The Legend of Futian
2376 Wang Mian of Tianyan City
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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2376 Wang Mian of Tianyan City

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On that battlefield in the void, the seven of them simply stood there.

Ye Futian sat cross-legged, playing the guqin, while Hua Jieyu stood next to him. There were also avatars guarding them, summoned by Yu Sheng, who had called on the Heavenly Demons.


And in different positions in front of them, four cultivators were peak Renhuang of the Ninth-Realm. They were Hua Junmo of the Haotian Clan in the Nantian Domain. He was the older brother of Hua Junlai, who had been defeated by Ye Futian.

Pei Sheng—Divine Child of Infinite Mountains.

Jiang Qingfeng from the Ancient God Clan’s Jiang family in the Taishang Domain.

Wang Mian From Tianyan City in the Tianyan Domain.

These four major cultivators were peak Renhuang from their own respective domains. As they stood at the pinnacle of Renhuang, their combat effectiveness was nothing less than extraordinary.

And without exception, they were all of them from the Ancient God Clan.

Haotian Clan inherited power from Haotian the Great; Infinite Mountains from Wuliang the Great; the Jiang family from Heavenly Emperor Jiang; Tianyan City in the Tianyan Domain from Tianyan the Great himself.

Previously, the other three cultivators had already taken their shots one after the other. Although they did not mean to cause serious injuries, they had released their true strength. Now, only Wang Mian from Tianyan City had not made his move yet. A sharp golden divine glory had been surrounding him, and there was something curious about the divine light that lingered around him; it was as if it could be transformed into thousands of different matrices.

In the 18 domains of the Divine Prefecture, each domain had its own profound history and backstory. In ancient times, prominent figures had emerged out of every one of these domains, and many of them enjoyed the appellation of the Great Emperor. To this day, all 18 domains had retained some of their own particular features.

The Imperial Domain where Donghuang Imperial Palace resided needed no further introduction. But other domains also had many surprising peculiarities. The Tianyan Domain, for instance, had always been a world-famous alchemical Holy Land for as long as recorded history. It was said that the Tianyan Domain, in ancient times, had once enjoyed exceptional prosperity, with many famous clans of armorers lining its streets. Countless cultivators from the other worlds came to the Tianyan Domain for the express purpose of seeking its ritual implements, accounting for much of its flourishing past.

But after the collapse of the Heavenly Path, every world had experienced its own decline. The Tianyan Domain was not as magnificent as it once was, but its heritage for alchemy remained intact. And the Ancient God Clan had survived. Tianyan the Great was once an existence of the imperial-level alchemist, whose reputation was indisputable. He enjoyed great prestige among his peers.

Some said that even today, Tianyan the Great may still exist in another form, such as an item or object to aid another future great being. They also said that he had since remained in Tianyan City.

Tianyan City was a city, but it was also a principality. The entire city belonged to the descendants of Tianyan the Great. The Wang family in Tianyan had absolute control over Tianyan City. It was a de facto palace for the Wang family.

Because of their armor-making skills, even today, Tianyan City held superiority in all of the Divine Prefecture. Its strength was tremendous, and Wang Mian—a genius talent from Tianyan City—was said to have the potential to become the future City Lord of Tianyan City, ruling over Ancient God Clan.

Wang Mian’s gaze now drifted towards Ye Futian. Like everyone else, he had heard the invasive sound of the guqin, and his emotions were somewhat affected. However, those who had cultivated to the peak of Renhuang were not so easily swayed, as their will had to be incredibly determined. Those with stronger realms were less likely to be affected by the sound of the guqin. Of course, it also hinged on Ye Futian’s own realm. Had Ye Futian’s realm surpassed theirs, they would have been more likely to come under his influence.

“In truth, I came to the Heavenly Mandate Academy to borrow something from you.” Wang Mian looked at Ye Futian and said, “If you are willing to lend it to me, I will leave with the rest of the people from Tianyan City. In the future, I will return to you the thing I borrowed, and Tianyan City will be indebted to you.”

Everyone from the Divine Prefecture was quite surprised when they heard what Wang Mian had to say. They looked in the direction where the cultivators from the Wang family in Tianyan had congregated.

What did they want to borrow from Ye Futian?

Everyone knew the kind of place Tianyan City was. Legend had it that Tianyan City possessed the most powerful ritual implements of all 18 domains. There was even the possibility that an incomparable army may have existed somewhere there because, after all, they highly suspected that Tianyan the Great might still be around.

What would Tianyan City possibly need so badly that they had to borrow it from Ye Futian?


They all thought of a possibility.

Ye Futian’s head lowered as he continued playing the guqin. He uttered a word from his mouth, “No.”

He didn’t ask him what it was that he wanted to borrow, but whatever item asked for by the Ancient God Clan would clearly not be something simple or easy. And Ye Futian would never try to entertain anyone like this to neutralize their hostility—no matter who they were.

Wang Mian and the other cultivators from Tianyan City fixed their eyes on Ye Futian as they heard his reply. Many watched him with a sharp intention in their eyes, but they weren’t offended by it, really. If Ye Futian didn’t lend it to them, they would take it from him.

Although Yu Sheng and Hua Jieyu were here to help Ye Futian today, the reality remained that all the top principalities of various domains from the Divine Prefecture had come here to knock him down. They would never give up so easily. It was almost impossible for Ye Futian to extricate himself from this situation, as it were. Inevitably, he would need to pay in exchange for his own safety.

Wang Mian didn’t seem to have heard Ye Futian’s refusal at all, as he continued, “Emperor Ye has the body of Shenjia the Great Emperor, of which Tianyan City is extremely interested. We are hoping that Emperor Ye could let us use the body of Shenjia the Great Emperor.”

“No wonder!”

The cultivators from the Divine Prefecture were not surprised when they heard what he had said; they had half expected it already.

Exactly what kind of principality was the Wang family of Tianyan? They were the number one armorer of the Divine Prefecture, whose power was inherited from Tianyan the Great. Whatever they wanted must have something to do with weapon-making or alchemy. Therefore, there could only be two possibilities. One was the divine guqin, and the other was the corpse of Shenjia the Great Emperor.

The divine guqin had integrated the soul of Shenyin the Great within it, hence possessing its current power. However, the corpse of Shenjia the Great had already been cast into a superior weapon, and the corpse itself was considered a most excellent and peerless divine weapon. It was just that Ye Futian’s realm was not yet high enough to urge its full power.

Therefore, Tianyan City was desirous to get their hands on it, hoping to see how Shenjia the Great Emperor managed to achieve such greatness and whether this Great Emperor’s divine body could be deciphered.

“Shut your trap!” a cold voice rebuked with mighty dominance. Accompanied by this voice was a terrible demonic light that appeared above the firmament presently. It traversed heaven and earth, smashing down for the kill. The Demonic Might tossed and roared, slashing at Wang Mian without hesitation. It was Yu Sheng who had unleashed his own attack.

Wang Mian could call it “borrowing” if he liked, but it was really no different than robbing. With all these principalities here to pressure and threaten Ye Futian, could this be considered “borrowing”?

There was a terrifying golden divine glory in Wang Mian’s eyes. He cast one glance forward and watched the demonic blade came down in front of him with unusual calmness. Suddenly, a golden divine wall appeared in front of him, countless runes flowing upon it. Thus, the divine wall that fell from the sky formed a barrier in front of him, as those runes jumped out and erupted into rays of terrible divine aurora.

Psst… A sharp and piercing sound came out as a tremendously domineering Heavenly Demon Blade slammed down. But this dominant demonic blade, capable of splitting the space apart, failed to carve open the divine wall. At the moment when it chopped down, it was as if it landed on the strongest divine wall in the world. The blade broke, but it did not damage the defense.

Obviously, the power of this strike still left something to be desired.

Wang Mian—peak Renhuang existence from Tianyan City. How powerful was he?

When these four cultivators started to treat this situation seriously, perhaps Ye Futian’s little party of three would not stand a chance of winning!
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    《The Legend of Futian》