The Legend of Futian
2382 Heaven Tempering Divine Method
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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2382 Heaven Tempering Divine Method

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“He’s strong!”

The cultivators’ hearts pounded as they witnessed Yu Sheng’s attack. After he had donned the Demonic Mail, Yu Sheng’s aura evolved. It was as though he was possessed by a Demonic God. Legend had it that the Demonic Mail was forged from the will of a Demonic God, which is why it contained the soul of the Demonic God and was owned by generations of Devil Emperors.


Now, Yu Sheng owned a Demonic Mail set, which told of his status in the Devil World.

Could it be that the Devil Emperor saw him as the heir of the Devil throne?

If that was the case, then this person before them could be a future Devil Emperor, which was an incredibly noble status.

As Hua Junmo’s Haotian Seal was crushed, the eyes of the figure that stood in the void, towering above worlds, turned cold. He had now transformed into Haotian, yet he still wasn’t able to quash Yu Sheng?

Boooom… Horrifying, deafening noises echoed the air as rays of divine lights shot out. The supreme might of Haotian reigned over the land as if it were exerted by all worlds combined. A deep thump sounded as a celestial divine seal smote down, countless Giant Palm Seals fell all across the land, each of them containing terrifying divine lights. The seals engulfed the world as if they were crushing and destroying everything. This attack covered every inch of the battlefield; even the other cultivators had to retreat to avoid being hit.

The attack came straight for Yu Sheng. The cultivators only saw shock waves rippling from the skies. The whole thing was akin to the sounds of the Demonic God. Centering around him, countless projections of Demonic Gods spawned, encircling the colossal Demonic God which he had transformed into.

As a Demonic Blade coiled by horrifying Demonic Will appeared in Yu Sheng’s hand, harrowing demonic might surged and roared. It seemed that the projections of the Demonic Gods of the worlds resonated and synced as they simultaneously raised their demonic blades.

Hum! Infinite demonic lights converged into Yu Sheng’s demonic blade, causing it to expand. Demonic God wielded the blade with both hands and slashed out, splitting the skies. In an instant, the countless projections of the Demonic Gods struck out with their demonic blades in perfect synchronization to collide with the falling Haotian Great Palm Seal. At the same time, their Demonic Wills converged onto the Demonic Blade at the center. Tens of thousands of demons resonated as the Demonic Gods of the worlds attacked as one. When the blade slashed forward, an endlessly large Demonic God projection appeared atop the celestial skies. This projection slashed out demonic light as well, which fused into the Demonic Blade and cleaved the skies.

At this instant, terrifying cracks appeared throughout the world, from below the skies to all the way up high. Everywhere it passed, the Great Palm Seals were torn into fragments. Finally, the blade struck the sky-shrouding Haotian Great Palm Seal. As terrifying lights of obliteration erupted, the Palm Seal was torn apart by the dark storm of demon blades. With a flare of horrifying demonic lights, the divine seal was destroyed and split in half.

Even more terrifyingly, the Demonic Light continued to move upwards, splitting up the skies and hacking apart the projection of Haotian.

It was as if the sky was split in half, causing a fault line to appear. Haotian the Great’s projection seemed to be split open as well, and only the demonic light and the crack spanning the skies remained.

All of the cultivators’ gazes turned toward that slash in the celestial skies. Their hearts pounded as they witnessed what was happening. At this moment, it was as if the entire space had gone silent, and everything was frozen in time.

Suddenly, atop the celestial skies, bits of blood dripped down, caught by the eyes of the cultivators. It seemed that Haotian was bleeding.

Hum! With the eruption of a divine light, Haotian the Great’s projection disintegrated and dissipated into the air. A figure appeared atop the celestial skies; it was Hua Junmo. But now, a wound appeared on his forehead. His aura became exceedingly frail, and his face was pale. Obviously, he was severely wounded and had to retreat from the battle.

“One slash!”

The hearts of the cultivators pounded as they looked toward the Demonic God projection formed by Yu Sheng. Was this really that Seventh-Plan Demonic Cultivator they had seen before?

Equipped with the Demonic mail, he had become so powerful and dominating. His blade cleaved the celestial skies, directly opening it up. Even now, the crack was still present in the air, and storms of obliteration continued to seep out from the dark cracks in space.

The current Devil Emperor that reigned over the Devil world had dominated it many years ago. He was known as an unmatched genius, creating several demonic arts on his own. Some say that amongst all of the Great Emperors today, the Devil Emperor was likely the one who could wield the most legendary techniques. In the generation after him, likely only Donghuang the Great—another unparalleled genius—could compare to him.

Now, it seemed that Yu Sheng had inherited quite a few powers from the Devil Emperor.

This scene also shocked the other three great cultivators. At their level, it was very difficult for them to attack at the same time, as one person’s attack would occupy the entire battlefield and leave no space for anybody else. If they did attack simultaneously, the attacks would collide and interfere with one another. Their cultivation levels were simply too powerful, and their attack ranged too wide, leaving them no choice but to take turns.

But Yu Sheng wounded Hua Junmo with just one slash, which led to the other three cultivators reassessing Yu Sheng’s level.

Then there was Ye Futian, who blocked Wang Mian’s attack using the body of Shenjia the Great Emperor. He clearly hadn’t used his full power. While Hua Jieyu was playing the Divine Requiem on the side, in actuality, she, too, was remarkably powerful.

The battle was now three-on-three, and the differences between their planes seemed to be neglectable. At this point, Wang Mian and the two other Ancient God Clan cultivators seemed to have no advantage over Ye Futian’s group whatsoever.

After Hua Junmo was gravely wounded, Pei Sheng and Jiang Qingfeng stopped attacking rashly. The three powerful cultivators stood atop the skies, looking down upon Ye Futian, Yu Sheng, and Hua Jieyu. Ye Futian and Yu Sheng each took a different position. Between them was Hua Jieyu, on the ground, still peacefully playing the guqin.

As the guqin continued to sound, the Will of Grief of the Divine Requiem grew stronger. Actually, with the current six cultivators remaining, Hua Jieyu could engage in battle without playing the Divine Requiem.

“The body of Shenjia the Great is right here. Come get it,” a voice came out from inside Shenjia the Great’s body. It was speaking to Wang Mian, who stood atop the void. Since the beginning, Wang Mina wanted Ye Futian to hand over the divine frame of Shenjia the Great, and he even had the audacity to say that he would give Ye Futian a chance.

Now, as Ye Futian’s spiritual soul had entered the body of Shenjia the Great for the battle, even if it would create a huge burden for him, he had to make Wang Mian pay the price.

Hearing Ye Futian’s words, Wang Mian’s gaze turned into an extremely sharp blade as he once again raised the golden spear. But this time, his iris morphed into something different. They were no longer his own eyes but turned into a pair of divine eyes. As Ye Futian raised his head to look toward Wang Mian, a supreme force erupted from Wang Mian’s body.

Just like before, matrices appeared one after another atop the celestial skies, but this time, their auras were even more terrifying and powerful. Divine lights flew out from Wang Mian and merged with the matrices. Then, Wang Mian raised his arm to point at the skies. His petrifying divine gaze looked toward the skies as well. The matrices intertwined and intersected as they started to fuse together, transforming into an endlessly huge pattern, swallowing all of the Great Path powers of the worlds. As these horrific patterns appeared, all of the powers in the vast space were reeled within. They assimilated to make it stronger, eventually forming a terrifying, sky-smelting whirlpool of divine powers.

All of the high-level Divine Prefecture cultivators’ hearts pounded as they witnessed the scene above them. That was Tianyan the Great’s Heaven Tempering Divine Method!
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    《The Legend of Futian》