The Legend of Futian
2415 Piety
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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2415 Piety

Outside of the old mansion, the various cultivators all remained there. No one left.

Their wills enveloped the old mansion. However, after the doors closed, a faint light enveloped the old mansion and cut off their wills, preventing them from spying on everything that was happening inside. Naturally, no one tried to forcefully break through this barrier. They all waited outside patiently.

As expected, not long after, a powerful aura spread out. In an instant, a group of cultivators descended. They were cultivators from the Lin clan.

Their leader was an elder who appeared extremely authoritative and sharp. There were two other elders beside him who also had terrifying auras. They were all old monsters of the Lin clan and seniors of Lin Kong—the clan head of the Lin clan.

“Patriarch Lin.” When they saw the authoritative elder in the lead, many people in different locations greeted him with a bow. They clearly recognized the other party. This elder was the patriarch and the mastermind behind the scenes of the Lin clan.

Patriarch Lin glanced around him. He then looked towards the old mansion. A terrifying aura emanated from his figure and enveloped the space. All the cultivators present could sense a majestic pressure and an extremely sharp will acting on them.

All around the mansion, many cultivators felt an extreme pressure suffocating them.

“Blind Chen, isn’t this too much?” asked Patriarch Lin in a loud voice. His voice contained a menacing wave of sound. It caused sound ripples to form in the air. Even the old mansion trembled and seemed as though it was about to collapse.

These past few years, Patriarch Lin had been cultivating in seclusion, attempting to break through to the next plane. If it weren’t for the events of today, Lin Kong would not have disturbed him.

With a loud bang, the doors of the old mansion were immediately shattered. The light shroud that cut off the wills of the cultivators naturally also disappeared without a trace. The crowd looked inside past the doors. Then, a group of people emerged.

Blind Chen still held on to his crutch. He looked at Patriarch Lin, who stood in midair, and said, “I have warned your junior before. Since Lin clan hasn’t been able to discipline your junior, she will naturally have to pay the price for what she has done.”

“Lin clan has been rather courteous with you all these years, have we not?” Patriarch Lin’s voice was cold as his might enveloped everyone present. Ye Futian frowned when a terrifying aura pressed down on him and the others. The aura belonged to someone who was at a level higher than Renhuang. The cultivation plane of Patriarch Lin had exceeded the Renhuang Plane. He was someone who had survived the first stage of the divine tribulation of the Great Path.

Even though the Great Bright Domain was a weak domain, there were still many forces located here. The leading four major forces were all based in this region, forming a cluster of strong cultivators. The strongest existences were all cultivators who had survived the first stage of the divine tribulation of the Great Path.

Of course, some mysterious cultivators could occasionally be spotted in the Great Bright Domain. They were foreign cultivators who came here to pry into the relic of the Bright Temple. However, all of them had found nothing, and they would soon leave the place. Only the cultivators of the four major forces stayed here permanently.

Blind Chen did not respond to Patriarch Lin’s question. Instead, he took a few steps forward and announced, “Haven’t all of you been wanting to verify the prophecy? Now, let us go to the Portal of Light.”

The eyes of the cultivators narrowed when they heard his words. A brilliant light flashed in their eyes.

Did Blind Chen mean that the ruins of the Bright Temple would appear once again today?

Many people couldn’t help but take another look at Ye Futian. Blind Chen had been waiting for Ye Futian’s arrival, and he welcomed him with light today. Now that Ye Futian was here, they were going to the Portal of Light immediately. What did this mean?

Even Patriarch Lin was stunned. The might he unleashed actually lessened. Clearly, the relic of the Bright Temple was far more important to him than the life of a junior.

No one showed signs of attacking anymore. When they saw Blind Chen striding forward, they followed him and moved towards the Portal of Light. The gazes of the cultivators of the Lin clan were as cold as ice when they stared at Blind Chen’s back. However, since Patriarch Lin did not do anything, they suppressed their killing intent and followed behind him closely.

Not long after, a group of people arrived at where the Portal of Light was. People would still occasionally come to this ruin. Many cultivators were observing this Portal of Light. They wanted to comprehend its mysteries. However, no one dared to enter inside.

After all, in the past, all those who entered the Portal of Light ended up with tragic fates.

“Chen the Diviner has arrived.” Many people recognized Blind Chen when they saw him.

In Great Bright City, Blind Chen was still very famous.

Rumor has it that his eyes were blinded after he entered the Portal of Light. They could not withstand the power of light in the portal. This caused him to lose his eyesight permanently.

Now, why had Blind Chen brought the cultivators of Great Bright City here?

Were they going to enter the Portal of Light again?

Blind Chen’s figure landed in the ruins. Chen Yi, Ye Futian, and the others also landed. Behind them, the figures of the cultivators of the various forces remained floating in midair. They were waiting quietly behind them, awaiting Blind Chen to act. They were waiting to see how he was going to open the relic of the Bright Temple.

The relic of light had not been opened for countless years. Was it going to open just because a mere youth had arrived here?

Ye Futian himself did not understand. Blind Chen claimed that Ye Futian could unravel the mystery of the Bright Temple. However, there was just a Portal of Light here. What did Ye Futian have to work with?

This Portal of Light also seemed very dangerous.

Blind Chen faced the Portal of Light. His expression was stern. He had not been here for many years. Today, there was finally hope for the Mystery of Light to be unraveled.

He bowed slightly towards the Portal of Light and then prostrated himself on the ground, worshipping the portal. It was as though this was his religion, and he was displaying his unparalleled piety.

When Ye Futian saw this scene, he revealed a strange look. Who was Blind Chen exactly? Why was he so pious towards the Bright Temple?

Could it be that there existed a connection between Blind Chen and the temple?

However, the Bright Temple was a top force in ancient times. Why would Blind Chen have a connection with it?

Ye Futian had heard that Blind Chen had lived for many years. Even so, he could not possibly be a cultivator from ancient times who survived until the present day, right?

If it were so, it would be inconceivable.

The cultivators of the various major forces were also stunned. Only the senior figures had normal expressions. Nothing seemed strange to them. They had clearly seen Blind Chen acting this way before.

Blind Chen uttered some strange sounds. The crowd did not understand what he had said. Blind Chen then got up and stood there facing the Portal of Light. He said, “More than two decades ago, I proclaimed that light would descend and the relic of the Bright Temple would reappear. Today is the day that the prophecy comes true. All of you wish to open the relic of the Bright Temple, right? Then, please enter the Portal of Light together.”

When they heard Blind Chen’s words, the cultivators narrowed their gazes as they stared at his silhouette. Enter the Portal of Light?

Everyone knew about the dangers of the portal. Was he asking them to seek their deaths by exploring inside?

They obviously would not easily agree to do so.

“Old Diviner, you and your group should be the ones to lead the way,” said Patriarch Lin in a cold tone!
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    《The Legend of Futian》