The Legend of Futian
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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Ye Futian didn’t leave after trying to change the Battle Matrix of the Rocks. Instead, he stayed in the Lost Clan, trying to improve himself.

In his normal state, he could only urge the Battle Matrix of the Rocks at a level of Renhuang in the Eighth-Realm. To get to an even more powerful state so that he could lead the Battle Matrix of the Rocks in a higher realm, he would require some unique means.

Although he hoped that one day the cultivators of the Lost Clan could break away from the sound of guqin while still achieving full resonance, it would take time and practice, as well as absolute mutual trust between each other. All of which could not be done in just a day or two.

At the same time, Ye Futian asked some cultivators from the Heavenly Mandate Academy to cultivate in both the Battle Matrix of the Rocks and the Rock Battle Form to purify their spiritual will.

At this moment, in a cave inside the Lost Clan, the Great Path roared inside Ye Futian’s body. Infinite characters flew out from that divine body, creating an extremely radiant sight. As those characters surrounded him, the divine light of the Great Path merged as well, and Ye Futian’s body was suddenly expanding. At the same time, a phantom of the ancient god appeared behind him, like a Vajra battle form that contained powerful coercion. His entire body was filled with brilliant light as the divine light of the Great Path circulated above this battle form.

This was the Rock Battle Form. The ancestors of the Lost Clan combined the power of Gengjin and space to forge this powerful battle form, rendering it indestructible and invincible, which was also the foundation of the Battle Matrix of the Rocks. Although he attempted to use the sound of guqin to unify the Rock Battle Matrix, he himself was separated from it. He had considered that if there were to be battles in the future, he had to be within the matrix, so it became necessary for him to cultivate this battle form. By then, he could be a part of the battle matrix and work in sync with it during the fighting.

There were nine levels of the Rock Battle Form. The first three levels were easy enough to cultivate, and the middle three levels weren’t considered difficult either; it was no problem for people in their realm to cultivate them. The challenges were mostly on the last three levels, which required powerful spiritual will to create a perfect battle form. The will and the battle form must be perfect as one. At the top limit of the cultivation, one transformed into an ancient deity and became part of it.

Previously in the Battle Matrix of the Rocks, those cultivators who were urging the battle matrix had attempted to urge the strongest state of their own Battle Form. However, it was very dangerous for them because they had not yet reached that point in their cultivation.

There were many cave paradises in the secret zone of the Lost Clan, but Ye Futian did not have much interest in cultivating other methods inside those caves. He was an expert at many abilities, most of which were inherited from Great Emperors. Therefore, it was meaningless for him to cultivate other methods or abilities. What he wanted to achieve now was improving his overall strength.

For him, this meant that it could only be achieved by altering the Battle Matrix of the Rocks. The battle matrix formed by top Renhuang was far different in combat effectiveness than the one that came just individuals.

While he was cultivating, the other forces did not remain idle. How could the people from these top forces so easily let go of this continent that had descended? Ye Futian tried to avoid destroying the foundation of the continent, but these outsiders did not have those concerns; they simply didn’t care enough.

Myriad Realm and the Higher Heavens Realm had both experienced severe destructions. Cultivators from the Empty Divine Realm and the Devil World were currently plundering the secrets of these two realms. It was the Central Emperor Realm that had been very quiet.

Because the cultivators from Divine Prefecture were there, Princess Donghuang was there along with the great imperial army. None of the principalities from the Divine Prefecture dared to do anything foolish, and the cultivators from the Human Realm would not go about and cause damages at will.

Today, out of all the Nine Supreme Imperial Realms of the Original Realm, probably only the Central Emperor Realm, the Heavenly Mandate Realm, and the Mountain Realm were still intact. No cultivators dared to touch the Mountain Realm because the power of Buddhism was still something to be reckoned with in the Upper Worlds.

On this day, in the secret zone of the Lost Clan, Old Ma came looking for Ye Futian.

“Uncle Ma, did anything happened at the academy?” Ye Futian asked when he saw Old Ma coming over.

“Nothing much. But not long ago, some people came to the academy asking to see you,” Old Ma responded.

Ye Futian raised his eyebrow slightly. Someone wanted to see him?

For Old Ma to come and inform him personally, the person’s identity must not have been ordinary, or else Old Ma and the others would have refused this person outright instead of coming over to find him.

As if he had read Ye Futian’s mind, Old Ma said, “Lord Taixuan told them that you are cultivating in retreat and asked the visitor to come back in a few days. However, these people were extremely aggressive and had forced their way in. With supreme cultivators in tow, we couldn’t stop them. They went straight into the Cottage inside Heavenly Mandate Academy, saying that they will stay there until you get back.”

“But, they didn’t seem to be malicious. Although they forced their way in, they didn’t hurt anyone,” Old Ma continued.

Ye Futian nodded. Had the other party injured any of the cultivators inside the academy, Old Ma would not have such an easy-going attitude. Even so, for these people to force their way into the Heavenly Mandate Academy was still a little out of line and way too arrogant.

“Who were they?” Ye Futian asked. He was already walking outside as he spoke. Clearly, he understood that since Old Ma came here, it meant that they couldn’t handle the situation and that he needed to go back.

“The Ancient God Clan of Divine Prefecture, the overlord of the West Sea Domain, the West Imperial Palace,” Old Ma responded. “Previously, they had also participated in that battle with the Lost Clan.”

Ye Futian nodded, recalling some things about this principality. At that time, the person in charge of West Imperial Palace was a Renhuang of the Eighth-Realm, with overpowering strength. He was a man of few words and not fond of meaningless chit-chat. He wondered if it was him this time who led people to the Heavenly Mandate Academy.

But what business would West Imperial Palace have with him now?

It didn’t take long before Ye Futian was out of the secret zone, bade his goodbye to the Lost Clan, and departed with Old Ma to the Heavenly Mandate Academy without asking anyone else from the academy to accompany them. After all, the two continents were now right next to each other; he didn’t need to bother anyone else from the academy cultivating in the Lost Clan. It was quite sufficient for him to handle this matter himself.

Inside the Heavenly Mandate Academy, many cultivators from the academy were gathering around the Cottage. In a courtyard outside of the Cottage, a group of people stood there quietly. The person in the lead seemed particularly interested in the Cottage. The person was moving around freely as if this place was part of the West Imperial Palace. They did not show the slightest sense of peculiarity.

At this moment, one of them looked up in the distance and said, “He is here.”

With that, the cultivators from West Imperial Palace looked in one direction and heard a voice from a distance, “The West Imperial Palace came to visit us, and I was not able to welcome you in person. I ask for your forgiveness.”

After those words fell, Ye Futian’s figure appeared in the sky above the academy, then descended into the Cottage inside, looking at the group of cultivators facing him.

The makeup of the delegation from West Imperial Palace was a strong one. At the time when they were at the Lost Clan, he did not observe them too closely. However, now that he was reassessing the power of the Ancient God Clan, it was indeed terrifying.

His eye directed at the cultivator heading the delegation again and saw that it was a woman. However, she appeared quite handsome, dressed in attire that appeared rather gender-neutral. Nonetheless, it was difficult to conceal her alluring feature and demeanor.

Ye Futian remembered that in the last war with the Lost Clan, this woman was not part of it, so she might be someone who came into the picture later.

But he saw that the woman, likewise, was assessing him in a similar way. “Ye Futian, who came from the Lower Worlds under the jurisdiction of Emperor Xia’s Realm, entered Emperor Xia’s Realm to cultivate. Then he moved from the Crimson Dragon Realm to the Heavenly Mandate Realm. Later, his name was known throughout the Nine Realms, reputed as the uncrowned king of the Original Realm.”

Ye Futian’s eyes sharpened a bit. Had the other side been checking on him?

Seeing Ye Futian’s expression, the person knew that he was a little displeased. She explained, “Emperor Ye need not be surprised by this. In the battle at the Lost Clan, Emperor Ye’s performance was amazing in defeating the people of Ancient God Clan, and it was said that you also defeated the Devil Emperor’s direct disciple, Xiao Mu. How could we not be intrigued by such a legendary figure like yourself? And the West Imperial Palace is not alone. By now, the cultivation experience of Emperor Ye was probably quite a bit clearer to most top principalities in Divine Prefecture. After all, none of this is a secret. Everything leaves a trail to be followed.”
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    《The Legend of Futian》