The Legend of Futian
2509 Ning Hua“s Big Defea
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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2509 Ning Hua“s Big Defea

In those forces that sided with the Donghua Domain, many people were close to Ye Futian. For example, the Sword Goddess from the Divine Palace of Fluttering Snow was one of them. She even sided with Ye Futian’s camp and fought with him once.

However, later, it was disclosed that Ye Futian had something to do with Emperor Ye Qing. After being informed of that, the imperial palaces were irritated; Donghuang the Great even took up the matter in person. In such circumstances, the forces in the Divine Prefecture did not have any other option at all, and Ye Futian completely understood that.

The Divine Palace of Fluttering Snow fixed its relationship with the Domain Chief’s Manor after the passage was opened, so they were also in the Donghua Palace at the moment.

The Sword Goddess and her disciples—Qin Qing, Jiang Yueli, and Chu Hanxi—were all there. They all set their pretty eyes on Ye Futian. Gazing at the white-haired young man that had returned, they wondered how he had been cultivating all the past years.

Taihua Skylord and Goddess Taihua from Taihua Mountain were also there. Goddess Taihua threw Ye Futian a complicated look. She had the opportunity to inherit one of the Imperial Stars once, which Ye Futian had offered her. However, she missed it due to her guard against him. And that was because of the relationship between the Domain Chief’s Manor and Ning Hua.

By then, Ye Futian had returned with such a powerful lineup. Was he going to settle things with Ning Hua?

“Ning Hua, you kept chasing me after the Donghua Banquet in the Donghua Domain. The Domain Chief’s Manor killed everyone from Wangshen Watchtower. So many years have passed, and you hurt the practitioners from the Ziwei Segmentum again. Today, you will pay with your life.” Ye Futian looked down at Ning Hua, filled with pride.

That scene contrasted sharply with the condescending manner in which Ning Hua had looked down at him when Ye Futian attended the Donghua Banquet. Big shots from various top forces in the Donghua Domain were all sitting in the air back then. As the vice chief of the Domain Chief’s Manor of the Donghua Domain, Ning Hua did not even look at Ye Futian.

However, people seemed to see Ye Futian’s despise for Ning Hua at the moment. There was contempt in his indifferent tone. He sounded like he had never regarded Ning Hua as a decent opponent.

“Do you intend to kill me?” Ning Hua showed a sarcastic smile. Looking at Ye Futian, he said, “The divine body of Shenjia the Great Emperor is broken. How dare you leave the Ziwei Segmentum! The Great Emperor was merciful enough to let go of you, but now that you are already here, you won’t be able to go back again.”

Several divine lights containing the formidable force of the Great Path of Space descended into the Donghua Palace as soon as he finished speaking.

As those divine lights came, Practitioners showed up from thin air in different directions. All of them were powerful. Ye Futian already met some of them before. Although he did not know them well, many of those people were there when that incident happened.

All of them seemed to be powerful cultivators from the Domain Chief’s Manor.

Forces from the Domain Chief’s Manor of the Shangqing Domain were among them too.

Zhou Muhuang, the vice chief, was one of them.

“I guess your scouts already got some information for you. The Domain Chief’s Manor in the Divine Prefecture opened the passage to the Void Realm. But do you know there are space teleportation grand matrixes set up between various Domain Chief’s Manors in the Divine Prefecture?” Ning Hua asked him in a cold tone.

The Domain Chief’s Manors of the 18 domains in the Divine Prefecture did not get along. Even if one of them were in trouble, the others probably would not go to its rescue. That being said, they would certainly send quite a few people in the event that Ye Futian showed up.

It was the order of the Imperial Palaces to set up those space teleportation grand matrixes. They were established to deal with any world war that could break out in the future so that help could arrive anytime.

To their surprise, its first use was to deal with Ye Futian.

That area was immediately filled with powerful energy in which the Donghua Palace was shrouded. All of those powerful cultivators set their eyes on Ye Futian. Some of them had even gone through the Divine Tribulation of the Great Path once.

After all, the Domain Chief’s Manor of the Donghua Domain was relatively weak among the 18 manors. In contrast, some of them were very powerful.

“Ye Futian,” Zhou Muhuang shouted, “you shouldn’t have left.”

Ye Futian threw an indifferent glance at Zhou Muhuang. He responded with a cold look. “I came here for Ning Hua. It’s none of anyone else’s business. So, you’d better not intervene.”

Zhou Muhuang frowned at him, and many people put on a shocked look. That guy was still so arrogant. Didn’t he know what he had got himself into?

How would he resist such a powerful lineup?

Staring at Ye Futian, Ning Hua was somewhat surprised. He had thought Ye Futian would panic and despair. In fact, many people around Ye Futian had. After all, they had had no idea that the stations of different domains in the Divine Prefecture were connected. However, Ye Futian neither panicked nor despaired. He just remained pushy and arrogant.

Why was that?

Boom… Ning Hua gave off a powerful aura. While he was suspended in the air, the force of the Grand Seal Great Path spread far and wide. It was horrifying. Even that pair of eyes had a powerful force. Gazing at Ye Futian, he said, “You intend to kill me? Have you achieved any breakthrough all this time?”

“Chen Yi.” Glancing at Ning Hua indifferently, Ye Futian said, “Kill him.”

“Yes.” Chen Yi nodded. He walked ahead, and Ning Hua was petrified.

Ye Futian’s indifferent gaze made him realize that this man did not even bother to fight him.

Ye Futian totally ignored him and sent Chen Yi to deal with him.

Ye Futian was already very powerful back then. He showed tremendous combat power when he was at the Eighth Level. Ning Hua was not sure about defeating him indeed. However, he could not believe Ye Futian had sent Chen Yi to fight.

When Ye Futian defeated Chen Yi in the Donghua Banquet, Ning Hua was already the number one genius in the Donghua Domain.

But Ye Futian despised him to such an extent?

Boom… A surprising sealing force broke out. Numerous sealing runes showed up on his body. It was the God Seal Spell.

Instantly, that Great Path of Space seemed to be closed. The moment Ning Hua, who had achieved the peak Renhuang Plane, gave that force off, the Great Path domain newly erected seemed to block all other forces.

The Divine Light of the Seals flew out of Ning Hua’s eyes toward Chen Yi, aiming at the latter’s eyes while he was approaching the former. That Divine Light of the Seals could even seal spiritual souls.

The God Seal Spell could seal everything in the world.

Countless Seal Spells fell from the sky and turned into the divine lights of the Great Path that flew to Chen Yi, intending to seal all of his forces.

However, at the same moment, two formidable lights also came from Chen Yi’s eyes. Those were the real light. The Method of Light crashed into the Divine Light of the Seals and blocked the invasion of the sealing force. In the meantime, his body was shining and turned into the Body of Light that looked like a divine body.

His body floating in the air seemed to be the source of light. The lights from him were bright enough to blind people’s eyes and purify everything in the world. Meeting the Divine Lights of the Seals in the air, they surprisingly turned those runes into nothing.

“Is he so strong?” Those powerful cultivators were looking at the two’s battlefield from far away. That divine light was dazzling. Many Renhuang standing in the distance felt their sights were blocked, although they were not the ones being attacked. They could hardly open their eyes in that light.

The powerful cultivators from the Donghua Domain were even more nervous. Chen Yi was also from the Donghua Domain. It was from there that he left for the Donghua Banquet with Ye Futian.

And by then, Chen Yi turned out to be so dreadful. He was on the peak Renhuang Plane. In the fight against Ning Hua, his Path of Light suppressed Ning Hua’s God Seal Spell.

Even the Practitioners around Ye Futian were shocked by the fact that Chen Yi was already strong enough to defeat Ning Hua. Let alone others.

As Chen Yi approached Ning Hua floating, numerous beams of light shot at the latter.

Ning Hua turned pale. His body seemed to transform into the Sealing Body of the Great Path. When lights shone on him, they were immediately sealed. At the same time, a dreadful Divine Light of the Seals flew from him, carrying an aura above his level.

A rune showed up behind him. It was the Seal Spell. And it was growing bigger and bigger. As if formed by numerous Seal Spells, it turned into a giant Seal.

Ning Hua made some noises with his mouth. A paramount aura blossomed in him. Then he pointed ahead, and the giant Seal Spell showed up in front of the finger he used to point. As he moved ahead, wherever he passed, the light was sealed right away. He leaped to Chen Yi this way in an irresistible manner.

He resorted to the will of the Emperor with the super-powerful ancient character. Something unusual must have happened to Ning Hua, too, Ye Futian thought to himself. No wonder Ning Hua was so confident.

But unfortunately, his opponent was Chen Yi, who had the inheritance of the light.

Seeing the giant Seal Spell that had blocked the sun moving through countless beams of lights toward him aggressively at a high speed, Chen Yi waved his hands. In an instant, a beam of light that was ten thousand-Zhang-long blossomed, and a divine and inviolable shadow showed up behind him.

“The Divine Method of Light, the Way of Light!”

Ye Futian knew the fight was over as soon as he saw that. Back then, Blind Chen opened his eyes at all costs to exert the Divine Method of Light. However, Chen Yi had got the real inheritance of the light, and he was already able to use the divine method.

As soon as this method was exerted, everything in the world would be purified by the light. That giant Seal Spell broke into pieces again and again. One after another rune was crushed. Little by little, the giant rune collapsed, falling in front of Chen Yi.

Ning Hua shouted in shock. He was almost blinded, and he could not open his eyes at all. Blood flowed out of his eyes. The force of light got in contact with him and penetrated him.

“You are going too far!” some powerful cultivator shouted after seeing that. Dreadful energy fell, intending to stop Chen Yi from killing. They had not expected him to be so strong that Ning Hua was completely overwhelmed by him.

Boom… When that boom came, dreadful energy exploded. The Millet Emperor was going farther and farther away from Wangshen Watchtower. Wangshen Watchtower fell and overwhelmed the entire area so that no one could intervene.

Many powerful cultivators turned pale. On the battlefield, Chen Yi had gained complete control over Ning Hua’s life or death. Ning Hua was obviously in agony. It seemed he would die instantly as long as Chen Yi wanted him to.

There were great pains in Ning Hua’s eyes. He had never imagined he would end up like this. He failed to defeat Chen Yi, not to mention Ye Futian. And Chen Yi even brought his life or death under control and totally overcame him.

“How dare you!”

At this moment, a horrifying aura descended. Boundless space was shrouded in it. The vast world seemed to be sealed. A figure showed up. It was Ning Yuan—the chief of the Domain Chief’s Manor of the Donghua Domain. He had just got here.

He glanced at where Chen Yi was and gave off formidable energy as soon as he showed up.

He could not believe Ye Futian had come to attack the Donghua Palace and that he even intended to kill Ning Hua under the nose of so many cultivators. How arrogant was he!

Gazing at Ye Futian and his companions, he looked like he could not wait to kill them!
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    《The Legend of Futian》