futian replied. Immediately the cultivator from the Lost Clan led the way in front, while Ye Futian followed behind, and cultivators from Heavenly Mandate Academy walked out of the tavern to see them off. As they spread their divine consciousness far and wide, they discovered that other cultivators, who had also been invited, were heading in the direction of the Lost Clan.

It seemed that they had not invited just the Heavenly Mandate Academy, but other principalities had been invited as well. No wonder they invited just one person; if they had invited everyone, they might encounter some issues.

After a few moments, Ye Futian and the others came to the outskirt of the Lost Clan, and Ye Futian discovered that cultivators were coming from different directions. These people had spread their divine consciousness far and wide and discovered each other’s existence.

“Emperor Ye, please enter,” the man continued as Ye Futian stepped into the Lost Clan. Seeing that other principalities were also invited, Ye Futian understood that the Lost Clan couldn’t possibly mean them any harm. Otherwise, they would offend everyone at once, and no matter how powerful the Lost Clan was, they could not possibly endure collective hostilities from every principality.

So, what was their intention?

Inside, the Lost Clan was massive, with a sense of great solemnity. The buildings within its bounds were simple and scattered, but they felt weighty, just like the cultivators from the Lost Clan. Several cultivators began coming out of a simple room, looking at Ye Futian and other cultivators from different principalities. Suddenly, Ye Futian felt a heavy pressure. This pressure was not intended for him but was a signature specific to the cultivators of the Lost Clan. It was a substantial presence that made others feel its heft!
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    《The Legend of Futian》