The Legend of Futian
2358 The Eyes of West Emperor
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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2358 The Eyes of West Emperor

Every drop of rain became a sword, and every drop of rain was a sword that lashed out. When the raindrops gathered together, the swords became even stronger and more domineering.

“This is one of the divine methods of the West Emperor, the Raindrop Divine Sword.” Cultivators of Divine Prefecture in the far distance were paying close attention to this battle. Xi Chiyao enjoyed a great reputation far and wide. As the most powerful blood awakener of the West Emperor in thousands of years, her battle garnered lots of attention.

According to legends, the West Emperor created the Raindrop Divine Sword. One drop of rain could break open the sky. What was the definition of a Great Emperor? The Great Emperor was someone with the spirit of a pioneer, a world unto themselves. Take Shenjia the Great Emperor, for instance; his body was a world in and of itself.

Xi Chiyao had inherited the ability of the West Emperor. In this realm of the Great Path, the raindrops that fell from heaven seemed to shine with sacred light. Naturally, these were no ordinary raindrops, and ordinary raindrops would not possess such terrifying power.

As the rain fell and flooded the sky, there was nowhere to hide, nowhere to run. Ye Futian stood there watching those countless Raindrop Divine Swords coming at him, and even he was stunned in this blinding curtain of rain. All the surrounding stars were annihilated under the barrage of Raindrop Sword Will.

At this moment, Ye Futian’s body of the Great Path was dazzling with the divine light, as the Great Path howled frantically. In an instant, he suddenly turned into the color of pure fire, as hot as the sun. He appeared as a divine body forged by it.

Ye Futian had once comprehended the body of Shenjia the Great Emperor and cast an extraordinary physical form himself. Since then, he had not stopped improving and cultivating this physical body to integrate all the power of the Great Path abilities into this physical form.

At this time, his body turned into a bona fide Divine Body of the Sun and transformed into a sun. His body was releasing endless divine sunlight, radiated in all directions. When the divine glory of the sun touched the Raindrop Divine Swords, the swords hissed, then dissipated under the sun’s divine glory.

At the same time, Ye Futian’s physical body became even more frightening. When the Raindrop Divine Swords reached not far in front of him, they could not get any closer before being incinerated into nothing.

As a result, a very curious scene was now forming in that space. In the midst of the pouring rain, there was a most brilliant sun, which then created a rainbow in that area of the Great Path.

Xi Chiyao did not waver in light of what had just happened but remained where she stood. While the rain came down even more urgently, it was accompanied by an extreme chill, as if on the verge of freezing this world. The divine glory of the sun wanted to break free of that curtain of rain but was foiled by those raindrops that were falling madly. All it could do was staying inside the area around Ye Futian, unable to completely break free of the rain curtain.

Xi Chiyao stretched out her hand, and suddenly the Raindrop Divine Sword gathered on top of her palm. Those endless raindrops circled and rolled as they converge into a river, then gradually resembled a waterfall.

Boom… The waterfall came down with great force. The divine sword that was formed by the waterfall made of infinite raindrops fell with incomparable power and might; even the space seemed to have opened up. Nothing could stop this ferocious momentum.

There was infinite divine light shining upon Ye Futian, and the will of the Great Emperor, likewise, bloomed from him. Like a youthful Great Emperor, peerless in elegance, infinite characters now flying out of his Divine Body of the Sun, converging into swords. Accompanied by the booming of the Great Path, Ye Futian raised his hand and pointed towards the sky. Suddenly, a huge Solar Divine Sword penetrated the rain curtain in front of him. All the sword will of the raindrops was destroyed and split open as it collided with the Waterfall Divine Sword.

The Waterfall Divine Sword collided with the Solar Divine Sword, and the two actually merged into one another. The waterfall was torn apart, while the Solar Divine Sword showed cracks. The two divine swords entangled then exploded and shattered in the void, leaving a rain of swords behind in the sky.

“Emperor Ye did not disappoint, after all,” Xi Chiyao said. With a turn of her mind, a pattern suddenly appeared in the sky, which sheltered the sun. I looked to be her Divine Wheel of the Great Path.

A terrible vision appeared above the firmament. A Sky River now appeared in this domain. In the middle of this pattern of Sky River, ring-shaped vortices appeared as if formed by the terrible gathering of waves the size of a tsunami. In the middle of each vortex, there was a hole that looked just like an eye.

An even greater downpour of rain was now raging between heaven and earth. This curtain of rain shrouded the boundless space and the entire Heavenly Mandate City. Renhuang Chen and the others had already taken action to release the divine light of the Great Path on the ground below. They used their combined power to block the falling downpour.

Otherwise, these raindrops were enough to slaughter every living soul, and it was not something that the people of Heavenly Mandate City could bear. A single raindrop was enough to kill them.

The rain was getting heavier. The people in Heavenly Mandate City looked up high above the sky, and through the light screen, they could make out two figures that stood there. At this time, Xi Chiyao, who was bathing in utter dazzling glory, was incredibly luminous, like a Goddess befitting of her role as the descendant of the West Emperor.

The terrible vision that hovered above her made her look like a goddess who was dominating this space.

“It’s cold.”

Further in the distance, many cultivators from Divine Prefecture felt an extreme chill. In the world of rain, they felt a bone-piercing iciness. It was as if the chill was coming deep within the soul.

“That’s Xi Chiyao’s Divine Wheel of the Great Path,” someone whispered. According to legends, Xi Chiyao had inherited most of the West Emperor’s abilities and was the veritable number one heir of West Imperial Palace. She was the premier enchanting genius in the West Sea Domain, a Goddess-level existence.

Although Ye Futian had defeated Hua Junlai before, Xi Chiyao and Hua Junlai were not opponents on the same level; even Hua Junlai himself had to admit this.

At this time, Ye Futian also noticed a strong sense of danger on the battlefield. The rumbling sounds came out as his body grew larger as if turning into a gigantic Battle Form of an ancient god. What’s more frightening was that inside his body, the divine light of the Sun and the Shadow burst out at the same time. In the next moment, a diagram flew out of him, which was the Yin-Yang Diagram.

The diagram was expanding madly. The sun, moon, and stars appeared between heaven and earth, resembling a complete world. Ye Futian’s face was solemn as infinite stars surround this corner of the sky. Behind him, a divine shadow appeared, like the real manifestation of Ziwei the Great.

Above the Yin Yang Diagram, the Shadow and Solar Swords of catastrophe smashed out, interwoven with the heavy rain as the two collided, destroying it.

But high above the sky, in the midst of the Sky River, the eyes of the storm that was gathered by those horrific vortices became ever more terrifying. In the next moment, swords from those eyes of the storm lashed out, penetrating the void, and descended. None of the defenses could stop them, not even the light of the catastrophe released by the Yin-Yang Diagram.

Boom, boom, boom… A series of shocking collisions were heard. The sword light that fell from those divine eyes blasted above the stars. Ye Futian was like the young Great Emperor at this moment. All the stars in the heavens were at his beckon and call with the imperial shadow behind him.

Horrific shattering sounds came out as the stars began to crack and shatter. The light from the Eye of Tianhe seemed to be endless, not just a one-time attack. However, the stars surrounding Ye Futian were rotating into infinity.

Above a sky full of stars, rays of divine light landed on Ye Futian. At this moment, it seemed that all the power of the stars in heaven were at his disposal.

At the same time, under the Sky River, the eye of the storm fell down like mad, which impacted all the stars. Soon, the stars collapsed and shattered immediately, like a world broken. The entire battlefield was shocking beyond words.

“That’s powerful.”

A voice came from among the cultivators of Heavenly Mandate Academy. The speaker was Emperor Nan. Obviously, he felt the power of this proud daughter, the princess of West Imperial Palace—its premier heir. She was even more of a threat to Ye Futian than Xiao Mu ever was.

Previously even Xiao Mu, the direct disciple of the Devil Emperor, didn’t make Ye Futian take him too seriously.

However, this was not a surprise. Although Xiao Mu was a direct disciple of the Devil Emperor, he was one of many. Xi Chiyao was a descendant of the West Emperor and the strongest blood awakener in the past thousand years who realized the potential in her bloodline. She was the first person in the future of West Imperial Palace; this all made sense.

Perhaps in all the lands of Divine Prefecture, not many could be found who were like Xi Chiyao.

“It was powerful indeed. This princess of the West Imperial Palace seemed to have awakened the power of the Great Emperor. No ordinary clans could compete with these people from the Ancient God Clan; they each have their own advantages,” Lord Taixuan said in a low voice. There had never been any cultivators from the outside worlds in the Original Realm before, so they were considered the cream of the crop.

But at the moment, they felt they were a bunch of weaklings. Aside from those who had survived the divine tribulations of the Great Path, even characters like Xi Chiyao who was powerful enough to pose a threat to them. If Xi Chiyao took a step further, such as stepping into the realm of Renhuang, they would be no competition at all and would probably be annihilated in seconds.

Buzz! At this moment, Ye Futian’s figure disappeared, and there was a space divine light shining. In the collapsed starry space, he had disappeared, rushing out of that area. A divine light shined brilliantly as Xi Chiyao detected danger in the air.

This was the Great Path of Space ability!

Xi Chiyao felt that sense of danger, and her eyes suddenly became extremely frightening. She stood high above the sky as a terrifying storm erupted from her. Suddenly, her eyes turned into real divine eyes, shooting out rays of light that flooded the space.

Suddenly, a figure appeared, and it was Ye Futian. His entire body was radiant beyond belief. And invincible. But at this time, Ye Futian could feel a powerful pressure. The divine eyes of Xi Chiyao looked down and turning the space into an area belonging to the Great Path. Destructive light came towards him, capable of immolating flesh and dismantling the soul.

“The Eye of the West Emperor!”

The cultivators from Divine Prefecture perceived this scene with a tremendous shock. According to rumors, Xi Chiyao, the princess of West Imperial Palace, may have inherited the Eye of the West Emperor. Many people did not believe it before or had their doubts, but they couldn’t do anything but believe it now that they witnessed this scene.

It seemed that Xi Chiyao had really inherited the Eye of the West Emperor.

And Ye Futian, it seemed, was bound to lose. In this battle, he wouldn’t have a chance of winning.

Under the Eyes of the West Emperor, all Great Paths were clearly perceivable with nowhere to hide, including the power of space Great Path. A power of total destruction zoomed in on Ye Futian. There seemed nowhere for him to escape, not in the heavens and not in the earth.

However, Ye Futian’s body became even more brilliant as he continued to shuttle higher into the sky as if he feared nothing. His divine body roared nonstop, and an astonishing howling of the Great Path seemed to come from inside his body. In this shocking sight, he continued moving against the momentum, rushing towards Xi Chiyao!
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    《The Legend of Futian》