The Legend of Futian
2489 Seeking the Buddha
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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2489 Seeking the Buddha

Many Buddhas suddenly appeared on Spirit Mountain. In Western Heaven, Spirit Mountain was the center for those who sought the Path of Buddha. Each Buddha had their own cultivation courts, and not all of them cultivated on Spirit Mountain.

However, the cultivation courts of the various Buddhas were connected with Spirit Mountain and could easily access the latter. Of course, this was a privilege granted only to Buddhas of very high standing.

This time, the various Buddhas came over because they had caught wind of some news. Saint Zhenchan was alive and had returned to Zhenchan Temple. Now, he was heading over to Spirit Mountain to settle the score with Ye Futian.

Based on the news they received, back during the battle when Saint Zhenchan led his forces to take down Ye Futian, his forces had been destroyed. The cultivators of Zhenchan Temple had all fallen, and only Saint Zhenchan had escaped. However, he was also gravely injured. He had not appeared in public for several years until he recently returned to Zhenchan Temple.

They speculated that, until now, Saint Zhenchan’s injuries had yet to fully recover. There would certainly still be some lingering ailments.

However, no one would be able to sit still when such grievances had been committed against them.

Hence, many Buddhas had come to Spirit Mountain beforehand. They wanted to see how this grudge would end.

Ye Futian’s group was also waiting there. Not long after, there was a disturbance on Spirit Mountain. Saint Zhenchan had arrived.

On the ancient golden peak, Ye Futian could sense many powerful auras landing on him. It was apparent that the various Buddhas were watching him. At the same time, far off in the distance, an extremely terrifying aura swept over the area. A powerful resentment appeared over the sacred lands of the divine Spirit Mountain, faintly disrupting the peaceful environment here.

Spirit Mountain was the sacred land of the World of Buddhism. Ordinary people would not dare to act so presumptuously here. However, Saint Zhenchan was originally from a Buddhist sect. His standing was not low, so he dared to act this way.

A short while later, Ye Futian and his group saw a silhouette appear before them.

Saint Zhenchan stood before the ancient golden peak. His gaze instantly locked on to Ye Futian. He had an ice-cold look in his eyes. The murderous intent in his eyes was clear as day.

However, not far in front of Ye Futian, another figure stood. It was Bitter Zen.

Next to Ye Futian, Hua Qingqing also stood quietly.

Now, Hua Qingqing’s position among the Buddhist sects was outstanding. Even Buddha Lord-level figures referred to her as Buddha.

“Greetings, Master Bitter Zen,” Saint Zhenchan greeted Bitter Zen as he nodded his head slightly. Although he was arrogant, he was still very polite towards the Lord of All Buddha’s attendant, not daring to step out of line at the slightest.

“Greetings, Saint Zhenchan,” replied Bitter Zen as he returned the gesture without an ounce of arrogance.

“Master Bitter Zen, this man killed many members of Zhenchan Temple a few years ago. Even the Deputy Lord of Zhenchan Temple fell to his hands. Zhenchan Temple suffered severe losses, and I barely made it out with my life,” said Saint Zhenchan. “Later on, I heard that this man relied on the name of a Buddhist lamp which reincarnated into a Buddha to cultivate on Spirit Mountain. Hence, I specifically came over here to take a look. I wanted to see how such a man, who stirred up such a huge storm in Six Desires Heaven and slaughtered so many people, could cultivate the Path of Buddha.”

“Saint Zhenchan, quell your anger,” said Bitter Zen as he placed his palms together and bowed towards Saint Zhenchan. “What occurred back then was all because of cause and effect. Saint Zhenchan, you sowed the seeds yourself, so you also had to reap what you sow. Now that you are here, you can cultivate on Spirit Mountain for a period of time to resolve the hostility in your heart with Buddhist doctrine. That way, you might be able to get rid of your obsession.”

Bitter Zen continued, “As for Benefactor Ye, the Lord of All Buddhas has arranged for him to cultivate on Spirit Mountain. It is because this is Benefactor Ye’s fate with Buddha.”

Bitter Zen directly stated that this was arranged by the Lord of All Buddhas. The latter was the leader of the World of Buddhism. Nothing in Western Heaven could escape his eyes. He naturally knew what had happened back then. Bitter Zen did not need to say more. Saint Zhenchan should be able to read between the lines.

Saint Zhenchan naturally understood what he meant. Bitter Zen stated that Ye Futian had done no wrong and that he should reflect on his actions while studying Buddhist scriptures.

He was a Buddhist, but he had always been occupied with establishing his own force. His relationship with the Buddhist sects was not that close. However, his elder brother, Tongchan, was a top Buddha Lord.

“Alright. Since the Lord of All Buddhas has arranged it, I will not do anything. However, away from Spirit Mountain, this personal vendetta still stands. I beg the forgiveness of the Lord of All Buddhas in advance,” declared Saint Zhenchan. His tone was not polite at all. The Buddhist sects were different from sects in other worlds. In other worlds, the underlings were subordinate to the Great Emperor level figures. None of them would dare act so presumptuously to their superiors.

However, the Lord of All Buddhas was merciful and did not interfere with worldly matters. Everything obeyed the laws of causality and fate. He would not force anything to happen nor interfere with it happening.

Beyond Spirit Mountain, the Lord of All Buddhas would not meddle in worldly affairs.

Also, the law enforcers of the World of Buddhism did not look kindly on Ye Futian.

“Zhenchan, you overstep your bounds,” a voice called out. Saint Zhenchan turned around and saw a Buddha appear. It was Tongchan Buddha Lord.

Tongchan Buddha Lord, Saint Zhenchan, and Lord Initial Zen were all under the same master. Back in the day, they had all cultivated under the same ancient Buddha. However, each of them chose their own cultivation path, and they weren’t that close. Tongchan Buddha Lord was of very high standing. Be it Saint Zhenchan or Lord Initial Zen, neither of them was worthy of his attention.

Nevertheless, Tongchan Buddha Lord did not have a good impression of Ye Futian either.

After all, they were still from the same sect. Initial Zen was killed by Ye Futian. Zhenchan had nearly perished as well.

“Forgive me, Elder Brother,” said Saint Zhenchan as he bowed towards Tongchan Buddha Lord. He appeared extremely polite. They did not seem like ordinary brothers.

Tongchan Buddha Lord cast a glance at him and said, “I know why you have come. You have yet to recover from your injuries. You wish to head to Vaidurya Pure World, yes?”

“Elder brother, please help me,” Saint Zhenchan replied with a bow. He naturally could not hide this from Tongchan Buddha Lord as the latter could read the minds of others.

Vaidurya Pure World was an independent world in the World of Buddhism. The master of Vaidurya Pure World was an ancient Buddha, Medicine Buddha Lord.

Medicine Buddha Lord was revered. Even the Lord of All Buddhas would be very polite towards him. He could be considered a true relic of the World of Buddhism. He rarely appeared in public, not even appearing during All Buddhas Fest. Only a few of his disciples had attended the festival.

Although Saint Zhenchan’s cultivation was powerful and his position in the World of Buddhism was high, Vaidurya Pure World was still not a place that he could visit as he pleased. He still needed the help of Tongchan Buddha Lord to get there.

On Spirit Mountain, there was a passageway that led to Vaidurya Pure World.

“He has yet to recover from his injuries and wishes to see Medicine Buddha Lord,” Hua Qingqing told Ye Futian over transmitted thoughts. These past few years, Ye Futian had developed a greater understanding about the top figures in the World of Buddhism. Medicine Buddha Lord was considered a legendary existence, a true ancient Buddha.

From the looks of it, Saint Zhenchan had yet to recover from his injuries back then. Hence, he wanted to head over to Vaidurya Pure World to seek treatment from Medicine Buddha Lord.

“Alright, I will help you. However, whether or not Medicine Buddha Lord is willing to treat you is up to your fate,” replied Tongchan Buddha Lord in an indifferent tone.

“Elder Brother, thank you for your help,” Saint Zhenchan responded with a bow.

“Follow me,” Tongchan Buddha Lord instructed. Saint Zhenchan stepped forward and followed him. Before he left, he did not forget to turn around and sweep a glance at Ye Futian. Over transmitted thoughts, he said, “Now that you no longer have the divine body, even if you have cultivated Buddhist doctrine on Spirit Mountain, what can you do? You’d better pray that you’ll make it out of Western Heaven alive!”
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    《The Legend of Futian》