The Legend of Futian
2516 Locked In
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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2516 Locked In

On the surface, everything in Yingzhou City seemed to be business as usual. Underneath it all, however, there was a current that was brewing. This time the matter was related to the Domain Chief’s Manor. Someone was hunting and killing the direct descendants of the Domain Chief’s Manor, which was considered a significant event.

For hundreds of years, no one had dared to do anything like this. This was the first time it had happened.

The Yingzhou coast seemed calm enough, but the water closest to the coastal region had seen an increase of cultivators during this period; many of them were not even native to Yingzhou City. They had come from the outside world purely for the purpose of witnessing the development of this turmoil.

Could the Domain Chief’s Manor in the West Sea Domain apprehend Ye Futian?

In this area near the coast, a great ship was floating quietly at sea, not moving in any particular direction. On the deck of this great ship, a beautiful woman stood there quietly, looking at the landscape in the distant shore.

This woman was Xi Chiyao, the goddess of West Imperial Palace, who had come from Canghuan Island. Her beautiful eyes looked in different directions, and she saw that many ships seemed to be approaching. Some powerful cultivators even looked at her as if trying to recognize who she was.

After all, in the West Sea Domain, as the goddess of West Imperial Palace, her status needed no further elaboration. She was the true treasured daughter of the domain, whose name was known to everyone. However, there were not many who had actually seen her. Therefore, many people were just guessing and did not actually get close to her.

“It seems that it’s not just us who came here. These cultivators just couldn’t stay away and have come to join in for a bit of fun,” Xi Chiyao said with a smile.

“That also depends on what they are here for. The premier enchanting genius has come from the Original Realm, seeking revenge at the Domain Chief’s Manor in the West Sea Domain. Who wouldn’t be curious?” The old man behind her said with a smile, “Over here, most of them were speculating about Ye Futian’s strength, which even I am curious about. Just how strong is Ye Futian?”

“It was unlikely that he has any suitable opponents in the realm of Renhuang,” Xi Chiyao said with a smile. She had fought with Ye Futian once before. After so many years, she thought that there would not be too many people left who could compare to her at this level.

Ye Futian might be a bit stronger.

“Well, when Qin Luo made his name, he was given the title of War God of Yingzhou by Yingzhou City. Although it is a bit of exaggeration, it was not hard to see just how glorious Qin Luo’s war record was at the time. His talent was exceptional, and his combat effectiveness extraordinary. But such a figure was destroyed by Ye In Futian with one finger,” the old man said, slightly surprised. “Cultivators who had not survived the Divine Tribulation of the Great Path would have a hard time defeating him.”

“Greetings to the elder of West Imperial Palace and the goddess of Imperial Palace.” At this time, a ship approached them. Someone called out to salute Xi Chiyao, clearly having recognized her.

“Mmm.” The old man nodded almost imperceptibly, appearing a little cold to the touch. Xi Chiyao just gave them a wayward glance and outright ignored him. The man knew that they were reluctant to engage him in conversation and left quietly.

Anyone else who saw this exchange quickly dispelled any thoughts of approaching them and contented themselves to watch everything from a distance.

Xi Chiyao, the goddess of West Imperial Palace, was still a faraway figure to them. This was the true overlord of the West Sea Domain and the heir of the Ancient God Clan. Even the most enchanting genius talents and peak Renhuang existence in the West Sea Domain were hard-pressed to come into contact with her. Perhaps only truly excellent Renhuang existences had some opportunity to interact with Xi Chiyao.

On the coast was a group of people standing there, looking towards the great ships that floated on the sea in the distance. These people were cultivators from the Domain Chief’s Manor. The man in the lead now shouted, “The goddess of West Imperial Palace has arrived. Why not come to our Domain Chief’s Manor to take a rest and visit?”

This voice resounded throughout this area and attracted many peoples’ attention. It seemed as if people in this coastal region somehow missed the fact that he was a cultivator from the Domain Chief’s Manor.

In this area, there were also many groups dotted all along the coast; all of them were dispatched by the Domain Chief’s Manor. They were here under the pretense of searching for Ye Futian in order to capture him. In fact, no one thought the matter could be quite that simple; there may be some other purposes behind their presence.

Ye Futian was hunting the cultivators of the Domain Chief’s Manor in the open. How could the West Sea Domain Chief’s Manor be so stupid to show up like this and let Ye Futian kill them? The only possibility was that it was all a setup.

Ye Futian must have known it as well, hence his absence.

Many people speculated that since Ye Futian had already sneak-attacked them once and knew that the Domain Chief’s Manor would now be prepared for him, it was possible that he would not be taking such a risk again.

“We’ll walk around some so we won’t trouble the Domain Chief’s Manor,” responded the old man on the ship, and the people from the Domain Chief’s Manor nodded without saying anything more. It was a courtesy invitation, and they knew that the cultivators from West Imperial Palace were probably just here to watch the show.

Just as they were talking, a figure suddenly appeared on the shore. He was suspended in the air so quietly without any aura. No one knew how or where the man was coming from.

Many people hadn’t even seen him until they saw the reaction in other people’s eyes. They turned around and looked in that direction, their eyes glued there.

What a terrifying space technique—invisible and untraceable. He had simply appeared out of nowhere. This kind of superpower was indeed suitable for hunting.

Xi Chiyao was stunned as well, looking at the white-haired figure that suddenly appeared in the distance. A faint smile appeared in her beautiful eyes. It was no wonder Buddha’s Celerity was one of the six superpowers of Buddhism; it was indeed miraculous.

Of course, those who had the strongest reaction were the cultivators from the Domain Chief’s Manor. Their hearts palpitated, and in an instant, it was like they were facing a formidable foe. Ye Futian hadn’t made his move yet, but just with his appearance there, the aura of the Great Path from these cultivators’ bodies roared frantically to cover the space around them. They forged a layer of a defensive light screen. They weren’t so busy for an attack right now but were focused instead on preserving their own lives first.

“Ye Futian!” an icy voice called out. The Domain Chief’s Manor cultivators didn’t expect that he would dare to make an appearance. He was standing there in all his insolent glory; didn’t he ever consider that this could be a trap, laying in waiting, just for him?

Otherwise, why would they readily appear here just to search for him?

As soon as their voices faded, Ye Futian turned into a light, fast to the extreme.

Buzz! That light arrived in a flash. It directly bisected the area where they were. The defensive light screen was shattered when the light ran through it, and the eyes of everyone in that group of people revealed a look of horror. Then, all of their bodies turned into nothingness, disintegrating instantaneously.

As for Ye Futian, he had already returned to the place far away. It was as if he had never done anything at all. He was merely standing there quietly, and many people’s hearts palpitated, feeling the horror. With just a flash, all these cultivators had died, turning into nothing more than dust and smoke.

The vast majority of the people did not see the exchange clearly and had no idea what happened at that moment.

Only some top figures, such as Xi Chiyao and the old man next to her, saw the whole thing clearly. Ye Futian’s physical body had transformed into the Great Path, and his body—the Body of the Great Path—had passed through the space in a flash. Like an indestructible sword carrying the destructive terror of the sword will, it passed through that area and shattered that space. Everyone inside the kill zone was slaughtered without exception.

But Ye Futian’s expression was one of indifference. Since they had used themselves as bait to lure him in, he would oblige them so they may fulfill their purpose.

“Huh?” At this moment, these cultivators shuddered. Xi Chiyao and other cultivators from West Imperial Palace frowned as they looked up around this space.

This vast expanse of space suddenly became extremely chilly, and many cultivators on the sea felt a burst of icy coldness. That coldness had directly penetrated their souls.

In an instant, a watery mist appeared in the entire world. An old man stood quietly on the surface of the sea closest to the coast. His eyes were extremely cold, and a murderous intent surrounded him. The watery mist seemed to be formed by the seawater and penetrated his body.

“Ye Futian.” That figure standing on the sea said, then pointed his finger towards Ye Futian. Suddenly, countless water droplets appeared in the mist, flying towards Ye Futian.

Ye Futian merely glanced at the moment, and in the next moment, he disappeared right from where he was; it was as if he was never there.

“You can’t leave now!” He raised his head as he scanned the sky high above. As soon as he said that, the vast space was full of a biting icy coldness.

“So cold!” Many shuddered. Xi Chiyao’s brows knitted together tightly as she looked at the mist in the void. “It seems that there is an aura,” she said.

“Mmm,” the old man next to her nodded. “It’s he who started it; we should have expected it a long time ago. Ye Futian, I am afraid, will encounter some trouble.”

“Let’s just watch,” Xi Chiyao said lightly. In the distance, in the direction of Domain Chief’s Manor, a terrifying aura descended, followed by a voice that said, “So?”

“Chief, I’ve put a mark on him; he can’t leave now.” The cultivator who responded was standing on the sea, a strong sense of confidence in his eyes. Unless Ye Futian had also survived the Divine Tribulation of the Great Path, he would not be able to destroy the mark that had been placed on him.

And this mark was enough to get a lock on him.

“Go and bring him back. It’s better that he’s alive. But if not, his corpse will do,” Chief Xihai said coldly.

“Chief, rest easy,” the man replied confidently. As soon as his voice fell, he turned and glanced in a direction further away. Ye Futian was in that direction at this moment.

The reason why the Chief could not track Ye Futian before was Buddha’s Celerity. Buddha’s Celerity allowed its practitioner to come and go without a trace. There were no rules to speak of; therefore, there was no way to put a lock on it. However, it was different at this moment. He had successfully locked onto Ye Futian. No matter where he went now, there was no way Ye Futian could get rid of his trace.

In the distance, Ye Futian appeared in the sky above the coastal region, frowning slightly. Suddenly, he could feel several chills inside his body, as if formed by the power of the Great Path and gotten into his body somehow, gave him a distinct sense of coldness.

Many of those who had survived the Divine Tribulation of the Great Path possessed some unique abilities of their own. This was something he already knew.

But, trying to use that to hunt him down?
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    《The Legend of Futian》