The Legend of Futian
2554 The Ignoration from Du You
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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2554 The Ignoration from Du You

After the arrival of Princess Donghuang, the Lord of Tianyan City’s smile became even bigger. This Armorer Fest was the grandest one in the past thousand years.

“Your Highness, you look even more noble now. Every time I see Your Highness, I can’t help but be pleasantly surprised,” said someone sitting on the side with a smile. The tone he used to speak to Princess Donghuang suggested he must be in an unusual position, too.

It was the chief of the Domain Chief’s Manor of the Taishangi Doman, a senior who once followed Donghuang the Great. Donghuang the Great established Domain Chief’s Manors after unifying the world, and this chief from the Taishang Doman used to be an extraordinarily powerful cultivator under Donghuang the Great.

Even the Lord of Tianyan City had to show respect to him if they met. This was his first time to take part in the Armorer Fest held in Tianyan City.

Looking at Chief Taishang, Princess Donghuang said, “Master, now that we are acquainted, we don’t have to stand on ceremony. You can just call me Diyuan.”

“Your Highness, I’m flattered that you recognized me, but I won’t allow myself to behave rudely to you,” said Chief Taishang with a smile. Diyuan was Princess Donghuang’s name.

Her full name was Donghuang Diyuan.

“Diyuan!” Ye Futian was surprised. Donghuang Diyuan.

He had been ignorant of the name of Princess Donghuang, which seemed a little strange to him when he heard it. He wondered why Donghuang the Great had named the princess “Diyuan.”

Xia Qingyuan also had the character “Yuan” in her name.

Not only Ye Futian, actually, few people knew Princess Donghuang’s name. After all, people all over the Land of the Divine Prefecture had to address her as Your Highness. As spacious as the land was, Donghuang the Great was the only person that could call her by her name.

Therefore, except for some aged people and those in key positions in the imperial palace, Donghuang Diyuan’s name was almost unknown.

“Your Highness, almost everyone is here. Shall we start now?” the Lord of Tianyan City asked Princess Donghuang.

“I am just an onlooker. The Armorer Fest is the fest of Tianyan City. I wouldn’t meddle. Lord, you are the only person who gets to make decisions here. Please pretend I am not here,” said Princess Donghuang in a plain tone.

“Okay.” The Lord of Tianyan City nodded. Then, looking at the crowd, he said in a loud voice, “Her Highness came here in person for the Armorer Fest. And so many friends came from all over the Land of the Divine Prefecture to offer congratulations and watch the competition. This is the grandest fest ever held in Tianyan City. Therefore, everyone, hopefully, you will satisfy my expectation in the upcoming Armorer Competition.”

“There will be ten rounds in this Armorer Competition. In the first nine, Renhuang from level one to level nine will be forging weapons in nine courts. The best armorers on each level in each court will go to the City Lord Office for the tenth round, which is the final of the Armorer Competition.”

“You will get a prize as long as you get to the City Lord Office. Or you can choose to join the City Lord Office and cultivate and forge weapons there. In that case, you will have the best cultivation experience and enjoy the best weapon forging environment.”

“In the tenth round, everyone that goes to the City Lord Office will forge weapons at the same time. Only the best performers on each level will be chosen for the final competition. Of course, besides the nine levels, we also have cultivators on the Tribulation Plane. They have a free pass to the final in the City Lord Office.”

The crowd was quite thrilled by the speech of the Lord of Tianyan City. The notable Armorer Competition, which was held only once every 100 years, would take place soon. As to the rules, they already knew them well.

Only a few people, including Ye Futian, had not been very clear about the rules. That being said, thanks to the City Lord’s explanation, he already learned that nine competition courts had been set up in Tianyan City, and the best Armorers from each court would gather in the City Lord Office.

Then they would compete against each other in the City Lord Office despite their different levels. Those on lower levels certainly would not defeat those on higher levels, but even so, their great skills would be seen.

“Now, I declare the start of the first round,” said the Lord of Tianyan City. Sound waves were transmitted across the air and vibrating on the mirror screen in the sky. Then they carried across the whole city.

Numerous Practitioners were immediately motivated and excited. They looked up at the mirror screen in the sky while those in the nine competition courts were gazing at the vast central open space in each court.

There was staff from the City Lord Office managing the nine courts, too. They would judge whose newly forged weapons were the most powerful and decide who was the winner to go to the City Lord Office.

At this moment, many master armorers walked out of the crowd to the center of the nine courts. The first round was for armorers on the level-one Renhuang Plane.

All of the nine courts were wide enough to hold many Practitioners, so they could forge weapons at the same time. Besides, armorers who had the nerve to take part in the Armorer Competition were extraordinary because average ones would not want to show their incompetence in public. And there were not many gorgeous armorers in the first place. As a result, those nine courts were more than enough to hold all practitioners interested in the Armorer Competition.

Due to the mirror screen in the air, the interior and exterior of the City Lord Office seemed to have merged into one, and even the entire Tianyan City seemed to be one. People in the city could see not only the situation of the nine courts but also that of the City Lord Office.

In the City Lord Office, many top-level people were looking at the nine platforms that corresponded respectively to the nine courts. They did not need to lift their heads. The images on the nine platforms were even clearer. They could see everyone forging weapons sitting in the City Lord Office.

Of course, those overlords could cover the nine courts with their divine consciousnesses.

“It’s starting.”

The armorers that had gone to the center of the courts had already started. They were preparing their own Armory Zones, in which things necessary for the forging had shown up, including all kinds of devices, treasures such as the Black Iron of the Great Path and meteorites, and all sorts of powerful Flames of the Way. Those things could all be seen on the screen.

Even laypeople would be thrilled at the sight of the grand occasion.

Ye Futian, standing behind the powerful cultivators in the City Lord Office and watching the competition quietly, was also stirred. His ambition was to turn the Ziwei Segmentum into the number one alchemy force, but what he saw made him realize he had a long way to go to achieve that.

And the Alchemy Palace of the Ziwei Segmentum had a long way to go. Such a goal would not be fulfilled overnight unless he refined some top elixirs to enhance the influence of alchemy. However, given the weapon forging strength of Tianyan City, they were not a rival at all. They would need a lot of time to catch up.

However, the Ziwei Imperial Palace was governing countless Practitioners, among whom there must be some talented alchemists with the potential to be a master. He figured he should really tell Daoist Monk Mu to find as many of them as possible. When the occasion arose, he could also hold a fest like this to recruit talented people into the Alchemy Palace of the Ziwei Imperial Palace so that no talent would be wasted.

It was a question of environment, and Tianyan City had the best environment for armorers. He would make the Ziwei Segmentum the best environment for alchemists. As the first step, he would tell Daoist Monk Mu to go in that direction after this event was over.

That Daoist monk schemed against him, so he had to make the man work harder than others.

The Lord of Tianyan City glanced at the nine courts with a smile. In his eyes, the tenth round, which would occur in the City Lord Office, was the most noteworthy. The other rounds were just a start.

“I heard Du You, the Spear Emperor, had proved his path and gone through his tribulation. It’s really my pleasure to see the direct disciple of the Great Emperor here today,” said the Lord of Tianyan City to Du You, the Spear Emperor. He was just chitchatting.

“It’s my pleasure, too, City Lord.” Du You looked very calm. He seemed a little aloof. Although the person he was speaking to was the Lord of Tianyan City, a top overlord in the Divine Prefecture, Du You, as the direct disciple of Donghuang the Great, did not have to feel inferior.

Besides, he had met all sorts of people.

“Have you found any suitable weapon for yourself after the breakthrough? You know, the 13th Flight of Tianyan City makes really good spears.” The Lord of Tianyan City looked at the rear of the crowd while speaking. Wen Donglai from the 13th Flight was here, too. He reported to the City Lord Office, so it was natural that he watched the competition in the crowd there.

“Wen Donglai, do you have any divine weapon that the Spear Emperor deserves?” asked the Lord of Tianyan City.

“Yes, I do. If the Spear Emperor wants, I can also make a new one based on his needs,” said Wen Donglai.

“It’s okay. I am not short of divine arms. But thank you all the same, City Lord,” responded Du You in a plain voice. As the direct disciple of Donghuang the Great, he was not short of divine arms indeed. However, Donghuang the Great had never allowed him to use divine arms in a battle. Instead, he kept telling Du You not to use any of them because that was the only way to master the purest powerful spear methods.

“Well, of course.” The Lord of Tianyan City said with a smile, “The imperial palace is surely not short of divine arms.”

“Wang Teng, it’s said there was a gorgeous spearman in the competition hosted by Donglai a few days ago. Did you invite him here?” asked Wang Teng, the Lord of Tianyan City.

“Yes, father.” Wang Teng nodded. Looking back at Ye Futian, he said, “Changkong uses a silver spear. His spear skill is so fantastic that he defeated all opponents with one blow. He won the divine weapon with ease.”

“Nice to meet you, City Lord.” Seeing the Lord of Tianyan City look at him, Ye Futian nodded to salute him.

“Well.” The Lord of Tianyan City also saluted him with a slight nod. “Mr. Du is the direct disciple of the Great Emperor. His spear skill is outstanding. I don’t think he has any rival in the Divine Prefecture. It’s a rare opportunity that he is in Tianyan City. You can ask for Mr. Du’s instruction when the occasion arises so that you can improve your skill.”

“Practicing spear?” Du You looked back at Ye Futian. He saw a silver mask and the penetrating look behind the mask. However, without taking Ye Futian seriously, he retracted his look after a quick glance.

He certainly did not need to take Ye Futian seriously. That was just a man with a good combat force who wanted to join the City Lord Office. Fighting him would be against the way of spear.

Ye Futian noticed the ignoration in Du You’s look. As a disciple of Donghuang the Great, Du You certainly would not care about a Practitioner from the Outer Realms.
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    《The Legend of Futian》