The Legend of Futian
2454 No Way Down to Hell
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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2454 No Way Down to Hell

Chapter 2454: No Way Down to Hell

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Many Symbols of Wan descended, layer upon layer. It was as if each layer contained infinite supreme powers capable of suppressing the Great Path. They were descending continuously upon the divine body of Shenjia the Great Emperor.

Boom, boom, boom! The divine body of Shenjia the Great Emperor was being blasted continuously by those madly falling symbols. The spiritual soul inside his body was rocked. Even Hua Jieyu, who he was protecting behind him, was also shaken.

Finally, the divine body stopped as it had nowhere to retreat. Both of his legs fell on the Symbol of Wan. This entire space was full of Symbols of Wan. The same held true for the space below. There was absolutely nowhere for him to go.

Heavy forces of thousandfold continued to blast down from above, causing the divine body to let out a frightening roar. Ye Futian controlled the divine body, making it raise both hands. It pushed against a giant Symbol of Wan. When each symbol fell, it shook the divine body vigorously. Even his spiritual soul trembled because of it.

Lord Blubber had no intention to stop his attack. Every blow he dealt was tens of millions times more powerful than anticipated, chipping away Ye Futian’s ability to resist.

Gradually, the whole divine body of Shenjia the Great Emperor was bent and could no longer stand up straight. If this were not a divine body but a body of flesh and blood, perhaps it would have already collapsed and shattered. There was no way it could have endured all those attacks and lasted until now.

When the last Symbol of Wan fell, a terrifying force swept out. Ye Futian muffled a groan as his spiritual soul bore a terribly heavy load.

Above the void, Lord Blubber lowered his head to glance down below. His objective was to capture Ye Futian alive—not kill him, so he would have to pay close attention not to be too heavy-handed. If he accidentally smashed Ye Futian’s spiritual soul, it would be a terrible mistake. Ye Futian was still in control of the inheritances of several Great Emperors. He had already slaughtered many cultivators from Zhenchan Temple, so they needed to squeeze Ye Futian for all his worth. Otherwise, how could they possibly justify the deaths of all those cultivators?

Therefore, he would be careful and measured as not to obliterate Ye Futian right away.

“Now, will you go with me?” Lord Blubber lowered his head and said to Ye Futian. Ye Futian looked at the figure in the void and felt a little hopeless. The power of someone who had survived the Divine Tribulation of the Great Path, whose control over the power of the Great Path had already surpassed any common sense of the word, was overwhelming. Even though he possessed the power of Path Obliteration, Lord Blubber was still indestructible. This was completely determined by the difference between their realms.

If he had also survived the Divine Tribulation of the Great Path, then with the help of the divine body, he should have no issue dealing with a figure at this level. But now, it was obviously too difficult.

He lowered his head and glanced at Hua Jieyu. Even if the two were to become one, it would be hard for them to deal with a Lord-level character, and their outcome would still be hopeless.

“Let her leave, and I will go with you to Zhenchan Temple,” Ye Futian said.

“No.” Hua Jieyu refused when she heard Ye Futian’s words.

“Jieyu, I will go alone. There is still one last chance. If you are with me, I will be too worried,” Ye Futian said to Hua Jieyu via voice transmission. His tone was very solemn. Previously, he had wanted to let Hua Jieyu leave while they were on the road. But at that time, the ending was unknown, and they thought they might have a chance to escape Six Desires Heaven together.

However, now that he had been intercepted by someone at the Lord-level, he couldn’t leave.

However, Ye Futian still had hopes that Hua Jieyu could get away. If he went to Zhenchan Temple by himself, he might still have a chance to fight for his life.

Lord Blubber glanced at Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu, then said with a smile, “Come out of the divine body of Shenjia the Great Emperor and submit to me, then we will talk.”

Previously, Ye Futian had plotted against many people. The four Lords, dead or injured, had all paid a heavy price. Now, even though he was always smiling as he dealt with Ye Futian, Lord Blubber was still alert. Although he had completely suppressed the other and currently had the upper hand, he dared not let down his guard.

He didn’t mind Hua Jieyu leaving, but he needed to be absolutely sure that he had Ye Futian under control before that happens. Only when Ye Futian had completely relinquished the power of the divine body could he be under his control. With Lord Blubber’s own realm, facing a Renhuang of the Eighth-Realm would be like a god facing a mortal. He could easily crush Ye Futian and not worry about him making any more waves.

Ye Futian didn’t look too great when he heard what the other said. Lord Blubber seemed to intend on controlling him completely and have him surrender the divine body. If that happened, then no matter what happened, Ye Futian would no longer have any advantage and would really be akin to some lowly insect in front of Lord Blubber.

“No,” Ye Futian refused without hesitation. “If this is the case, and elder reneges, I won’t stand a chance.”

“Do you think you have a chance now?” Lord Blubber asked with a smile. “If so, let us continue.”

As soon as his voice fell, a terrifying aura descended once more, and the domain of the Great Path released a terrifying divine light. The Symbol of Wan was shining with radiant divine light, pressing downward, layer by layer, with overwhelming coercion.

“If elder insists, then you can be sure I will never go to Zhenchan Temple no matter the cost, even if my life ends here today. And before I die, I will destroy the vitality within the body of Shenjia the Great Emperor,” Ye Futian said with no uncertainty. “This way, Zhenchan Temple will have nothing to gain.”

Lord Blubber raised his eyebrow slightly when he heard Ye Futian’s words. Could Ye Futian really destroy the vitality within the body of Shenjia the Great Emperor?

Shenjia the Great Emperor had long perished, but the divine body he left behind still contained divine power, which could also be considered its vitality. After Ye Futian had assumed control over the Great Emperor’s body, he was able to urge the divine body and the divine power therein. However, if he were really to destroy the vitality, could that really destroy the divine body of Shenjia the Great Emperor?

However, Ye Futian was a cunning character, and everything that happened before proved that. How credible were his words?

But even if he had doubts, he didn’t quite have the resolve to make a decision right now. What if it was true?

More importantly, Ye Futian’s life was far more valuable than Hua Jieyu’s.

He actually didn’t care much about Hua Jieyu. As far as Zhenchan Temple was concerned, she was unimportant. However, the presence of Hua Jieyu would allow them to control Ye Futian better.

But just at this moment, another terrifying divine light descended from above the firmament. A brilliant beam of light came down directly from outside of the sky, covering the body of Shenjia the Great Emperor. The power of heavenly might dropped, which changed the look in the eyes of Ye Futian.

This aura was even mightier than Lord Blubber’s.

An even stronger character had now arrived.

Lord Blubber raised his head to look beyond the sky at this moment. The smile in his eyes was replaced by a solemn expression. In the next moment, a group of god-like figures appeared where the divine light was shining. The middle-aged man in the lead had a superior temperament. He was clad in a long golden robe, and he had pitch-black long black hair. Nonetheless, he was surrounded by a detectable air of Buddhism. The golden light was shining in an extremely radiant display around him, and he exuded an unparalleled majesty and authority.

“My Lord.” Lord Blubber nodded to acknowledge the middle-aged man who appeared in the void, making Ye Futian’s heart tremble.

The Lord of Zhenchan Temple, Saint Zhenchan, had come in person.

A golden halo seemed to be hovering behind him, giving an irresistible sense of might. He looked like a true heavenly god. The cultivators who came with him were also extraordinary characters, standing quietly behind him and looking down at Ye Futian below.

Ye Futian couldn’t help but let out a sigh. They must have thought highly of him to dispatch such a group of cultivators to deal with him!
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    《The Legend of Futian》