The Legend of Futian
2560 The Unique Thing About Wang Xiao?
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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2560 The Unique Thing About Wang Xiao?

Inside Tianyan City, where all was quiet, countless people looked up toward the sky.

There, various powerful cultivators had already formed their Armory Zones and started to strike the armoring materials.

Inside the City Lord’s Office was a notable Armoring Palace, where the Path Fire resided. If there were ready-made materials like the molded rough shapes of arms, they could be used to complete the armoring. However, a qualified armorer must be able to complete armoring on his own. And to do so, he must forge the Armory Zone and have a Path Fire. These were the foundations, which was why armoring could not be separated from cultivation.

Cultivation level was the foundation of everything else.

If the armorer’s level wasn’t high enough, and his Path Fire wasn’t strong enough, he wouldn’t even be able to smelt the higher-tier armoring materials, let alone execute the armoring.

Wang Xiao of the City Lord’s Office. He’d been sharpening his sword for a hundred years, and this sword has to be extremely sharp, right? many people in Tianyan City thought. It had been 100 years since the previous Armorer Competition. Wang Xiao was probably old enough to remember things back then and could have witnessed the previous Armorer Competition.

A hundred years later, he appeared in the eyes of the world directly as the heir of Tianyan City and the inheritor of Tianyan the Great. One could imagine that he would demonstrate incredible strength and capabilities in the competition this time.

“Look, a bizarre phenomenon is happening inside all of the Armory Zones.” Someone looked in Wang Xiao’s direction. His Armory Zone looked like an armoring palace, where the Path Fire burned, and there was an enormous armoring furnace. Phantasms appeared behind him. These were fire phantasms that looked like his battle form. The actions of the phantasm fused into one with him and started to strike at the armoring material inside the flames.

Within that space, a bizarre phenomenon arose, as though there was a divine palace of fire standing atop the celestial skies.

“That is the bizarre phenomenon that will only occur when a Tianyan City Wang Clan individual reaches the top in terms of armoring abilities. I didn’t think that Wang Xiao would already be able to do it,” someone exclaimed. Everyone was waiting in anticipation to see what kind of divine weapon Wang Xiao would be able to forge.

“The City Lord claimed that Wang Xiao had perfectly received the inheritance of Tianyan the Great. Legend had it that when Tianyan the Great executed armoring in the Ancient Era, a divine armoring palace would appear in the skies. And when the god himself tempered the divine arm, the people of an entire land could hear and see it until the divine arm emerged,” someone mumbled softly as waves of astonishment swept through them.

Wang Xiao had the potential to stand atop the world. He had already shown potential akin to that of the Ancient Great Emperor. No wonder the Tianyan City Lord created momentum for him like that, directly announcing that he would be taking over his position in the future. That was absolute faith in Wang Xiao’s ability.

“Mu Yan is really strong as well,” Someone looked in another direction. In the seven armoring areas in the air, there were seven Tribulation Plane cultivators, respectively. They pretty much attracted the attention of the vast majority of the people in Tianyan City.

Mu Yan’s Armory Zone was similarly extraordinary. It looked like an armoring altar, giving people an uncanny feeling. But at that same time, it felt really powerful. At one glance, his armoring technique looked extremely frightening.

Besides him, the other five Tribulation plane cultivators all had a remarkable performance. There were the top armoring masters from various areas of the Divine Prefecture; all of them could forge Sub-divine arms. They were all household names in their regions. The reason why they even entered this competition was because of the Armorer Competition of Tianyan City was the most influential armoring fest in the entire land of the Divine Prefecture.

On top of this, they had the opportunity to obtain a Two-tribulation Sub-divine Arm.

Most of the cultivators inside City Lord’s Office also raised their heads to look toward the seven Armory Zones in the ski. Xi Chiyao had her gaze fixed on Wang Xiao. There was a very serious expression in her eyes, and she could sense that Wang Xiao was really powerful.

None of the descendants of the Ancient God Clans were mediocre, not to mention how the Lord of the Tianyan City was being so solemn and serious.

Furthermore, one particular statement of the Lord of the Tianyan City made her a little worried.

He said that Wang Xiao had perfectly received the inheritance of Tianyan the Great. That would mean that he was above the Lord of Tianyan City.

Xi Chiyao was also an heir of an Ancient God Clan, so naturally, she knew a bit more about Ancient God Clans. If Wang Xiao was already able to…

Hopefully, things haven’t reached that stage yet, Xi Chiyao thought to herself. But based on the Tianyan City Lord’s attitude and how he had introduced Wang Xiao at this juncture, as well as invited various powers to the Divine Prefecture and even the princess here, Xi Chiyao had a bad feeling.

The possibility of that happening wasn’t small.

If that were the case, Ziwei Segmentum would be in a bit of danger.

“It seemed that Wang Xiao had already locked in first place for the Armorer Competition this time,” one of the Divine Prefecture Cultivators said. “The bizarre phenomenon appearing in his Armory Zone indicates that Wang Xiao’s armoring had already reached an incredibly high level. I’m afraid it won’t be easy for the outsiders to get those four Sub-divine Arms.”

The greatest armorer would, of course, emerge from the Tribulation Plane cultivators. The first place would bring away four Sub-divine Arms. But based on the look of the situation now, Wang Xiao would be doing it himself.

“It feels like I’m looking at the performance of the Ancient Armorer Great Emperor,” a cultivator from an organization affiliated to the City Lord’s Office said. There was a bit of fawning in that comment, but it worked on the City Lord’s Office cultivators.

The Lord of the Tianyan City said, “Hopefully, he’ll be able to reach that step. Quite a few powers from the Divine Prefecture came this time. I know full well that you all have some objectives. After the competition has concluded, everyone can talk about it. Perhaps, Wang Xiao would be able to solve the problem for you.”

The cultivators were all startled for a moment. Wang Xiao?

He could do it!

Xi Chiyao’s heart quivered. Did she, unfortunately, guess it right?

Based on the hints shown inside Tianyan City, it was probably pretty close to the truth. Her guess was probably correct. In that case, she was starting to get a little worried for Ye Futian.

She didn’t think that the Tianyan City Lord also had such intentions in introducing Wang Xiao this time.

In such turbulent times, Tianyan City was planning to let Wang Xiao stabilize the current situation through shock and awe, to become the star of this chaotic period.

No wonder there were rumors out there saying that Tianyan City was even eyeing the Donghuang Imperial Palace since the princess didn’t have a Path Companion for cultivation yet.

If Wang Xiao was this outstanding, he indeed qualified to contend for the position. Of course, he had only just qualified for it.

If Donghuang the Great wanted to pick a son-in-law, throughout the entire land of the Divine Prefecture, who could be compatible?

“No wonder the City Lord was so confident,” someone said with a smile, “If that’s the case, then we shall watch on in anticipation.”

Previously, Master Meng Yan was defeated by a mysterious armorer in black robes, while mysterious yet powerful armorers appeared for three consecutive rounds since the seventh round. However, the Lord of the Tianyan City was a little surprised; it seemed like the situation was getting out of hand. But contrary to expectations, he had absolute confidence because of Wang Xiao’s existence.

As long as Wang Xiao was the brightest armorer of this competition, everyone else wasn’t that important. Even if they lost in the ninth-level Renhuang division, they could make up for it. Wang Xiao’s brilliance would cover everything else and make people overlook the failure of others.

Naturally, Ye Futian also heard what the Lord of the Tianyan City said. This statement seemed to be hinting at the trouble that he had brought to the powers of the Divine Prefecture.

As he had expected, he and Xi Chiyao had guessed correctly, Tianyan City was still going to intervene in the end.

He looked toward where Wang Xiao was.

Could he solve it!

As time passed, some of the divine arms were forged. The first to complete was an armorer from the lower ranking Renhuang “division.” Then, cultivators started to complete forging their divine arms one after another. Of course, some of them failed.

Every armorer was given two chances this time, with no time limit. If they failed, they could try again. All of them wanted to forge a perfect ritual implement to win the Armorer Competition.

The forging duration this time was longer for every single armorer. The first to finish was the first level Renhuangs. The staff from the City Lord’s Office showed the divine arm to everyone, and unleashed the power of the divine arm. Afterward, they announced the results. The winner was an armorer from the City Lord’s Office.

The first victory was claimed by the City Lord’s office.

While the results of the first showdown were being revealed, the seven great armorers in the air had just completed the smelting of the armoring materials, which was indicative of the difference in their levels.

Indubitably, the seven most powerful armorers in the air would be the slowest, there was no telling how long they would take to complete the forging.

But the audience cultivators weren’t in a hurry. This was already the final round, and the Armorer Competition was only held once every 100 years. It was such a grand fest that the people of Tianyan City were even unwilling for it to end so quickly. Every step taken by the top master armorers was like art to the audience, especially those interested in armoring; it was greatly attractive to them.

There was no more day or night in the city; everyone’s attention was fixed on armoring, they forgot the time.

One after another, the cultivators completed forging their weapons, all eight arenas concluded the competition and the winner had emerged.

Of which, about half of the first-place winners were armorers from the City Lod’s Office. But, there was also a strange phenomenon. The first place of the seventh, eighth and ninth level Renhuang divisions wasn’t won by the armorer from the City Lord’s office. Instead, it was won by the mysterious cultivators from before.

Furthermore, the ninth-level Renhuang division was also hazardous. The armorer who defeated Men Yan was also threatening the position of the armorer from the City Lord’s Office.

Where did these people come from? Why are they so strong?

But even then, through the ultimate showdown this time, one could see the dominating advantage that the City Lord’s Office has over the world of armory. If the mysterious cultivator didn’t appear, they could probably clinch even more number ones.

The number one holy land of armory in the Divine Prefecture. They had the best armoring methods and the best armoring resources, so naturally, the armorers that they groomed were also the best.

At the ninth level Renhuang division, the armorer in black robes was still forging his weapon. This time, he was also more serious. Compared to the clash with Meng Yang, he was even more serious. He had spent nearly three times the time, yet he still wasn’t done.

Finally, the ritual implementation emerged. It was once again a Precious Cauldron. This seemed to be the thing he was best at forging. The quality of it this time was even better than before.

“He’s suppressing his opponent!” When the audience saw this ritual implement emerge, they knew that he was going to win. The ninth level Renhuang from the City Lord’s Office was named Wang yu, he had also reached a high level of mastery in armory.

But this time, he was going to lose.

After all, previously, Meng Yan was already said to have the ability to win champion among the Renhuang plan armorers. Black robe armorer had defeated him to reach here, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if he won.

As expected, the black robe armorer defeated Wang Yu and clinched a significant victory.

This was the first place of the ninth level Renhuang division, and he would be receiving three peak-Renhuang divine arms, as well as a One Tribulation Sub-divine Arm.

Unexpectedly, the City Lord’s Office lost in all of the key competitions in the seventh, eighth, and ninth level upper-rank Renhuang divisions and couldn’t defend the championship title. This made cultivators from the City Lord’s office lose quite a bit of face, but all they could do was swallow this defeat.

This was the Armorer Competition. In front of the people of the Divine Prefecture, both victory and defeat were clear cut without contention. What could they do?

Not only that, they had to announce the results joyfully, and then give out the precious prizes.

Now, all that was left was the most important showdown between the seven powerful Tribulation Plane armorers. Even those who had already completed forging their weapons raised their heads to look toward the seven Armory Zones in the air, appreciating the sight of this ultimate armoring showdown.

These seven Tribulation plane armorers had only just completed half of the steps in forging their weapons. Yet all of the seven Armory Zones had already turned into dominions of fire. Even their forging processes were pleasing to the eye of the audience.
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    《The Legend of Futian》