The Legend of Futian
2512 The Price You Will Pay
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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2512 The Price You Will Pay

Above the firmament, Chief Xihai stared at Ye Futian below, his face authoritative and indifferent.

Ye Futian frowned. Before he got here, he did not expect that all 18 Domain Chief’s Manors in the Void Realm were connected. Even so, he thought he could handle it. But now, even Chief-level characters had arrived.

“Chief Xihai, Ye Futian was acting recklessly and completely out of control. He killed my son Ning Hua at the Donghua Palace. I now ask Chief Xihai to apprehend him.” Ning Yuan couldn’t care less about his dignity at this moment. In title, he was the same as Chief Xihai. Both of them were Chiefs under the command of the Great Emperor, and were existences of equal level. However, he understood that that the two of them, in fact, were not at the same level. After all, strength determined everything.

There were differences between Chiefs.

Nonetheless, they held the same status on paper and shouldn’t need to ask the other for help. But now, Ning Yuan didn’t care so much about anything and had asked Chief Xihai to help take down Ye Futian.

Ye Futian killed his son Ning Hua, and he was wholly determined to avenge his son.

In any case, Ye Futian could not be allowed to leave today as if nothing had happened. As long as he was in the hands of the cultivators from any of the Domain Chief’s Manors in the Divine Prefecture, no matter who it was, Ye Futian could forget about escaping.

Once upon a time, Donghuang the Great decided not to intervene because he didn’t wish to bully some youngster. But as an exchange, the teacher of Four Corner Village, likewise, could no longer interfere.

If Ye Futian returned to the Ziwei Segmentum, it would be difficult to touch him again.

A powerful pressure of might came down as Chief Xihai stared at Ye Futian indifferently and said, “Ye Futian, Donghuang the Great had once given you a way out, but instead of being grateful, you dared to go to war with the principalities in the Divine Prefecture and kill indiscriminately. You don’t know good from bad.”

His voice was authoritative and domineering, as a terrifying coercion dropped down and covered Ye Futian and the others. As he was speaking, he raised his hand and grabbed towards the space below without hesitation.

This sight caused the hearts of the surrounding cultivators to tremble. Chief Xihai had made his move right away.

Obviously, he wanted to take Ye Futian down.

“Watch out.” Ye Futian came next to everyone in an instant to sweep them away, turning into a beam of light. But the speed of Chief Xihai’s attack was equally astonishing. Ye Futian barely avoided the giant palm as it was slamming down on them.

Mo Yunzi, the Golden-winged Roc, was caught by that gigantic hand.

Mo Yunzi struggled frantically but couldn’t get out of it. When he looked at Ye Futian, he made a long and sustained howl.

Above the void, Chief Xihai raised Mo Yunzi’s body, and he glanced indifferently at Ye Futian. A strange look flashed through his eyes. Ye Futian was actually able to take these people and had evaded capture…

“Elder and I have never had any grievances or quarrels. I asked the elder to be merciful.” Ye Futian said to the face that appeared in the void. Although the Golden-winged Roc as morphed by Mo Yunzi was humongous in size, he could not get himself out of that giant palm, firmly caught within its grasp.

His eyes fixed on Ye Futian, as he appeared to be in incredible pain, and he was asking for help with his eyes. Clearly, he was in extreme discomfort at the moment.

Bang! With a squeeze of Chief Xihai’s hand, that gigantic hand tightened its grasp, and a crunching sound was heard. Mo Yunzi uttered a mournful scream as the body of a divine bird, as if made from pure gold, was crushed. It was so fragile in that gigantic hand; it seemed as if it could not bear its attack. Bright red blood stained that gigantic hand as blood continued to drip from the void.

This was a terribly tragic scene.

A divine bird was crushed to death in this manner. It was too brutal.

He seemed unwilling to die like this. His massive eyes were still open, looking ahead. There was pain and reluctance in his eyes.

He was the Golden-winged Roc, who had entered the Buddhist holy land of Spirit Mountain to cultivate. He had been enlightened by great Buddhas and had studied many scriptures. In the future, he would have become a great demonic beast who could attain the Way. But, he perished here, in such a cruel manner, tortured and killed.

His eyes were still staring at Ye Futian.

Ye Futian stared back at him as well. He had just spoken, and Chief Xihai immediately crushed Mo Yunzi to death like stepping on an ant without any thought.

At this moment, Ye Futian felt the blood in his body boiling as his heart twitched violently. His eyes couldn’t leave Mo Yunzi, who had died right in front of him.

Although he and Mo Yunzi didn’t meet each other under the best circumstances, they had been together for more than ten years. Over the years, Mo Yunzi had worked hard with no complaints, and he was very serious about his study while at Spirit Mountain. He had made great progress in his cultivation.

Therefore, Ye Futian had always regarded this demonic beast as his own partner. But, today, he was tortured and killed right in front of him in such a cruel manner by Chief Xihai.

These lofty characters were cruel and ruthless. In the pursuit of their own goals, they had no concerns for other living things.

He and Chief Xihai had no previous entanglements. But the other acted without mercy and crushed his demonic beast to death without another word. If someone else besides Mo Yunzi were captured just then, their fate would be the same—crushed to death just like some insects.

Above the firmament, Chief Xihai would have no idea of Ye Futian’s feelings, nor did he care. Although he was the Chief in the West Sea Domain, the Domain Chief’s Manor had always been suppressed by the West Imperial Palace. Everyone knew that the West Imperial Palace was the king of the West Sea Domain—its premier principality.

Compared with the West Imperial Palace, all he lacked was the inheritance at the Imperial level. Ye Futian could make up for that, as there were many inheritances from the Great Emperors on him.

Taking down Ye Futian had thousands of benefits without any disadvantages. The opportunity had presented itself today. How could he not seize it?

With a thought, the terrifying coercion continued to press down, pouncing on Ye Futian and the others again. However, under that pressure, Ye Futian still managed to disappear. He did not take anyone else with him this time but disappeared alone and appeared among the crowds in the West Sea Domain.

Before the arrival of Chief Xihai, many of the cultivators from the West Sea Domain were already here.

When Ye Futian appeared, an overbearing aura of the Great Path enveloped this whole area. The power of yin froze this space in a second, and all the cultivators shuddered as their bodies were covered with a layer of frost.

At the same time, Chief Xihai had controlled Li Changsheng and the others.

His brows furrowed slightly as he swept a glance at Ye Futian. Once again, he had broken through his suppression.

“Let them go, and I will stay. After they get back, I will let these people go,” Ye Futian said as he looked at Chief Xihai.

“Very well.” Chief Xihai was straightforward enough and readily released these people. On the other side, the battle between Ning Yuan and Emperor Xi had stopped as well and did not continue.

Ning Yuan’s eyes drifted towards Ye Futian, full of murderous intent.

“Emperor Xi, you and the others return to Ziwei Segmentum first,” Ye Futian looked at Emperor Xi and said.

Emperor Xi frowned as everyone else was also looking at Ye Futian.

Chief Xihai came in person, and this was a supreme cultivator who had survived the second Divine Tribulation of the Great Path. If Ye Futian stayed, how could he escape such an existence?

“You just take care of yourselves and leave. I have my own way of leaving here. You will only hinder me by being here,” Ye Futian said to Emperor Xi and the others via voice transmission. Only then did Emperor Xi nod. He said to the others, “Let’s go.”

As soon as he spoke, he took everyone away with incredible speed.

Neither Chief Xihai nor Ning Yuan chased after them. Chief Xihai’s goal was to get Ye Futian, while Ning Yuan wanted Ye Futian dead.

As long as Ye Futian was still around, no one else was important.

The terrifying coercion enveloped this area, and these two great cultivators stared at Ye Futian with no intention of letting him ever leave.

Cultivators from all the Domain Chief’s Manors stood around, watching it quietly. This time, how could Ye Futian escape?

Donghua Domain’s Sword Goddess and several of her disciples were a little worried. This time, Ye Futian was alone, with no one else to help him.

Even if they wanted to help him, they couldn’t take any action.

In the face of such absolute strength, there was no point. Their help would only spell their own deaths.

“Renhuang Ye, is there anything we can do to help you?” Qin Qing transmitted her message to Ye Futian. Although she could not participate in this kind of battle, if Ye Futian had other needs for which she could render assistance, perhaps she could be of some help.

Ye Futian felt a little warmth inside. He didn’t expect that Qin Qing would be willing to be helpful at a time like this. Such kindness was, in itself, very rare.

“Thank you so much, Goddess Qin. But the Goddess need not worry about me,” Ye Futian replied. Qin Qing was a little doubtful when she heard Ye Futian’s reply. Could Ye Futian have another way to escape this catastrophe?

“Very well,” She replied without saying anything more.

Everyone was waiting quietly. They knew that Ye Futian was waiting for his people to retreat safely, unharmed, and return to Ziwei Segmentum.

However, did Ye Futian ever consider that if something happened to him, even if the others were to return to Ziwei Segmentum safely, what could they do there?

Once Ye Futian was no more, the Ziwei Segmentum would most certainly be conquered and divided instantly, then plundered by mighty forces from all sides.

Even Ning Yuan knew that. He didn’t care about anyone else for now. As long as he could take down Ye Futian, then all the cultivators who followed Ye Futian in the Ziwei Segmentum would die tragically; he would make sure he was there to kill them all himself.

The death of his son, Ning Hua, must be atoned for with the deaths of all the cultivators in Ziwei Segmentum.

Time passed by slowly, and Ye Futian was still waiting—waiting for the others to get back. He would not allow any more unforeseen incidents.

“Is it time?” In the void, Chief Xihai lowered his head to look down at Ye Futian below.

Ye Futian looked up at the other, did not respond to his question, but asked, “Have you ever thought about the price for your cruelty just now?”

“Price?” Chief Xihai looked down at the white-haired man below.

Ye Futian was talking to him about the price of things?

“I have no idea what you are talking about.” Chief Xihai had a majestic, authoritative and domineering air. He dismissed Ye Futian’s question outright. At this moment, shouldn’t he be thinking about the fate that was inevitably waiting for him?

“When I attended the Donghua banquet, Ning Yuan had the same attitude as you do now, high and lofty as if there was no one but him. But today, Ning Hua’s death was the price he had to pay for his arrogance.” Ye Futian spoke in a calm voice as if he was speaking of something very trivial.

“Today, as the Domain Chief of the West Sea Domain, you came here with aggression and killed my demonic beast without cause. For this, you will pay.”

He was no longer the person that he was decades ago.

He had waited for decades to have his revenge on Ning Yuan, but he would not wait so long for the debt incurred today.

“Is that so?” Chief Xihai looked down at Ye Futian with palpable contempt in his voice.

Ye Futian was threatening to make him pay?

The divine light of the Great Path surrounded Ye Futian. His entire body was brilliant; it was as if he had turned into a sword.

In the next moment, a ray of divine light broke through the air, fast to the limit.

“Where are you going!” Ning Yuan shouted, and the force of Seal directly blocked this corner of the sky. Above the firmament, infinite runes of seals appeared, unspeakably horrific. There was no way Ye Futian could escape.

Boom! With a loud boom, the runes of Seal were shattered immediately as the light pierced through the seal. It also broke through Chief Xihai’s coercion as it went higher above the sky.

This scene stunned all the cultivators, including Ning Yuan himself.

The sealed space was forcibly broken by Ye Futian?

When Ye Futian rushed out of this sealed space, he vanished from everyone’s sight. Many cultivators released their divine consciousnesses, but they could no longer track or lock onto Ye Futian. It was as if in just a moment, he was gone without a trace.

“Chief Xihai, you will repent for what you have done today,” said a voice from the void, which made everyone’s hearts tremble.

Ye Futian seemed to be stronger than they had imagined, a lot stronger.

Boom… A horrific aura moved towards the distance, and even Chief Xihai hesitated for a moment before pursuing after him. Did Ye Futian escape this area just like that?

Ning Yuan also flickered and disappeared from this space. All three powerful cultivators vanished in a blink of an eye.

Qin Qing looked at her master, the Sword Goddess, and her beautiful eyes showed immense shock. She had a feeling that Ye Futian would indeed make Chief Xihai pay for what he had done!
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    《The Legend of Futian》