The Legend of Futian
2466 Destiny with Buddhism
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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2466 Destiny with Buddhism

Other cultivators in the teahouse now focused on Ye Futian, and all of them were taken aback. Ye Futian, who had caused an uproar in Six Desires Heaven?

Anyone who could get to the Western Heaven had to be exceptional. They had all heard about that major disturbance, but they didn’t expect to see him here at the Western Heaven.

Remember, Ye Futian almost wiped out Zhenchan Temple entirely and single-handedly. Saint Zhenchan was a pillar of Buddhism, and to this day, his whereabouts are unknown. How dare Ye Futian show his face in the Western Heaven?

Western Heaven was the holy land of Buddhism.

“All Buddhas Fest!” When everyone thought of this, they understood the reason which led Ye Futian here at the beginning of All Buddhas Fest. There would be no killing or strife in the entire Western World during All Buddhas Fest, let alone the Holy Land of the Western Heaven.

Everything that happened in the holy land of the Western Heaven could not escape the eyes of the Buddha.

As for this monk in white, who had appeared out of nowhere, he must have some back story. Who could he be?

Ye Futian was also considering this when he looked at the monk and asked, “I have just arrived and found a place to stay not long ago. How does the Grandmaster know that I am here? I don’t believe we have met before!”

“I am ashamed to admit that my cultivation level is relatively shallow. I only heard of your arrival after you are already here on the sacred land of the Western Heaven. However, my teacher had known for some time now that Layman Ye would come here,” this monk replied, his hands clasped in front of him, speaking in a calm voice, which put his listeners at ease right away.

But when Ye Futian heard this, his heart palpitated. They had sensed his coming as soon as he set foot on the sacred soil of the Western Heaven? And his master had known—even before his arrival.

The superpowers of Buddhism… thought Mo Yunzi, the Golden-winged Roc, and Ye Futian immediately received the thought. His heart trembled slightly.

The other cultivators in the teahouse had the same sudden realization as well, and their expressions changed. As they looked at the monk in white, someone said, “Clairaudience!”

Clairaudience and Clairvoyance were both part of the six superpowers of Buddhism. Zhu Hou, the cultivator who was killed by Ye Futian in Great Brahma Heaven, was a disciple of the six superpowers of Buddhism. He cultivated in Buddha’s Clairvoyance, hence his ability to discern the cultivations of Fang Cun and the others.

And the monk in front of him was an expert of Clairaudience, meaning he was able to hear all the movements within the sacred land of the Western Heaven. He stated that his master knew of Ye Futian’s coming to the Western Heaven long before Ye Futian actually set foot to the Western Heaven, which further demonstrated the high level of his realm.

Could it be that his Clairaudience had been cultivated to the point where he could hear the voices of all sentient beings in the Western World?

“This man’s cultivation would be far higher than Zhu Hou’s,” Mo Yunzi said to Ye Futian via voice transmission. Zhu Hou cultivated in Buddha’s Clairvoyance, but he couldn’t see through even a mere city like Jianan City. The man in front of him claimed that he had already heard Ye Futian when he arrived in Western Heaven. His realm had been easily deduced.

“His master would be Tianyin Buddha Lord—the orthodox among Buddhists and one of the topmost Buddha Lords in the World of Buddhism.” Mo Yunzi continued with voice transmission so that Ye Futian had some basic understanding of who he was dealing with. At this time, many people in the teahouse saluted to the monk in white. “The Grandmaster must be Tianyin Arhat.”

“Arhat!” Ye Futian heard this and immediately realized the status of the other man must be superior and exceptional. He was one of the Arhats. In the Western World, he must be regarded as a top-ranking figure.

“Little monk, I dare not presume.” The monk in white made a slight bow to everyone in return. Ye Futian spoke up at this time as well, “Grandmaster, please take a seat.”

Tianyin Arhat put his hands together in front of him and bowed to Ye Futian, and said, “Little monk, thank you for your invitation.”

After that, he sat down, cross-legged, opposite Ye Futian, his visage solemn and authoritative. Ye Futian could even see, albeit faintly, the halo of Buddhism behind him.

“What advice would the Grandmaster like to impart on your visit?” Ye Futian inquired with extreme courtesy. An Arhat came here for the express purpose of finding him. Clearly, it was not by some simple coincidence; there must be a reason for it.

“Layman Ye overestimated my visit. After knowing that Layman Ye is here, little monk was determined to come for a visit, no advice nor intent to instruct to speak of.” The monk responded graciously enough. This was rather baffling to Ye Futian.

“Just a visit?” Ye Futian asked again, a little puzzled.

“That’s all.” Tianyin Arhat responded with a smile. His eyes still hovered on Ye Futian. However, there seemed to be some curiosity in those clear and profound eyes of his.

“I don’t understand. Would the Grandmaster please elucidate?” Ye Futian implored in return deferentially. He was a little curious, too, as to why an Arhat would know of his arrival and took all the trouble to come for a visit in person.

“Layman Ye is a person who has a destiny with Buddhism,” Tianyin Arhat continued with a smile.

“What do you mean?” Ye Futian asked.

Tianyin Arhat glanced at Hua Qingqing next to Ye Futian, pointing at her. Ye Futian looked a little surprised and asked, “Did the Grandmaster detect something?”

Tianyin Arhat shook his head and smiled. “Little monk can’t see anything. I only know that Layman Ye has a destiny with Buddhism.”

“Perhaps.” Ye Futian just smiled. It seemed that he would get nowhere. Tianyi Arhat was speaking in riddles and circles, so he could not get to the bottom of anything.

“It’s not ‘perhaps,’” Tianyin Arhat said with a smile, “The change between heaven and earth originates in the Original Realm. I wonder if Layman Ye has heard of this prophecy?”

“Mmm,” Ye Futian acknowledged. He had heard of it before, of course. He said, “The turmoil in the Original Realm attracted cultivators from all over the world; only the cultivators of the Western World of Buddhism were absent at the time. Everyone thought that it was because the World of Buddhism didn’t much care about such matters, but clearly, that’s not the case; the Grandmaster already knows of the prophecy.”

“Does Layman Ye know where this prophecy first originated?” Tianyin Arhat asked with a smile.

Ye Futian looked a little doubtful when he heard those words. His face showed a change as he observed Tianyin Arhat closely and said, “Could it be…”

Tianyin Arhat nodded slightly, “Just as Layman Ye suspected, the earliest source of this prophecy is here in this place of Buddhist cultivation.”

“Whose prophecy?” There was some seriousness in Ye Futian’s eyes now, and his heart was a bit perturbed. A prophecy had caused the changes in the Original Realm. The Buddhist Sect did not participate, but this prediction had originated from the World of Buddhism.

What was the secret hidden behind this new information?

“There are numerous cultivation courts upon the mountains in the World of Buddhism, with several transcendent Buddhas in residence. However, there are only one or two of them who would dare to make a bold prediction about changes taking place in the world.” Tianyin Arhat continued with a smile, “Does Layman Ye know that several hundreds of years ago, there was another cultivator from Divine Prefecture who had come to the sacred land of the Western Heaven?”

“Who?” Ye Futian asked.

“Layman Ye should be able to guess.” Tianyin Arhat was still not answering him directly.

Ye Futian thought about what the other man had said. Since he said that Ye Futian should be able to guess it, then it must be someone well-known with a profound connection with the Buddhist world.

When his thought turned to this, Ye Futian’s heart trembled a bit as he came to grips with this new epiphany. What Tianyin Arhat revealed today had already caused him several great internal turbulences.

“Donghuang the Great!” Ye Futian said softly. Tianyin Arhat smiled without saying another word, clearly agreeing with his conclusion.

Once upon a time, Donghuang the Great had come to the World of Buddhism to seek instruction and had forged a deep connection with the World of Buddhism. This was not a secret in Divine Prefecture.

“Hundreds of years ago, Donghuang the Great came to the World of Buddhism to seek instruction and cultivated. He even once sought instruction on one of the six superpowers in the World of Buddhism. Who knows what Layman Ye will be able to reap this time around,” said Tianyin Arhat.

So, Donghuang the Great had cultivated one of the six supernatural powers?

The six superpowers of Buddhism were Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Celerity, Telepathy, Omniscient, and Elimination of Outflows.

Which one of the six superpowers did Donghuang the Great cultivate?

“What did Donghuang the Great cultivate?” Ye Futian looked at Tianyin Arhat and asked, propelled by an unusually fervent curiosity, wanting to know what Donghuang the Great had cultivated in back when he was seeking Buddhism.

“As the Buddha would say, not a word.” Tianyin Arhat spoke with a smile as he stood up. He clasped his hands together again, facing Ye Futian, and said, “I wish Layman Ye all the best on this trip. I will take my leave now.”

After that, he turned around to leave. It seemed as if this was really just a simple, little visit!
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    《The Legend of Futian》