The Legend of Futian
2343 Crisis for the Lost Clan
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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2343 Crisis for the Lost Clan

The Lost Clan was ready to move immediately. They had clearly taken their own lives out of the equation.

The shadows of the ancient gods shrouded the boundless space, and many ancient deities resonated with one another and united into one entity, blocking out all the lights from the sky. This vast space was now transformed into a realm belonging to those ancient gods. Those ancient gods seemed to come into being through these cultivators from the Lost Clan. Suddenly, their eyes opened, emitting shocking divine light. They looked at those cultivators who moved against them.

“If you still wanted to force your way into the secret zone paradise of the Lost Clan, you better get on with it.” A voice resounded through the space, and the heavens resonated with the call to battle immediately. A solemn voice was heard, and it seemed to be coming from a time long ago, veiled in an ancient and powerful aura.

The cultivators from all the top forces watched with serious expressions. Gone was the relaxed attitude they had before. All of them were from major worlds, some even from the world’s top forces, such as the Empty Mountain cultivators from the Empty Divine Realm, cultivators of the Dark Court from the Dark World, the Devil Imperial Palace of the Devil World; they were the kings of each of these worlds.

The Lost Clan was not inferior to any of them. They thought that perhaps the dark environment the Lost Clan was forced to contend with was a factor for their resilience. In addition, the ancestors of the Lost Clan must have also been some amazing characters. The Shenyi Continent itself was extraordinary on its own and was never meant to be some ordinary place, even since the beginning of times. But because they were abandoned by the gods, none of these cultivators on the continent were aware of their own ancestry or who they inherited it from. However, each generation of the Lost Clan was filled with genius talents, having allowed them to create a flourishing culture.

“Let’s get it on,” a voice commanded, with the determination of those cultivators. Since this was where they were at, a battle could not be avoided no matter what. With the determination of the Lost Clan, they, as the challengers, had to defeat them before they could enter the secret zone paradise and glimpse upon the secrets of the Lost Clan.

Rumble… A terrific sound came out, indicating that the cultivators from the Empty Divine Realm had mobilized. Mighty and gigantic heavenly deities emerged, standing between heaven and earth, surrounded by divine light. Their presence was completely overpowering. Each of those golden divine rays was full of terrifying auras of destruction. Ye Futian looked there and realized that he had seen this ability before. Most of the cultivators from Empty Mountain seemed to have cultivated in this aggressive method.

In other directions, the cultivators from the Devil World were also on the move. An overbearing demonic shadow appeared. It was as if the cultivators were summoning the demon gods. Their bodies of the Great Path became terrifying as those demonic bodies were surrounded by demonic glory. The cultivators from the Devil Imperial Palace, including direct disciples of the Devil Emperor. Some of the top figures were all qualified to comprehend the Super Demonic Form in cultivation, thus creating their own Demonic Form. The tyranny of each persons’ Demonic Form would be determined according to different degrees of their comprehension and cultivation ability.

But there was no one here who were not powerful existences themselves; none of them were simple.

The cultivators from Divine Prefecture and the Dark World were starting their offensive as they gathered an extraordinary amount of power now. For a moment, the coercion in this space was simply terrifying. Many of those second-tier cultivators from Divine Prefecture’s top principalities felt as if their hearts were palpitating. The coercion on this side of the world had grown so strong that it was almost unbearable; they did not doubt that they were not even qualified to participate in a battle on this scale. The strongest participants in the battle had all been those existences who had survived the Divine Tribulation of the Great Path, and quite a few of them had survived the second Divine Tribulation. Their strength was horrific beyond imagination.

Under this kind of authoritative pressure, even those giants who had cultivated to the peak of Renhuang could also feel suffocating oppression.

Seeing that the cultivators from all sides were ready to move, those from the Lost Clan did not hesitate any longer. Those ancient god-like figures released an incomparable aura. Like glaring deities, the golden divine brilliance from their eyes contained the might of total ruination. They turned into golden spatial lightning, blasting towards this corner of the sky.

Accompanied by the slaughtering of this golden divine light, the space cracked wide open and was torn apart by the force of the golden divine light. If such terrifying power were to land on bodies made of flesh and blood, it would probably squash anyone unfortunate enough to be in its path.

The cultivators of the Empty Divine Realm took the lead. Golden figures of heavenly deities moved in unison, directly blasting out billions of fists aurora, sheltering the sky and the sun. The blast radius covered the boundless space, and the entire world was within range of the attacks from the golden divine fists.

The golden divine fist was torn apart and pulverized into nothingness. The golden lightning that shot out contained exceptional power, which continued to slaughter its way forward. Like an apocalyptical divine light, everything was shattered in its wake.

But that fist aurora was infinite, one after the other, creating many destructive currents, enough to fill that vast space.

In the world of cultivation, the destructive power that could be erupted from a cultivator who had survived the Divine Tribulation of the Great Path was quite astonishing. It was impossible to imagine the force that unleashed when multiple cultivators of such caliber attacked at the same time.

Ye Futian and his people did not participate in the battle, nor did those tyrannical attacks move in their direction. This battlefield was actually very extensive, but even so, the entire vast space was within the rippling after-effects of the fight. No matter where they stood, there was simply no escape. Renhuang Chen walked to the very front to release the starry divine light, erecting a starry light screen around them. However, when those turbulent rogue waves of destruction impacted them, the starry light screen shaking wildly, cracks appearing upon it. Nonetheless, those cracks were quickly repaired as soon as they appeared.

But to continue like this, it wouldn’t last long before it shattered for good and this space would be torn to pieces.

“This space won’t be able to withstand this kind of attack; it will completely collapse and shatter,” Renhuang Chen observed.

In the void, those ancient gods exploded with another attack. The ancient gods raised their hands and slammed in the direction of this space. An incomparably somber intention of destruction descended, hovered in the sky above everyone. This attack had covered this corner of the sky, and no one was able to hide from it, as everything was fair game.

“Break him,” an indifferent voice came from the direction of the Empty Divine Realm. Suddenly, all the cultivators seemed to gather together as their Great Path resonated with one another, forming a supreme battle matrix. A boundless and massive deity appeared, raising his hand to blast out a punch. This punch pierced through heaven and earth, pulverizing the void as the divine light shielded the divine fist, making it invincible.

Boom! The gigantic palm prints were penetrated. At the same time, people of all the top forces in other directions were also taking shot in turns. In the direction of the Devil Realm, a shocking demonic blade slashed down and split the sky open. It smashed through the humongous palm prints that came down and continued moving forward with great momentum, slaughtering into the images of ancient gods that were being conjured up by their opponent.

The Lost Clan may be tyrannical, but in the end, it was just a single principality, and the enemies they faced were the ruling powers of all the worlds. Except for the absence of the imperial palace of Divine Prefecture, all other principalities had dispatched imperial-level representatives here. Under such conditions, it would be very difficult for the Lost Clan to overcome such an alliance of all the worlds.

Looking at this battlefield, Ye Futian was a little concerned for the Lost Clan. The Lost Clan could not afford to lose this battle. If they lost, it would be total destruction. They would fight to the death, but those cultivators from the other worlds would not spare any of them either!
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    《The Legend of Futian》