The Legend of Futian
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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Zhu Hou was a disciple from the Zhu family—one of the top principalities in Jianan City in the Great Brahma Heaven. Zhu Hou had shown unparalleled talent since he was a child and was sent to the Holy Land of Buddhism to cultivate. He was the only cultivator in Jianan City to be selected by the Buddhist sect. Although he was not often seen in Jianan City, the cultivation world of in Jianan City knew him very well.

Now, he seemed to have returned; it must be on account of the All Buddhas Fest.

All Buddhas Fest was the premier grand event in the Buddhist world. It was not surprising for Zhu Hou to come back home at this time.

Indeed, Zhu Hou had completed his cultivation of the Buddha’s Clairvoyance, which was a most supernatural ability in the World of Buddhism. It enabled its cultivator to see through everything, including the types of cultivation practiced by the others.

At this moment, Zhu Hou’s Heavenly Eyes fixed on the four cultivators, still surrounded by the Light of Buddha. Fang Cun and the other three stood up at the same time, looking at Zhu Hou, quite displeased. However, Zhu Hou didn’t seem to care. He was still sitting there quietly. It seemed as if he was not aware of any of it.

“Natural hidden Ways,” Zhu Hou muttered to himself, still staring at the four of them. He continued, “Jianan City is not one of the top cities in the Great Brahma Heaven for cultivation. It was not surprising that the sudden appearance of four cultivators with natural hidden Ways piqued my curiosity. What clan are you from, and what is it exactly? Where are the four of you coming from?”

Fang Cun and the others were more than stunned. Zhu Hou’s eyes were so sharp and ruthless that he saw the four of them were born with the Way.

They cultivated in the village and were indeed born with the hidden Way. Later they received tutelage from the teacher himself in cultivation. It was true they were extraordinary, far beyond those common cultivators. It could be said that the conditions of their cultivation were unparalleled, hence Zhu Hou’s realization of just how exceptional they were. Under the Buddha’s Clairvoyance, he could see that they had natural hidden Ways about them.

“We have to go now,” Fang Cun said coldly. As soon as his voice faded, he glanced at the other three and turned around to leave.

Fang Cun was, by nature, passionate and impulsive. He was prone to mischief in the village when he was younger. Although he was of age now, his personality did not change much. However, now was not the time to do anything stupid, and the last thing he wanted was to provoke someone and cause more trouble for his master.

The others understood and followed Fang Cun to leave. However, an aura of the Great Path fell directly on them, as several Renhuang intercepted them in different directions and sealed the tavern shut.

Zhu Hou sat there quietly. He continued to drink his cup of wine. His manner was light and breezy. Fang Cun turned to look at him and said, “We don’t know each other, so there is no need to act like this.”

“But I am interested in the four of you,” Zhu Hou responded. He stood up and walked toward the four of them. “The four of you know nothing of All Buddha’s Fest, yet you were born with natural hidden Ways, each with different abilities with independent elements that may not come from the same discipline. I assure you, I am quite curious about the four of you.”

Outside the tavern, a blind man was working his way in the direction of the tavern from a distance. It was Blind Tie, of course. But at this moment, there was another middle-aged man who emerged in front of him. This middle-aged man exuded a horrific aura as the currents of the Great Path continuously flowed all over his body. He was watching Blind Tie with extreme alarm, but his realm was about the same as his opponent—the pinnacle of Renhuang. He got in front of Blind Tie.

Obviously, he was the cultivator who was secretly protecting Zhu Hou, just like Blind Tie was keeping Fang Cun and the other three youngsters out of trouble.

Fang Cun and the others knew that Blind Tie had been intercepted. Clearly, the identity of this man in white was more than meets the eye.

“What do you want to do?” Fang Cun turned his head and asked the man in white.

“I don’t want to do anything. It is purely out of curiosity that I want to see who you are and where you come from.” The man in white stood up, inspecting the four with those Heavenly Eyes. An invisible storm of the Great Path blew up in the tavern. Instantly, everything in the tavern was shattered into nothingness. The cultivators inside evacuated quickly to get out of their way.

Soon, the only ones left were the man in white and the cultivators behind him, as well as Fang Cun and his companions.

Fang Cun and the others had a displeased look on their faces. Just for pure curiosity?

This didn’t make any sense.

With the onset of All Buddhas Fest, the World of Buddhism would usher in a period of absolute peace. Even those cultivators with longstanding grievances would not be able to act for quite a while. Therefore, right before All Buddhas Fest, the World of Buddhism would often experience a period of chaos, with many people hasten to resolve disputes or to act capriciously. Once All Buddhas Fest arrived, there would be a long period of time for things to settle down.

As for Zhu Hou, he was beyond certain that these four were no cultivators from Jianan City. It was rare to see four great cultivators who were born with the natural hidden Way. It was natural for him to want to take a closer look.

When Buddha’s Clairvoyance was released, his eyes suddenly became more petrifying. He seemed to see through everything, and once again, his eyes were directed at the four of them. When these eyes locked onto theirs, Fang Cun and his companions felt a prickly pain in their own eyes, as if the Heavenly Eyes had pierced their eyes, to penetrate their consciousnesses to spy on their cultivation.

Boom… The four exploded with the power of the Great Path at the same time. Their bodies levitated into the air with force. Zhu Hou was too audacious, blatantly spying on them without reservation. Naturally, they could not sit here and waiting for him to pick them off.

“I saw divine methods. You have the inheritance of the Great Emperor hidden on you!”

Zhu Hou’s eyes were particularly frightening. Just now, he seemed to have seen some imageries in his mind, and just as he had thought, these four youths had unusual origins.

At this moment, Zhu Hou’s eyes were growing solemn. His body slowly elevated into the air, and his white robes fluttered as his eyes fixed on the four. Divine light radiated out of those terrifying eyes again, looking at Fang Cun and his companions.

Boom… At this time, in the distant space, a great war suddenly erupted; it was Blind Tie who acted. Although he couldn’t see, he couldn’t be more clear about everything that was happening around him. Zhu Hou’s realm was considerable; he was a cultivator in the realm of Middle Renhuang. Fang Cun and the others wouldn’t be able to counter him effectively.

More importantly, the ability that Zhu Hou cultivate was dangerous and mystifying. He possessed the Buddhist method of Buddha’s Clairvoyance, so he could spy on everything and enter their consciousnesses. If he was allowed to succeed, it would be too detrimental to the four youngsters and may have an unfortunate effect on their future cultivation.

However, the strength of the cultivator who blocked Blind Tie’s attack was also menacingly tyrannical. He was a cultivator from Zhu Hou’s clan, an expert in many Buddhist methods, with amazing defensive power. He was able to intercept Blind Tie’s attack outright so that Blind Tie was unable to break through his defense to help Fang Cun and the others.

Zhu Hou did not look over there. He was suspended in midair, continued to regard at the four. A pair of gigantic eyes suddenly appeared in the void, shutting down this corner of the sky immediately, and turning it into a world of Pupil, just as if the world now was the Heavenly Eye itself.

These gigantic eyes that appeared in the void looked at Fang Cun and his group. Suddenly, the auras of the Great Path upon the four of them were completely exposed. Elusive currents of the Great Path now turned into shadows and were revealed.

A Miniature World appeared around Fang Cun; Doors of Space appeared around Little Ling. A divine shadow holding a divine hammer stood behind Tie Tou, and a pair of horrific Eyes of Reincarnation appeared behind Duo Yu!
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    《The Legend of Futian》