The Legend of Futian
2409 Blind Chen
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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2409 Blind Chen

To the east of the Great Bright City, there was the land of the ruins. This area was fairly large, and people often came to explore it.

At the far end of the ruins, there was a door. From the other side of the door, it was clear that some light seemed to be coming through the cracks, illuminating the ruins.

This door was rather interesting. It was transparent in nature, but behind the door, there seemed to be more ruins; it was as if a small world existed beyond this door.

Some had walked through that door before, but many who had walked through that door were blinded by the light inside. Some also tried to destroy the door but found they were unable to do so. Some of these people who tried were incredibly powerful, but all to no avail.

Perhaps, because of the peculiarity of this door, many were convinced that these ruins were once the site of the Bright Temple.

According to the legends, this door was called the Portal of Light.

It had been said that all those in the temple must walk through it to experience the baptism of the light before they could become a part of the Bright Temple.

Around the site of these ruins, many cultivators were gathering. However, in the many years that had gone by, these ruins had been explored over and over again, searched every which way possible. Any treasures that had once existed, no doubt, had long disappeared many, many years ago.

If it weren’t for that door, no one would even entertain the notion that this was the site of the Bright Temple.

Even so, in the Great Bright City, fewer and fewer people believed in it. On the contrary, this seemed to affirm the beliefs in a few very powerful principalities, and it was them that had been guarding and waiting in the surrounding area of the ruins.

There was only this one city inside the Great Bright Domain, and the top forces in the Great Bright City spread out from the site of the ruins around the general area. It could be said that these dilapidated ruins were the absolute center of the Great Bright City.

At this time, on the remains of these ruins were several young men and women with extraordinary temperaments standing there, looking at the Portal of Light.

“Does this door really lead to the light?” a woman whispered. Her body was surrounded by a halo of Great Path brilliance, indicating that she was an existence in the Renhuang Realm.

“Who knows? But that’s what the elders have always said, so it must be true,” the young man next to her replied solemnly.

“Perhaps they were wrong.” The woman shook her head. “In the past few years, the Original Realm has changed drastically, attracting cultivators from all over the world. Countless from the 18 domains of the Divine Prefecture have gone to the Original Realm. There are even rumors that the changes between heaven and earth started in the Original Realm. Only the Great Bright City seems to have been isolated from everyone else in the Divine Prefecture. What’s the point of guarding these ruins just because of something that the blind man said?”

“Unless of course because the elders really believe that one day the Bright Temple will reappear here again?”

“At least the blind man from Chen’s Garden believes in it deeply,” a slightly older cultivator next to them added. He appeared to be around 30 years or so, and there was a divine aurora hidden within his eyes.

“Can Blind Chen’s words be trusted?”

The woman looked dumbfounded. “Everyone in the Great Bright City has always said that Blind Chen is blind but can see the light. Just what is so special about him that so many people believe in what he said? As a blind man, can he really see the light?”

“Maybe. At least for these many years, no one in the Great Bright City has ever touched Blind Chen, and they all hold a certain respect for him. I do not know why, but those able cultivators must have their reasons,” the person next to her joined in.

A look of disdain flashed through the woman’s eyes, and there was some arrogance on her face.

“The Original Realm is the center of impending changes between heaven and earth, but the elders don’t care one bit. Just a word from Blind Chen and the entire Great Bright City will be destroyed by the ruins.” The woman’s tone was mocking. She glanced at the Portal of Light ahead and said, “Since the elders won’t, I will ask Blind Chen myself whether his words are true or not.”

The people then looked at her, and they could see a hint of pride on her face. They all knew that the woman had wanted to go to the Original Realm when she heard that many top figures of the world had embarked on a journey there. These cultivators of the 18 domains in the Divine Prefecture and other cultivators from other worlds had uncovered many relics in the land of the Original Realm, all of which were events that she greatly desired to witness.

But because of something Blind Chen said 20 years ago, the entire Great Bright City fell into a state of suspense, and no one dared to leave. Everybody stayed to guard and watch the ruins.

No one ever questioned his words. But today, she wanted to ask him.

How could a blind man see the light?

“Don’t be hasty.” The person next to her exhorted, “If they can, the elders must have done it a long time ago. Everyone in the Great Bright Domain believes in it, so there must be a reason.”

“So the light will descend, and the Divine Relic will reappear?” The woman smiled sarcastically with a degree of contempt. Something Blind Chen said 20 years ago was why the cultivators of the Great Bright Domain waited for over two decades, including her own family. Because of it, they had missed the grand occasion at the Original Realm.

At this time, in the void not far away was a flying boat, floating there silently, not disturbing anybody.

Ye Futian and the others stood on top of the flying boat and glanced at the ruins ahead. He then put away the flying boat implement. ‘These must be the ruins of the Great Bright Temple that Chen Yi was speaking of,’ he decided silently. He didn’t expect that the place would be so broken that only a single door was left intact.

However, this door seemed a little interesting as light was emitted from behind it, suggesting that there was a world hidden behind the door.

Ye Futian glanced at the woman speaking before them, then looked at Chen Yi next to him. But Chen Yi was expressionless; it was as if he hadn’t heard anything the woman was saying.

Ye Futian remembered that on their way over, Chen Yi had mentioned that a blind man once told him that he was meant to be extraordinary. He wondered if the blind man named Chen that the woman was referring to was just a coincidence or if the blind man they talked about were one and the same.

’20 years ago?’ Ye Futian thought. It was some 20 years ago when Chen Yi met him in the Donghua Domain.

“That blind man is the same as he was before, fond of speaking nonsense,” Chen Yi said in a low voice with a cold expression in his eyes. He seemed to be full of contempt for the blind man he referred to.

As if they had heard what he said, those few people in the front turned to look at them. They could feel that Ye Futian and his party were unusual. The woman smiled and said, “You too think that blind man was an imposter?”

Chen Yi looked at the woman and asked, “Who are you?”

“Lin Xi of the Lin family,” the woman said.

“The Lin family?” Chen glanced at the woman with indifference in his eyes and said, “I can chastise that blind man, but who the heck are you?”

“You…” The woman’s expression altered slightly as coldness shot out from her eyes. Ye Futian was also caught by surprise. It seemed that what Chen said was different from what he thought!
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    《The Legend of Futian》