The Legend of Futian
2529 The Deity Island and the Divine Matrix
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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2529 The Deity Island and the Divine Matrix

There was a boundless Deity Mist. The celestial mountain rose from the sea, showed up above the sea, and transformed into a Deity Island.

It was a giant Deity Island. With their bodies suspended over it, Ye Futian and others could feel the vast Worldly Spiritual Qi enveloping the celestial mountain, which they were breathing greedily.

They took a step forward one after another, ready to go onto the celestial mountain to find the relics of the Ancient Emperor.

“Hold up.” A voice came, leaving them dumbstruck. They looked back at Xi Chiyao.

“Chiyao, now that the celestial mountain showed up, we should hurry up,” said an old man.

“Everyone, stay at the periphery of the celestial mountain. Deploy the Raindrop Divine Matrix to isolate the mountain from the outside world,” said Xi Chiyao. Her order puzzled the Practitioners from the West Imperial Palace. They all looked at her with confused faces.

At such a timing, everyone wanted to go onto the celestial mountain to find the relics of the Ancient Emperor. It was a fantastic opportunity. If they stayed here to deploy the Raindrop Divine Matrix, who would go onto the celestial mountain?

“I’ve got news from Jiuyi City. Many people set off from the Breeze Pavilion. They should have decoded the address, too, and will find this place very soon. Renhuang Ye is good at decoding relics. He and I will go and look for the deity’s traces. You stay here to deploy the Raindrop Divine Matrix. Don’t let anyone disturb us,” added Xi Chiyao.

Many people remained perplexed. They were all Practitioners from the West Imperial Palace, and Xi Chiyao was the Goddess of the West Imperial Palace. However, she was going to send Ye Futian to decode the relics. Although she would go with him, everyone knew she was not a rival for Ye Futian. They were not even comparable in terms of strength, so it meant the relics on the celestial mountain were basically Ye Futian’s.

Why was she helping an outsider?

The inheritance of the Elixir Emperor could be on the celestial mountain. It was exactly what the Divine Prefecture needed. If the West Imperial Palace could get it, they would grow more powerful. She should not give up such a great opportunity to a stranger, no matter what reason she had.

And they would deploy a formation to help Ye Futian?

That did not make any sense.

“Chiyao, I’m afraid I disagree. We will go to look for the relics right now,” said an awe-inspiring middle-aged man in the tone of a senior. It was Xi Chiyao’s uncle. Xi Chiyao was the Goddess, but her position in the family hierarchy was not high. Many seniors had come with her this time.

“I am not discussing with you, uncle. As the Goddess, I order you to deploy the Raindrop Divine Matrix.” An unusual light showed up in Xi Chiyao’s eyes, which looked the same as the West Emperor’s eyes. She glanced over the powerhouses of the West Imperial Palace.

“He is the enemy of the Divine Prefecture. How dare you collaborate with him so brazenly…” Xi Chiyao’s uncle was still very reluctant to follow her order.

“Start now! Otherwise, all of you will be punished according to the rules of the clan after we go back to the imperial palace,” shouted Xi Chiyao, pushy and awe-inspiring. She did not even let her uncle finish speaking. That gentle and pretty woman always wearing a smile on her face was iron-willed, tough, awe-inspiring, and bossy at the moment. She did not allow any questions for her order.

“Do as she ordered,” said the old man behind Xi Chiyao.

“Fine!” responded Xi Chiyao’s uncle, gnashing his teeth. The others also nodded and started to work. Some of them trusted Xi Chiyao, but many people were following her order reluctantly. She was the most powerful heir to the West Emperor, the Goddess chosen by the West Imperial Palace. Even seniors would have to fulfill her order.

The Lord of the West Imperial Palace once announced that Xi Chiyao could order anyone in the clan except him, that anyone that refused to follow her order would be regarded as a traitor of the West Imperial Palace. All of his powers would be removed according to the rules of the clan. No one knew why that old man trusted and spoiled Xi Chiyao so much despite her young age.

When all that had been done, Xi Chiyao said to Ye Futian, “Come on. Let’s go onto the celestial mountain.”

Ye Futian had been watching the whole time. It all happened in a very short while. Xi Chiyao’s brief but powerful speech showed him the other side of hers and left him in shock, too. The successor that the Ancient God Clan had chosen was quite sophisticated. He could hardly believe it was the same gentle and pretty woman he knew that had acted so toughly.

“He was right. That move will offend many forces,” said Ye Futian. He was the common enemy of the Divine Prefecture. Xi Chiyao had made it clear that she would not help him explicitly. However, what she did contradicted what she said. She told the Practitioners of the West Imperial Palace to deploy the Raindrop Divine Matrix to help him.

“We don’t have much time. Other forces are already on their way. We have to be quick,” Xi Chiyao said. “And I am not just helping you. Don’t forget we are allies. I have a share, too.”

Ye Futian looked at Xi Chiyao, who was next to him. She was smiling with her eyes as gentle as water. It was the old her again.

“Stop thinking about those people. What’s urgent now is find the Ancient Emperor’s relics on the celestial mountain and take them away as quickly as we can,” added Xi Chiyao. Ye Futian gave her a nod. He looked at the Celestial mountain below them while releasing his divine consciousness to shroud the Deity Island.

The Breeze Pavilion was surprisingly fast. So, they had to make it quick indeed—find what he wanted as fast as he could and then leave. As long as he could get what he wanted, there would be no more concerns because no one was fast enough to catch up with him.

And he would go as far as he could.

The celestial mountain was covered with verdant ancient trees full of the energy of life. Despite having most of it in the sea, it was still giving off a strong vibe full of life and being nourished by the Worldly Spiritual Qi.

“These herbs and trees all have a soul. They are celestial herbs and trees, very precious,” said Ye Futian in a low voice, looking at the plants on the Deity Island. They were all precious medicinal materials rarely seen in the Outer Realms; they were the real treasures.

However, they were everywhere on the celestial mountain.

The Deity Island was a treasure trove itself.

“Nine Spirits Herbs, Trees of Life, Celestial Vines…” Looking down, Xi Chiyao glanced over with her divine consciousness and recognized many rare herbs and trees. An exotic light flashed across her pretty eyes. If she could take some of those away, she would own a treasure trove full of resources she could use to refine elixirs.

“Don’t touch anything yet. We still need to find the relics of the Ancient Emperor first.” Ye Futian restrained his greediness. It was not time yet. If they touched anything here and failed to find the relics. As a result, they would regret it a lot.

“Have you found anything?” asked Xi Chiyao. Her divine consciousness covered every inch of the celestial mountain, but she found nothing. There was nothing special.

“No.” Ye Futian shook his head. Just like Xi Chiyao, his divine consciousness shrouded the whole celestial mountain, but he only saw the precious plants over the mountain.

“There are only plenty of precious spirit herbs and trees on the legendary Deity Island, but no inheritance of the Ancient Emperor?” An assumption entered his mind. Everything here is precious and priceless, but if that was all, he would still feel disappointed.

He wanted more than that.

Both of them were searching using their divine consciousness. Xi Chiyao frowned. “There are always many rumors about this Deity Island, but maybe it’s just where the successors to the Great Emperor planted medicinal herbs? Maybe there is no inheritance at all.”

Next to her, Ye Futian suddenly put on a bizarre look. His eyes seemed to be able to look beyond the emptiness and see the truth.

He seemed to detect something. Xi Chiyao looked down, and her eyes changed, too. They looked like the eyes of the West Emperor.

However, she detected nothing. She still did not see anything special.

“Elixirs!” Ye Futian said one word. Xi Chiyao looked at him.

Looking at the celestial mountain down there, Ye Futian said, “The herbs and trees on the celestial mountain are all nourished by elixirs. Top Alchemy Masters used to cultivate on this island. They refined elixirs and used them to nourish the medicinal herbs here. Some of the medicinal herbs were even transformed from their elixirs.”

“Reverse nurturing?!” said Xi Chiyao in a low voice.

“I heard that some elixirs should go through ordeals called elixir tribulation after being refined. Such elixirs have a soul. Some special elixirs can be used to cultivate precious herbs, thus giving them the tribulation attribute. In this way, more high-grade elixirs will be refined.”

“Soul!” Ye Futian repeated the word. He was still looking down and checking out every inch of the mountain.

Then he closed his eyes and entered a serene status, reciting the Buddhist Sutra to himself.

A divine light shrouded Ye Futian’s body like the Light of Buddha. Xi Chiyao put on a shocked look. Standing next to Ye Futian, she also felt a serenity at the bottom of her heart, as if she would be plunged into that status as well.

At that moment, Ye Futian did not seem to exist. The celestial mountain was the only thing in his world. He was feeling every tree, every herb, and every leaf on it. He was communicating with their souls.

Buzz! Ye Futian suddenly disappeared, which struck Xi Chiyao dumb. She looked down and saw him show up somewhere on the Deity Island and stand there in silence.

It was an opening where he was standing. There were only a few herbs in front of him. However, those unremarkable herbs were growing on the celestial mountain with other celestial herbs and divine trees.

And around them, there were no other plants.

Xi Chiyao landed there, too. She darted an odd look at Ye Futian and those herbs.

Those herbs would doubtless be neglected on the celestial mountain because they had nothing special. Visitors of the mountain could even step on them unintentionally, but somehow, Ye Futian chose here to land and was staring at them.

She did not know why, but she stood there quietly without posing any questions. Ye Futian was stronger than she was. He must have his reason to do that. She would not have come here with him in the first place if she did not trust him.

At this moment, beyond the Deity Island, a big group of powerful cultivators with dreadful auras flew across the air over the sea. Those were exactly the powerhouses from Jiuyi City.

“We came too late?” Looking ahead, they supposed it was not late after all.

“The Raindrop Divine Matrix. It’s the West Imperial Palace indeed.” Some of them saw a rain curtain instead of the Deity Island in front of them. That area was full of raindrops, and none of them had the nerve to rush into that world.

The falling raindrops had extremely edgy energy in them as if they were the sharpest blades in the world.

It was the Raindrop Divine Matrix deployed by the West Imperial Palace!
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    《The Legend of Futian》