The Legend of Futian
2345 Sanctuary
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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2345 Sanctuary

“Break up the matrix,” said a voice from the crowd as cultivators from all major forces converged into one. The cultivators from Empty Mountain were in one camp, while cultivators from the Devil World were in another. With so many cultivators assembling their strengths at the same time, small battle matrixes began to form.

Cultivators from Empty Mountain took the initiative and attacked. Suddenly, countless fist auroras blasted toward the firmament.

The cultivators from the Devil World were even more terrifying; they had summoned infinite demonic blades into being. As the demonic will tossed and rumbled, demon gods appeared to unleash the demonic blades at the same time. Most horrific was that amongst them, an even greater demonic god was gathering these hundreds and thousands of demonic blades into one, smashing it across the void as if intending to split open this corner of the sky. The sight was too shocking to describe.

Among the cultivators of the Lost Clan who were in charge of the matrix, there were clearly a few frightening existences that had survived the second divine tribulation of the Great Path. Now, coupled with the strength of the matrix, they had erupted with an astonishing offensive prowess.

Every cultivator from the top forces in Divine Prefecture was looking for the weak points of this Sky-Sheltering Matrix. They attacked those weak points again and again. In a short few moments, many horrific attacks had already exploded on this battlefield.

Furthermore, cultivators from other major forces began to fall one after the other, greatly alarming those from other top forces. Although they had anticipated some danger ahead of the battle, they did not envision it would be this serious. Despite all the forces being combined, they were still caught off guard in such a short period of time.

However, these were, after all, forces of the top existence in the world. Even though the Lost Clan had leveraged the amazing strength of this super matrix, they were still affected by the simultaneous attacks of these powerful cultivators. The ancient gods shook as they were perched above the firmament, and the light screen started to crack. The combined attacks from these cultivators were so terrifying, especially the demonic blades of the cultivators from the Devil World, which contained shocking power that was enough to cleave open the heavens.

Ye Futian and the others did not participate in the battle, but they were also in this space since the battlefield had covered just about all the surrounding areas. They had no way to hide under the matrix, so they were affected to a certain extent. However, the cultivators from the Lost Clan were attacking with restraint and did not send any heavy blows in their direction. Therefore, they were still able to hold up their defenses, even though they had to contend with the threat of the aftershocks.

But this battlefield was getting a bit too frightening now. Ye Futian thought that it was a waste for those top figures to be slain like this. If they hadn’t so greedily grabbed for the secret zone of the Lost Clan, they wouldn’t perish today.

Crack! A crisp sound was heard at the same time as some ancient gods were being shattered; they were breached in an extremely tyrannical attack. It was the cultivators from the Devil World who broke out of their passive stance first, breaking down an ancient god, which injured several cultivators from the Lost Clan. Suddenly, cultivators from other major positions also began their counterattacks.

“The Lost Clan took the initiative and attacked first. They leveraged the will of their ancestors to power up the matrix. But a sustained battle would probably still be highly risky to the Lost Clan and will put them at a disadvantage,” said Ye Futian. The cultivators next to him nodded slightly, echoing his sentiment.

After all, these people were powerful cultivators in their own rights. Each of them was a peak existence in their own world, in possession of terrifying means and methods. Once they started to unleash their strongest measures against the Lost Clan, defeat was just a matter of time.

In this battle, it was highly possible that both sides would suffer major losses, with the Lost Clan facing an even more bleak outcome.

However, judging from the resolve and determination of the Lost Clan, even if they were defeated, they would make these challengers pay dearly for their victory.

The battle continued. However, at this moment, an extremely overpowering aura suddenly spread from above the firmament. It was not on the battlefield but from outside the battlefield. After that, everyone saw the most radiant and glorious glow sprinkling down on this space, covering the entire Shenyi Continent.

“Huh?” Ye Futian and the others were caught by surprise as that infinite glow continued to sprinkle with incredible brilliance. At the same time, an amazing atmosphere permeated from it.

“Someone is coming,” Ye Futian said. Under that endless glow, a group of ethereal figures emerged. This group of cultivators was surrounded by extremely dazzling divine light. Their leader was a woman that resembled a goddess. She had an incomparable radiance, and her beauty was breathtaking. Her noble presence compelled everyone to lower their eyes.

Those cultivators who were in the midst of fighting also saw the group that had just descended upon them. Gradually, many people stopped fighting, especially those from Divine Prefecture who had been the first to disengage in battle. Quite a few of them put their hands together and saluted, saying, “Greetings to Your Royal Highness the Princess.”

It turned out that this group of newcomers were cultivators from Donghuang Imperial Palace in the Divine Prefecture. The stunning woman in the lead was Princess Donghuang, who had arrived in person.

This was the first time Ye Futian had seen her in 20-some years. This princess seemed to always make her appearance at the most critical moment.

He wondered what had brought Princess Donghuang here.

Although the cultivators of the Devil World and the Empty Divine Realm were not in the same camp as the Imperial Palace of Divine Prefecture, they had to pay their respects now that the ruler of the Divine Prefecture was here. After all, in principle, the Original Realm belonged to the Divine Prefecture, and where they stood now was under the jurisdiction of the Divine Prefecture.

As all the major cultivators stopped their offensives, the cultivators from the Lost Clan, likewise, retracted their aura and did not continue fighting. They seemed to know who had arrived. After they came to the Original Realm, they had made some inquiries about the Original Realm as well as the Divine Prefecture. It was obvious that they knew the master of Divine Prefecture had descended upon them.

The ruler of Divine Prefecture—Donghuang Imperial Palace—could very possibly be the one who determines the fate of the Lost Clan.

An elder from the Lost Clan bowing slightly and said, “The Lost Clan has been in exile since time immemorial. Now that we have come upon the land of the Original Realm under the rule of Divine Prefecture, we hope the Imperial Palace will forgive us for our intrusion.”

Princess Donghuang looked at the cultivators from the Lost Clan below and nodded slightly. Many were surprised when they beheld this sight. They could detect something from Princess Donghuang’s attitude towards the Lost Clan. If she wanted to protect the Lost Clan, things would become much thornier.

“Salutations to Princess Donghuang, from cultivators of the Human Realm.” The person heading the congregation of the Human Realm smiled as he greeted the Princess.

“All of you from the Human Realm, welcome,” Princess Donghuang responded. The cultivator from the Human Realm continued, “My master has never forgotten about Donghuang the Elder. Is everything well with the Great Emperor?”

“Thank you, Elder. My father has been cultivating diligently and has been thinking of you often, Elder.” The two chatted casually like good friends but were, in fact, not as familiar with each other as they appeared to be.

“If opportunity allows, we would like to go to the Imperial Palace to greet Donghuang the Great personally.”

“Very well.” Princess Donghuang nodded slightly, appearing quite at ease. She then surveyed the crowd and said, “This continent has traveled through the darkness until it came upon the land of the Original Realm. Since it is here now, it is considered part of the Original Realm. From now on, the Shenyi Continent will also be a member of the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path in the Original Realm. It will be managed under the jurisdiction of the Lost Clan as a part of the Original Realm, belonging to Divine Prefecture under the command of the Imperial Palace. Lost Clan, are you willing to accept these conditions?”
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    《The Legend of Futian》