The Legend of Futian
2374 An Empress“s Inheritance?
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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2374 An Empress“s Inheritance?

The person who intervened wore a lavish robe. It was a faint gold and shone magnificently throughout the area. He was surrounded by powerful divine lights of the Great Path of Space, and his pupils were also gleaming gold. When he looked toward Ye Futian, his gaze warped space as if creating a turbulent storm of physical space, crushing Ye Futian.

Hua Jieyu, who was standing behind Ye Futian, looked towards the person in return, and an equally powerful but formless force of the Great Path erupted. Both of them stood still, yet heavy, muffled thumps sounded on the battlefield atop the void. It was as though nuclear blast waves were colliding, causing deep and dark cracks to appear where they came into contact.

The man turned his gaze towards Hua Jieyu. He was a member of the Jiang Ancient God Clan of the Taishang Domain. The Jiang Ancient God Clan had extraordinary status in the Taishang Domain; even the house of the Lord of Taishang maintained a friendly relationship with them and gave them ample respect.

According to legend, the ancestor of the Jiang Ancient God Clan obtained the Title of Heavenly Emporer Jiang—an extremely powerful being who established the clan. After he had fallen, the bloodline of the Jiang went extinct. So, the Heavenly Emporer Jiang used his supreme divine powers to protect the Jiang Clan from being wiped out during the ensuing years of turmoil, which enabled them to pass down their lineage into the present day.

The Jiang Ancient God Clan was rather mysterious; very few people knew how powerful their full strength was, and no one dared to provoke them. But, naturally, the Jiang Ancient God Clan was supremely powerful.

The person who struck just now was named Jiang Qingfeng. He was the most outstanding individual of this generation in the Jiang Ancient God Clan. At the peak-level Renhuang Plane, barely anyone in the entire Taishang Domain could compare with him.

Jiang Qingfeng perceived the force from Hua Jieyu. He could clearly feel her telekinetic powers fusing into the Worldly Great Path, giving her absolute control over the area. With just one thought, it was as if time froze, and all other Great Paths were banished from the area; even Jiang Qingfeng’s Great Path of Space felt like it was sealed.

Hum! An even more powerful Divine Force of Space erupted from him. The Divine Forces of Space on him were somehow like extremely sharp blades, cutting through the void and attempting to split open Hua Jieyu’s powers.

Hua Jieyu was still standing there as magnificent divine lights of the great path erupted from her. Her eyes were like those of a divine being, colliding with Jiang Qingfeng’s gaze. At that moment, it was as though both of them had entered a world of the void.

Jiang Qingfeng could only feel a powerful telekinetic force invading his consciousness. It felt like the force was corroding his spiritual soul. He saw countless divine projections walk toward him, and each one looked like Hua Jieyu’s true self rather than just a clone.

His heart trembled, and finally, he understood why the Vajra Divine Child had been wounded—the opponent could directly invade their enemy’s consciousness and attack their spiritual soul. Moreover, this was an extremely dominating force that broke into their minds with just a split second of eye contact.

“Get out!” A voice sounded in Jiang Qingfeng’s mind. Instantly, his consciousness turned into a collapsing world of space. It was as though the fabric of space and time were warping in order to reel in all of the millions of projections he saw and tear them into pieces.

However, as the projections were crushed, an endless swarm of them continued to enter Jiang Qingfeng’s mind, pressuring him greatly. Even though these projections weren’t attacking him, he could still feel their great force. He didn’t dare to let down his guard, as it would only take one slip-up for his spiritual soul to be invaded, which would have dire consequences.

“Jiang Qingfeng is in trouble,” someone said as the crowd looked up toward the arena high above. These high-level cultivators from the Ancient God Clans of the Divine Prefecture naturally knew how powerful Jiang Qingfeng was. Yet, even at his level, he was facing trouble from Hua Jieyu. More Divine lights of the Great Path of Space seethed from Jiang Qingfeng’s body, yet he didn’t continue to attack. Instead, all of it was bound to him.

“Which Great Emporer’s inheritance did she receive?” someone asked in a hushed voice. Both the divine lights on Hua Jieyu and the powers that she was releasing showed that she had clearly inherited the powers of one of the Great Emporers. But which one was it?

It seemed that Hua Jieyu had absolute control over space and could invade other people’s spiritual souls.

Hum… Just then, a rage-filled roar echoed through the skies. The Divine Child of the Infinite Mountain didn’t just watch, but he attacked, too. Trillions of divine swords were launched in Ye Futian’s direction. However, two projections walked out from Hua Jieyu’s figure; they were perfect clones of her, even the aura of the Great Path on them was almost exactly the same.

“Exterior Incarnation!” The group of powerful cultivators once again froze. They couldn’t believe that Hua Jieyu actually summoned Exterior Incarnations. Furthermore, the auras of these Exterior Incarnations were as strong as her true self.

Divine lights of the Great Path erupted from these two Exterior Incarnations as well, and they were incredibly magnificent. The Incarnations raised their heads to look toward the void. Instantly, it was as if the unending stream of divine swords paused in action, and their speed slowed to a halt.

How is this woman so powerful? one of the Ancient God Clan cultivators thought.

“In the past, which of the Great Emperors were well-versed in these powers?” one of the cultivators asked openly, which prompted those around him to contemplate. Absolute control, spiritual soul attack, Exterior Incarnation… All of the powers that Hua Jieyu had released so far were very unique, and they weren’t sure which of the Great Emperors cultivated them.

“I think there’s one person who did!” one of the old cultivators of the Ancient God Clan said softly. Immediately, the cultivators turned their gaze toward him.

The old cultivator explained, “In the ancient era, legend has it that there was a female Great Emporer. She ruled trillions of living beings and projected trillions of her telekinetic powers to pass on her teachings to the world she ruled over. Every cultivator was influenced by her and thus contributed to her cultivation. She could even directly control these nearly infinite number of lives and was hence an extremely controversial figure amongst the Great Emperors.”

Below the skies, cultivators from the Heavenly Mandate Academy and Original Realm all had astonished expressions on their faces. Was there really a Great Emperor like that?

Back then, Brahma’s Pure Sky Empress had an extremely uncanny and unique method of cultivation. It was said that her consciousness was spread across the 3,000 realms and that she had incarnations in each of the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path. Hua Jieyu was one of those who had been influenced by her incarnation; she was almost the victim of a walk-in whereby she would become one of her proxy-cultivation furnaces.

Yet, the powers the Brahma’s Pure Sky Empress cultivated were actually inherited from a Great Emperor from the ancient era?

After Brahma’s Pure Sky Empress gave Hua Jieyu what she wanted, could it be that Hua Jieyu found the inheritance of the same Great Emperor in the Divine Prefecture?

Just as they were speaking, countless musical notes streamed out of nowhere. They wove together into a song of grief yet carried a powerful, sonorous tone as they landed on the unending array of divine swords. Instantly, it was as if the physical space in the area exploded, destroying the divine swords and forming a thunderstorm of music, sweeping across the world.

At the same time, an immense Will of Grief permeated through all matter in the area, seeping into the eardrums of the cultivators with every note. These notes contained unique mythical powers that directly infiltrated their spiritual souls. The sounds of the guqin contained a Will of the Great Emperor, and all the powerful cultivators present had sensed that their emotions were being influenced. Every single one of them felt the Will of Grief!
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    《The Legend of Futian》