The Legend of Futian
2412 Catastrophe of Death
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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2412 Catastrophe of Death

Blind Chen walked to Ye Futian. He was leaning on a cane. Although he was blind, he seemed to be able to see him somehow. When he was facing Ye Futian, Blind Chen put his hands together to greet him and said, “The blind man welcomes you, my young friend.”

Ye Futian hurriedly returned the courtesy and responded, “You are too kind, sir.”

He didn’t ask him why he was getting special treatment, as everyone’s eyes were on them at this moment. It was neither the time nor place to ask any questions.

At this time, all the cultivators around them were looking at them. Or rather, they were concentrating on Ye Futian.

In the crowd, some of the older folks had lived for many years. Blind Chen had appeared the same for many years now. Moreover, Blind Chen was cold to everyone; nobody had ever seen him give anyone this kind of treatment, welcoming someone personally.

Now, an outsider had made Blind Chen step out of that old house and bow to greet him. Who was this white-haired young man?

Furthermore, Blind Chen claimed that this had something to do with the prophecy. Could it be that this cultivator was the key to opening the Relic of Light?

This man seemed to have come back with Chen Yi. Was it because Blind Chen had already foreseen it, so he had asked Chen Yi to find him?

At this moment, everyone was full of curiosity about Ye Futian.

“My young friend, you have come from afar. Please come to my humble abode to rest awhile,” Blind Chen said to Ye Futian in a polite and friendly tone. Obviously, Ye Futian could not possibly refuse such a gesture, so he nodded and said, “I would be more than happy to oblige.”

Blind Chen nodded. Then, almost as if he were making an announcement to those faraway, he said, “Since there are distinguished guests here today, I don’t have much time to entertain everyone so that I won’t keep you any longer. Please feel free to return to your homes at your convenience.”

With that said, he led the way with the help of the cane and walked in the direction of the old house. Chen Yi followed him but turned back to take a glance at Ye Futian.

At this time, Ye Futian was still full of questions. However, he followed behind Blind Chen, figuring that he could ask questions later.

Nonetheless, the many cultivators that had gathered around frowned. So, was he hoping to dismiss them just like that?

Today, cultivators from all major principalities had come with a purpose. Now, with the emergence of a mysterious young man who may have something to do with the Relic of Light, they felt they must get to the bottom of the matter.

At this moment, a ray of light came down, carrying a fiery current with it. It was Yu Hou. This unexpected presence stopped Blind Chen and the others dead in their tracks. When they looked to the sky above, they saw Yu Hou looking cold and arrogant as he looked down and said, “Who is this man, and what does he have to do with the ruins at the Temple of Light? How are we to interpret the prophecy? It is a rare occasion that drew all the cultivators from the Great Bright City here today. It is a perfect time for our questions to be answered.”

“Yes, everyone is here today, so why don’t you say a few words to let us know what is going on? And who is this young man in white?” Lin Kong, the head of the Lin family, added. How could they leave without some explanation from the blind man?

“You will understand in the future. There’s no rush,” Blind Chen said lightly. After a brief pause, he continued moving forward without any intention of stopping. He did not intend to explain anything to anyone else.

Watching him walking towards the old house, everyone around him frowned, displeasure in their eyes.

When the light appeared today, the blind man came out to greet the guests but didn’t even bother to speak to them before sending them on their way?

At this time, a figure in the void descended from the sky, followed that beam of light, and landed above the old house.

She simply stood there, watching Blind Chen and the others.

“Lin Xi, don’t be rude,” in the void, the clan leader of the Lin family chastised her. However, next to Lin Xi, a few more people were descending as well. It was the same group of people that had quarreled with Chen Yi and the others at the site of the ruins.

However, the cultivators who descended later did not bother to stop Lin Xi but hovered and watched her. Obviously, they had some ideas of their own.

These later generations of Renhuang were egotistical individuals who held themselves in high regard. They had never understood the tolerance the elders exhibited to a blind man.

Today, they wanted to find out why—no matter the cost.

Even though Lin Kong had chided them on the surface, he didn’t order anyone to stop them. Obviously, he also had the thought of pushing the matter further.

Blind Chen had overstepped his boundaries. For more than 20 years, he had never given them an explanation.

“Elder is well known by all, and I heard that the elder can predict the events of past and future, as well as prophesizing and predicting events not yet known. May I ask the elder to predict my future today so I see for myself?” Lin Xi asked while looking at Blind Chen. Her words were respectful enough, but her tone was not all that kind.

There was even a sharp Sword Will flowing upon her as if it might break out of her body at any moment and attack Blind Chen.

Blind Chen raised his head slightly and faced in Lin Xi’s direction.

Chen Yi took a step forward and said coldly, “Get back.”


But at this moment, Blind Chen spat out something that puzzled Chen Yi to no end. He turned back to looked at the blind man.

Good? What did that mean?

Lin Xi was taken aback as well. She looked at Blind Chen, not understanding at all what this word meant.

“I predict that you will have a catastrophe today,” pronounced Blind Chen. As soon as his voice faded, the surrounding space suddenly quieted.

There seemed to be some hidden meanings in what he said.

Lin Xi stared at Blind Chen as well. His eyes sharpened more than before. A cold voice came out, saying, “I don’t believe it.”

“I know you don’t believe it. It’s precisely because you don’t believe it that there is this catastrophe.” Blind Chen continued in a calm voice and said, “Go back now and you might escape it. If you continue to persist, I am afraid there is no running away from this catastrophe.”

“What catastrophe?”

Lin Xi took a step forward as the Sword Will flowing in the direction of Blind Chen shrouded him.

“Catastrophe of Death.”

Blind Chen’s response was simple.

Catastrophe of Death!

Was this a prophecy or a threat?

Even the aura of those from the Lin family in the void suddenly chilled. Lin Kong, the clan leader of the Lin family, whose eyes contained that Sword Will of his, now directed towards Blind Chen who was below

Catastrophe of death?

Hearing these words, anger emerged in his heart.

“You exaggerate,” Lin Kong said coldly. Suddenly, several cultivators from the Lin family stepped down and appeared all around Lin Xi, as if they understood the meaning of the words spoken by their clan leader.

Although Blind Chen couldn’t see clearly, his perception seemed to have seen everything. There was a self-deprecating smile on his face as he said, “Indeed, fate cannot be avoided after all.”

All the surrounding cultivators displayed a curious look. If Lin Xi died, would that count as a prophecy?

Would it be the words of Blind Chen that lead to her death or the prophecy itself?

However, the cultivators from the Lin family didn’t seem to believe it.

A powerful aura came down, and the quiet space was becoming slightly suffocating. Lin Xi continued to move forward towards Blind Chen. However, from Blind Chen’s perspective, this was fate!
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    《The Legend of Futian》