The Legend of Futian
2407 Four Youngsters
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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2407 Four Youngsters

After Ye Futian left the Ziwei Segmentum, starlight encircled the entire Segmentum. If one watched the Segmentum from far away in the endless space, it would be as though the whole Segmentum was shrouded in starlight.

Years ago, the Ziwei Segmentum was sealed inside a rock. When the seal was broken, it formed this Segmentum.

Before Ye Futian left, he sealed the Segmentum once again using Ziwei the Great’s powers and left a clone of his consciousness inside the Segmentum to control the power of the seals so it wouldn’t get broken easily. Even if the seal were attacked, it would be as firm as a mountain. Only after he had done that did Ye Futian leave, feeling at ease.

It was as if the whole ordeal in the Original Realm was unrelated to him. At that moment, he stood outside of the whole thing.

At the Shangqing Domain, Four Corner Village had become a flourishing holy land in the area. Some say that inside the mysterious village of Four Corner City lived a Great Emperor—the master of Four Corner Village.

When the rumor broke out, the entire Shangqing Domain erupted, and its influence even spread to the Divine Prefecture. Countless cultivators came to came to seek their paths from the master and wanted to enter the village.

In a tavern inside Four Corner City, many cultivators had appeared here. Atop the tavern building, four young cultivators were chatting around an elegant stone table. All four of them exuded extraordinary temperaments. Below them, several people were standing in respect. There were even several among them who were of higher cultivation levels than the four.

One of the four young cultivators with short hair spoke. “You can stop wasting time on us. Master won’t be taking on any more students. However, since Four Corner Village had surfaced before the world, as long as you are willing to become a part of the village and focus on cultivation, you might be able to see the master someday if your performance stands out from the rest.” After speaking, he released a deep sigh inside. Every year when they came out from the village, the same thing would happen.

These people didn’t want to follow the rules and become the village’s external force, yet they wanted to meet the master to seek paths. How was that possible?

“Third Brother, there is no need to answer them,” an extraordinarily handsome young man with long hair said. He picked up his glass and took a sip of wine. He was enjoying himself. The sarcasm in his gaze was clear as he looked toward those standing beside them. All of these people were desperate to seek results, everyone knew what they were thinking, and he never bothered paying attention to them.

“Yeah. All these years, masters only taught us. What gives them the right to be accepted?” the only girl among the four cultivators asked softly. She looked graceful and dazzling, and her aura was similarly extraordinary.

Only the dark, short-haired young cultivator sat in silence. He seemed like a quiet person.

“Who’s that?” Just then, the long-haired young cultivator suddenly turned and looked into the distance. A golden divine light flashed past his eyes. The next moment, a figure appeared before the four of them.

Instantly, all four of them stood up, which surprised all of the cultivators in the tavern. Who was this person?

“It’s Blind Tie,” someone said softly. Blind Tie was really famous back in the day. Now, he had returned, and his aura was seriously powerful.

“Dad!” the short-haired teen who was addressed as “Third Brother” exclaimed. He was the son of Blind Tie—Tie Tou. He was the little boy who had liked to follow Little Ling back then.

The long-haired handsome youth was Fang Cun, and the only girl was Little Ling. The quiet short-haired teen was the kid who was used to being forgotten in the village—Duo Yu.

Now, they had all grown up.

“Uncle Tie.” Fang Cun and Little Ling revealed surprised expressions as they stood up. Only Duo Yu stood still in silence.

“Come with me,” Blind Tie said before he flew into the air. All four of the cultivators trailed behind him and flew toward the sky.

Before long, they saw the four people waiting in front. The silver hair of the person in the middle fluttered in the wind.

Excitement appeared on the faces of the four young cultivators. They accelerated and flew before Ye Futian. Fang Cun and Little Ling rushed up and called out to him with big smiles on their faces, “Master, you’re back!”

“Master.” Tie Tou scratched his head a little as a candid smile appeared on his face.

Only Duo Yu didn’t move; he stood where he was. He bowed toward Ye Futian and greeted him, “Master.”

Ye Futian had to take a second look before he could recognize the four of them. The kids were now all grown up.

The four young cultivators were overjoyed to see him, but the way they expressed it was somewhat different; perhaps it was because of their personalities. Fang Cun was probably the most lively and playful one.

Ye Futian knocked on Fang Cun’s head and rubbed Little Ling’s head. He then looked at Tie Tou, who had a smile that looked a little silly. All four of them seemed to have the same personality from when they were children.

“Duo Yu, no need to be like this when you see me,” Ye Futian said when he saw that Duo Yu was still bowing.

Duo Yu was the most pitiful kid among the four. As an orphan, he ate from the tables of all the families in the village, and no one had cared for him.

“Yes, Master.” Duo Yu nodded before standing up straight and looking at Ye Futian. There was a special light in his gaze as he looked at Ye Futian. After all, his life had been changed by Ye Futian. Although the two of them didn’t spend that much time together, little Duo Yu, who grew up eating from other families’ tables, only he knew what Ye Futian appearing back then meant for him.

“Fourth Brother, no need to be so demure with Master. Just act natural,” Fang Cun said, laughing a little.

Ye Futian looked at him and said, “What’s this? You guys ranked each other?”

“Master, we’re all your students. Of course we need to know who’s the most senior and who’s the most junior. I’m Big Brother, Little Ling is the Second Sister, Tie Tou is the Third Brother, and Duo Yu is the youngest, so he’s the Fourth Brother,” Fang Cun said.

Ye Futian looked at him and shook his head, though he felt warmth in his heart. This reminded him of his days cultivating in the Cottage.

He was the most junior back then, and all his older brothers and sisters in the Cottage cared for him the most.

“Master, who are these two Goddesses?” Little Ling had been paying attention to Hua Jieyu and Hua Qingqing all along. Little Ling paid special attention to Hua Jieyu, who stood closely beside the master, which made her guess Hua Jieyu’s identity, but she couldn’t be sure. This was because back then, when Ye Futian came to the village, it was with another person.

“This is your masteress, and this is a friend of mine. Her name is Hua Qingqing,” Ye Futian said, smiling.

Little Ling was startled for a moment before a sweet smile appeared on her face as she said, “It’s Little Ling’s pleasure to meet masteress. You’re really pretty, just like a goddess. Aunt Hua, you too!”

“Since when did you start talking so sweetly?” Ye Futian said. A gentle smile appeared on Hua Jieyu’s face as she complimented. “Little Ling is pretty too.”

“Thank you, Masteress,” Little Ling replied, smiling sweetly.

“Student Fang Cun. It’s a pleasure to meet Masteress.”

“Student Tie Tou. Pleasured to meet Masteress.”

“Student Duo Yu. It is a pleasure to meet Masteress.”

The other three also greeted Hua Jieyu. They were much more serious than when they saw Ye Futian.

“No need to be so serious. Just treat me like you would your master,” Hua Jieyu said, smiling. She felt the respect that the youngsters had for Ye Futian.

“Masteress is right. There is no need to act so restrained,” Ye Futian said. “Let’s go back to the village.”

“Yes.” Everyone nodded before the group flew into the sky. Before long, they had returned to the Four Corner Village.

The villagers were all thrilled to see Ye Futian return. As they walked into the village, Little Ling asked, “Master, why didn’t Grandpa come back?”

“Grandpa felt at ease with Master taking care of you guys, so he wanted to stay there and work hard to raise his cultivation level in order to protect you in the future,” Ye Futian replied and then smiled. Little Ling curled her lips and said, “Master, I’m not a little girl anymore. I’m a Renhuang too now.”

A 30-year-old Renhuang—that was indeed outrageous.

Yet all four of the young cultivators were Renhuangs—100 percent authentic Renhuangs.

However, their cultivation processes were unique; they were born with paths naturally, fostered by the Great Path, and taught from young by the master. From infancy, their cultivation contained the natural will of the path, which greatly accelerated their pace of cultivation and allowed them to reach their current level today.

There were no shortcuts to cultivation; however, there were indeed unique individuals in the world.

From this, it could be seen what Muyun Shu from the Muyun family in Four Corner Village had missed. Back then, Muyun Shu was the leader of the kids in the village.

After the incident, the master, who was once just a teacher for basic knowledge, started teaching cultivation to Little Ling and the other three.

“Master is truly a once-in-a-lifetime figure.” Ye Futian sighed inside as the group reached the private school.

“Master.” Ye Futian bowed slightly.

“Come in,” said a voice from inside. The group walked inside to the courtyard. Master was sitting there quietly, and his gaze passed over Ye Futian, Hua Jieyu, Hua Qingqing, and Chen Yi.

“You’re all not simple,” he said softly.

Ye Futian looked at Jieyu, Chen Yi, and Huang Qingqing, who was beside him. Not simple?

Jieyu had the Great Emperor’s inheritance on her. Hua Qingqing’s origins were indeed not simple. Chen Yi held some secrets as well. Did the master see through all of that?

“Do you have something to do, returning to the village this time?” Master asked Ye Futian.

“Master, we came to say goodbye and also to see the kids,” Ye Futian said. “We are planning to make a trip to the Western World. Before that, we’re also going to the Great Bright Domain.”

“That’s good.” Master nodded. “Rather than being trapped in the Original Realm, it may be good to put everything down and experience the outside world far, far away. You’ve only been to a few places thus far, so the Western World is a pretty good choice.”

“Master, we want to go too,” Fang Cun said.

“Yeah.” Little Ling and Tie Tou nodded as well. Duo Yu also looked toward Ye Futian; it seemed that he was looking forward to it too.

Ye Futian looked toward the four of them. Just as he was about to reject them, Master said, “These four youngsters have already learned what they have to learn, yet they haven’t gone outside Four Corner City before. It is indeed time for them to go outside. You should bring them along.”

The four were all Renhuang Plane cultivators, yet they were all naïve and simple. Their hearts were pure, and their personalities were as clean as blank pieces of paper. But it was precisely because of this that they had been able to move forward all this while and reach their current standing.

Now, Master thought that it was time for them to head out.

As Ye Futian heard Master say so, he hesitated, then nodded, and said, “All right.”

The four were all Renhuang Plane cultivators. They would be considered powerful cultivators outside, so he didn’t need to worry much about that. Not to mention, Blind Tie would be there too, so he could take care of them as well. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to bring them out and experience the world!
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    《The Legend of Futian》