The Legend of Futian
2484 Humbled
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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2484 Humbled

Chapter 2484: Humbled

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This monk was known as Bitter Zen. Rumor has it that he began following the Lord of All Buddhas when he was but an acolyte.

Ye Futian stopped in his tracks. When he saw Bitter Zen emerge, he sensed a faint pressure. Even though there was no powerful aura emanating from Bitter Zen’s figure, his calm and indifferent temperament contained a dangerous will.

Moreover, Ye Futian himself knew clearly that since his opponent emerged after Shenyan Arhat was defeated, he would certainly be more powerful than him.

“I am Bitter Zen. Greetings, Benefactor Ye,” greeted Bitter Zen as he placed his palms together and bowed at Ye Futian. He was courteous and respectful.

“Greetings, Master,” replied Ye Futian as he returned the gesture.


“Master Bitter Zen has followed the Lord of All Buddhas and cultivated under him for many years. He is revered amongst the Buddhist sects. Benefactor Ye, you need to be cautious,” Wutian Buddha Lord said with a smile from the highest heaven. His introduction for Bitter Zen was different. The latter had been cultivating under the Lord of All Buddhas and was revered.

Clearly, Bitter Zen was respected even among the Buddha Lord level figures. No one looked down on him at all just because he had been the attendant of the Lord of All Buddhas.

When Ye Futian heard Wutian Buddha Lord say this, he was surprised. So this monk actually had such a background. He bowed once again and said, “It is an honor to receive personal instruction from you, Master.”

“Wutian Buddha Lord, you speak too highly of me. I am but an attendant of the Lord of All Buddhas. I merely run errands. Benefactor Ye, you have only cultivated Buddhist doctrine for several months since you came from the Divine Prefecture. Just like that, your Buddhist doctrine has surpassed the various Buddhas here. I am extremely impressed. Your comprehension of Buddhist doctrine is deep enough to have obtained the teachings of the Dual Battle Form. Hence, I came forward to seek some pointers from you regarding Buddhist doctrine,” said Bitter Zen humbly and politely. Both of them appeared exceptionally humble. They did not seem like two people who were about to engage in a huge fight.

“Master, after you,” said Ye Futian.

“Please, after you.” After the two of them exchanged pleasantries, a dazzling Light of Buddha radiated from both their figures. Ye Futian’s Mahavairocana Battle Form remained. He seemed to have become Mahavairocana and was blinding to look at. He raised his hand and pointed it forward. A Palm of Mahavairocana charged towards Bitter Zen. This was naturally just an attack to test the waters. With the Palm of Mahavairocana alone, Ye Futian could not even defeat Shenyan Arhat. Bitter Zen would naturally have no issues dealing with it.

Bitter Zen stood there, not moving an inch. The Light of Buddha circled around him as his mouth moved slightly. No one could hear what he was uttering. However, the Buddhist Voice reverberated throughout the space. Countless Buddhist runes flowed out of Bitter Zen’s mouth. In an instant, a solemn air descended upon the land.

“Om Mani Padme Hum!”

“Om Mani Padme Hum!”

“Om Mani Padme Hum!”

The Sound of Buddha circled around them. It was as though a Buddha had awakened. It seemed that there was only the Buddha present, and no evil powers could exist here.

At the same time, Bitter Zen’s figure was changing. His body turned golden and began to expand. Accompanied by the mantra, he became a gigantic true Buddha. He was even bigger than Ye Futian’s Mahavairocana Battle Form.

It was the Six Syllables of Truth!

Ye Futian thought to himself as his heart trembled. The Buddhist Six Syllables of Truth appeared simple, yet they were esoteric. Anyone could cultivate them, but only in form. It was impossible to comprehend the meaning of the Six Syllables of Truth. Only the Buddhas who were proficient in Buddhist doctrine and had an extremely deep comprehension could understand its true essence.

In the entire Western Heaven, the number of Buddhas who successfully cultivated the Six Syllables of Truth could be counted on one hand. They were all top-tier Buddhas, and Bitter Zen was actually one of them.

Bang! The Palm of Mahavairocana crashed into the gigantic golden figure of Bitter Zen. His golden figure did not budge at all. It was stable and firm. On the other hand, the Palm of Mahavairocana immediately shattered. It was apparent how sturdy the golden body was.

“It is the Reality Battle Form!” someone exclaimed.

The hearts of the various Buddhas stirred when they witnessed this scene. It was as expected of Bitter Zen, the monk who had followed the Lord of All Buddhas for so many years. He had already cultivated the Reality Battle Form to perfection. By merging the Six Syllables of Truth and the Reality Battle Form, his Buddha figure was indestructible and immovable.

Ye Futian’s Palm of Mahavairocana was domineering. However, when it struck Bitter Zen’s golden Battle Form, it shattered on its own. It could not move Bitter Zen’s golden figure at all.

This time, Ye Futian had truly encountered a powerful opponent.

In the battles before this, the other Buddhist cultivators could not force Ye Futian’s Battle Form to budge. Now, it was his attack, which could not break Bitter Zen’s golden body’s defense. The tables had turned now.

Ye Futian felt a pressure acting on him; it was to be expected of a master who cultivated under the Lord of All Buddhas. Once his opponent began attacking, Ye Futian could sense the strength of the other party’s Buddhist doctrine. Under the effects of the Six Syllables of Truth, the entire space seemed to be controlled by his opponent and contained powerful Buddhist doctrine.

The Six Syllables of Truth did not appear to have any power. However, their might was formless. They contained the utmost wisdom and were enhanced by powerful Buddhist doctrine. As the Six Syllables of Truth expanded outwards, the entire Spirit Mountain was lit up with the Light of Buddha. Endless light enveloped the battlefield. Formless might of Buddha was contained within the light. Ye Futian could actually sense the power of the various Buddhas enhancing his opponent’s power.

At that moment, he could truly sense the terrifying pressure and the might of his opponent.

Ye Futian had a stern expression. His Void Battle Form appeared, and a gigantic Buddha enveloped the vast space. Figures of many Buddhas appeared in the surrounding space, all of them unleashing a powerful Light of Buddha. Ye Futian attempted to unleash the powerful attack he had used against Shenyan Arhat again.

However, the Six Syllables of Truth did not yield. The gigantic golden Buddha that Bitter Zen had become had his eyes shut tightly. His palms were together in front of his chest. The Syllables of Truth reverberated throughout the sky. Endless Light of Buddha coalesced above, and silhouettes of gigantic Buddhas appeared.

What was even more terrifying was that the face of a Buddha seemed to form in the sky. It gazed down upon them. The entire sky had become the silhouette of a Buddha. It was just like how the face of Great Emperor Ziwei had appeared in the starry world back then.

That was not all. Down below, in three different directions, three powerful Buddhas appeared. They seemed to be the Trikaya, the three bodies of Buddha. Terrifying light emanated from these three figures. They immediately surrounded the gigantic Buddha summoned by Ye Futian.

Aside from that, around the various Buddhas that Ye Futian had summoned, a sea of other Buddhas appeared. The various Buddhas had all appeared at once and surrounded the ones Ye Futian summoned. In every direction, Ye Futian was outmatched.

Ye Futian opened his eyes and looked at the scene around him. Under the Light of Buddha, the Sound of Buddha circled around him, solemn and divine. This divine might landed on him without any murderous intent. There was only the unparalleled might of Buddha. It was as though the true Buddha had descended.

When Ye Futian saw this scene, at first, he was somewhat reluctant. Then, he felt a sense of relief. He looked towards Bitter Zen and placed his palms together. He then bowed slightly at Bitter Zen and said, “Master, your comprehension of Buddhist doctrine is deep. It is not something I can compare to. I admit my defeat.”

As Ye Futian said this, he immediately retracted his aura. The Light of Buddha on his body instantly receded. He had no desire to compete. He knew that he was still far inferior to his opponent in terms of attainments in Buddhist doctrine.

A thousand years of hard work in cultivation was not something he could compete with using just dozens of days of effort!
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    《The Legend of Futian》