The Legend of Futian
2436 News
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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2436 News

Chapter 2436: News

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Although he felt a chill run down his spine, Ye Futian did not betray any emotion on his face. He appeared extremely calm, as though his heart was not wavering at the slightest.

After he pondered for a while, he bowed slightly towards Lord Six Desires and said, “Lord Six Desires, what you have said is precisely what I was thinking. In the Original Realm, the various forces of the Divine Prefecture are after me and Princess Donghuang led her divine generals to take my life. I was forced to only be able to cultivate in the Ziwei Segmentum and could not step foot in the Original Realm at all. Hence, I left the realm behind and came to the Western World to seek out fateful encounters for cultivation. When I reach the peak of cultivation, I will certainly return there.”

Ye Futian’s tone was sincere. It seemed as though he was pouring his heart out. Of course, it was unimportant as to whether or not Lord Six Desires believed him.

Before this, Ye Futian had gone against Great Elder Motian with brain and brawn. They had tried to outmaneuver each other. In the end, Ye Futian had emerged victorious.

Right now, Lord Six Desires wanted everything that Ye Futian possessed. However, instead of plundering, Lord Six Desires attempted to get the treasures using a gentler way. It was because he had an even bigger scheme in mind. He desired not only the divine body of Shenjia the Great Emperor but all the teachings Ye Futian had inherited.

Unless Ye Futian voluntarily gave Lord Six Desires the teachings, the latter couldn’t possibly acquire them through pillaging. If pillaging Ye Futian worked, Lord Six Desires would most likely not have used such a gentle way to achieve his goal.

“Since we are of the same mind, that’s naturally best,” Lord Six Desires said, nodding in approval after listening to Ye Futian’s response. “Ye Futian, since you said so, does it mean that you are willing to cultivate in the Six Desires Heavenly Palace?”

Ye Futian affirmed his decision while nodding, saying, “Hmm. I’m willing to become a disciple of the Six Desires Heavenly Palace. I will devote my time to mediation in the Heavenly Palace so that I can improve my cultivation and be able to return to the Original Realm in the future.” He added on while looking at Lord Six Desires, “In the future, if I encounter anything that I don’t understand while cultivating, I hope Lord Six Desires won’t mind going through the trouble to teach me.”

Lord Six Desires replied, “You have exceptional talent to begin with. The Six Desires Heavenly Palace benefits from you joining us as well. Since you’re willing to become a disciple here, I will naturally not mistreat you. You can come to see me regardless of what kinds of problems you face while cultivating.”

“Many thanks, Lord Six Desires.” As Ye Futian said this, he waved his palm and instantly, the corpse of Shenjia the Great Emperor appeared.

Ye Futian said, “Lord Six Desires, this is the divine body of Shenjia the Great Emperor. In the past, I was fortunate to comprehend and resonate with the divine body by accident, allowing me to be able to control it now. However, in the end, it is still not a part of me and thus, my spiritual soul is greatly exhausted whenever I use it. There’s a risk of me facing backlash too. Now, I will leave it here in the Heavenly Palace. With your profound cultivation, I’m sure you can better control this divine body.”

The eyes of the surrounding cultivators narrowed as they stared at the divine body. Then, they averted their gazes and looked at Ye Futian. They were all shocked, putting on astonished expressions. Even Si Ye, who brought Ye Futian here, was taken aback by his action. No wonder Ye Futian appeared so calm throughout their journey here; he had most likely made up his mind on what to do since the very beginning.

This fellow was bold to actually give away the divine body. After he did so, his life was not up to him to decide anymore. He had lost his trump card. He would be defenseless when faced with Lord Six Desires.

Ye Futian submitting the divine body to Lord Six Desires meant that he was putting his life in the Lord’s hands. In order to gain Lord Six Desires’ trust, Ye Futian was bold and pushed himself past the point of no return.

Si Ye had no idea what Ye Futian was really thinking. After all, Ye Futian managed to kill Great Elder Motian with a scheme. Great Elder Motian was cautious and cunning to begin with, so Ye Futian could pull the whole thing off meant that there was more to him than what met the eye.

Anyhow, what Ye Futian thought was irrelevant now. The crucial thing was that Ye Futian could no longer escape from the grasp of Lord Six Desires. He was completely under the Lord’s control now. Most likely Ye Futian gave the Lord the divine body in exchange for his own safety.

Lord Six Desires was extremely pleased with Ye Futian’s action. He scanned the surroundings and said to the cultivators in the Heavenly Palace, “From now on, Ye Futian is a guardian of the Six Desires Heavenly Palace. He is one of us. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Lord Six Desires,” replied the crowd, nodding obediently. Then, someone said to Ye Futian, “Congratulations, Guardian Ye.”

Ye Futian nodded slightly in response. Then, he looked at Lord Six Desires and said, “My spiritual soul was injured when I fought with Great Elder Motian. I need some time to heal my wounds. I don’t think I will be able to have any discussions with you in the near future. I want to rest for a period of time. After my spiritual soul has recovered, I will share what I have obtained through fateful encounters with you so that you can give me some pointers.”

The crowd was speechless. That meant that he was going to surrender what he had obtained through fateful encounters to Lord Six Desires.

As expected, Lord Six Desires was pleased when he saw Ye Futian proactively offering up the divine body of Shenjia the Great Emperor and then expressing his willingness to share what he had learned through his fateful encounters. He revealed a smile on his face and nodded his head. He said to Ye Futian, “No worries. Since your spiritual soul is injured, you naturally need to rest. We can wait until you have recovered to discuss other matters.”

Even the body of Shenjia the Great Emperor had been offered up. Ye Futian was merely an eighth-tier cultivator. No matter how he recovered, even if his cultivation became stronger after his recovery, it was meaningless. Lord Six Desires could destory him at any given moment. He was naturally not afraid of Ye Futian stirring up trouble.

“Many thanks, Lord Six Desires,” said Ye Futian.

“Escort Guardian Ye to cultivate in Yangxin Mountain,” Lord Six Desires ordered one of the cultivators beside him. Immediately, someone came and led Ye Futian away from the hall. Ye Futian left with the person obediently.

Of course, Lord Six Desires and other top cultivators were reluctant to leave the place. They remained at the hall, where the divine body of Shenjia the Great Emperor was.

Yangxin Mountain, which was located above the Six Desires Heavenly Palace, was indeed a suitable place for meditation. Ye Futian cultivated there calmly. As for the divine body, did the others think that it was that easy to be able to communicate with it?

As expected, many days had passed and Lord Six Desires and the others were still at the hall trying to comprehend the divine body. They still couldn’t comprehend or resonate with it. However, the more challenging the task was, the more intense their desires to acquire it were.

On the contrary, Ye Futian himself seemed to have really let go of the divine body; it was as though it was really a gift to Lord Six Desires.

Six Desires Heaven was a part of the Western World, similar to a domain of the 18 domains in the Divine Prefecture.

Blind Tie and the others left Six Desires Heaven and came to another region. Beneath them was the Golden-winged Giant Peng Bird, Mo Yunzi. He was mentally linked with Ye Futian and knew everything that was happening to him. Hence, Ye Futian had sent him to follow Blind Tie’s group.

“We have arrived.” Their group advanced and traversed through the clouds.

“Let’s head to the central region,” said Chen Yi plainly. They continued on their way.

After a few days, news began to spread around this region.

The ruler of Six Desires Heaven, Lord Six Desires, had obtained the divine body of Shenjia the Great Emperor as well as the teachings of the Great Emperors. Rumor has it that he was cultivating in seclusion and his cultivation was improving by leaps and bounds. He was undergoing a metamorphosis at a frenzied pace. In the future, he would become the strongest existence below the Great Emperors.

Regardless of where they were, the cultivators all yearned to acquire the teachings of the top figures. The news regarding Lord Six Desires spread at an astonishing speed. All top forces had caught wind of it. More and more cultivators knew about it at an incredible speed!
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    《The Legend of Futian》