The Legend of Futian
2566 The Sky Tremoring Hammer
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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2566 The Sky Tremoring Hammer

Ye Futian’s arrogant words made everyone from the Divine Prefecture stare at him, specifically his body. Many years ago, Ye Futian had used the body of Shenjia the Great Emperor to comprehend. As a result, it cast an incredibly strong physique, which almost unraveled the divine body itself.

Now, after so many years, this body had become even stronger to the point that it could directly withstand the destructive Great Path power exerted by a cultivator in the Tribulation Plane.

Although it was just a destruction fluctuation before the attack, it was enough to demonstrate the strength of Ye Futian’s physical body.

“Just physical body alone, the strength of Ye Futian’s body has surpassed most of the cultivators who had survived the first Divine Tribulation of the Great Path,” the Chief from Taishang Domain commented as he looked at the battlefield. His words were casual and did not indicate his position, merely an objective evaluation of Ye Futian’s physical strength.

“Indeed.” Many cultivators from the Divine Prefecture around him nodded. Few cultivators in the Tribulation Plane could take it to the point where they were confident enough to offer no resistance whatsoever.

But Wang Xiao was not about to wax lyrical on such details. Divine light shot out from his eyes as he descended from the sky. Under the phantom of the deity, the vast and boundless space, including the entire office of the Lord of the Tianyan City, seemed to be covered by the domain of his Great Path.

He stretched out his hand, and immediately, countless lightning blasted down from him. Terrible lightning also flashed out of his eyes.

“Is it weak?” Wang Xiao swept toward Ye Futian as he said, “Feel it carefully now.”

When the voice fell, his palm slammed toward the space below. That was the moment when the deity above the sky lifted his hammer and smashed it down as well, blasting above the void.

Doink! A dull sound came from the firmament. Everyone in Tianyan City felt their heart beating violently at this moment. Even their footsteps seemed a little unsteady as a wave of destruction rolled toward them.

The space above the City Lord’s Office seemed to be pulverizing directly by this blow. That terrifying force crashed into Ye Futian, ignoring the distance in the space, and it was a power that could extinguish all living things.

Bang! Even the Mahavairocana Battle Form behind Ye Futian had visible cracks on it. His body was slammed down from the sky as that terrifying shock wave rushed into his body. If it were any other cultivators, this blow alone was enough to shatter their internal organs.

But divine light circulated in that divine body still, unbroken.

“Sky Tremoring Hammer.”

Many cultivators from the Divine Prefecture trembled. This was a superior attacking technique. It was rumored that when Tianyan the Great was making the armors, he swung his hammer to smash the implement, again and again, year after year. In the end, he comprehended a set of divine methods based on the concept of returning to the basics, and Sky Tremoring Hammer was created.

That simple action was the action that had been repeated for many years but contained the comprehension of Tianyan the Great. One strike from the hammer could break the Great Path and smash the sky. This divine method was the Sky Tremoring Hammer—the most powerful offensive technique in the Divine Prefecture.

This Sky Tremoring Hammer may seem simple, but it was, in fact, extremely difficult to comprehend. Tianyan City had throngs of cultivators, as well as many members from the mainline of the City Lord’s Office. Still, very few of them dared to specialize in cultivating the Sky Tremoring Hammer, as it was an extremely time-consuming method.

The caveat was that one might spend all his time on it but not achieve any result. Failure was highly likely, and many were unable to achieve great results in the end. Some were able to obtain the form but not its essence.

However, Wang Xiao, the most outstanding heir of Tianyan the Great, as well as the most outstanding armorer in the City Lord’s Office in Tianyan City, had once spent a century forging a single sword. In countless armor-makings, he had accomplished the cultivation of the Sky Tremoring Hammer.

The power of this powerful divine method contained terrifying power. Although Tianyan the Great was the Great Emperor of armoring, the combat effectiveness of the Sky Tremoring Hammer was no less powerful than the offensive techniques of any other Great Emperors in ancient times; it was extremely domineering.

“Ye Futian’s defense is not to be taken lightly,” the cultivator from the Divine Prefecture said again. The confrontation and collision between these two peerless figures demonstrated extremely strong offensive and defensive forces in just one single exchange.

The power of the Sky Tremoring Hammer failed to destroy Ye Futian’s physical body.

At this moment, Ye Futian was standing there, looking past the sky. In his perception, this world had already turned into the other’s domain of the Great Path, as if there were waves of invisible fluctuations that swept down from above as if it was the will of the Sky Tremoring Hammer. Just the invisible shock wave alone gave everyone a strong sense of oppression.

When the Sky Tremoring Hammer blasted down, this shock wave overlapped thousands of times over and formed an unparalleled wave of destruction, shattering all the existence within this space.

“How was that?” Wang Xiao said in a clearly audible voice as he looked down at Ye Futian. He stood there, like a god descending into the world, unable to be denied.

“Can it be a little stronger?” Ye Futian asked as he raised his head to look at Wang Xiao in the sky. Wang Xiao’s eyes sharpened immediately. He stared at him and said, “In that case, I will have to oblige.”

The invisible shock wave remained but was getting stronger. The power of the previous blow had not completely dissipated before that deity above the sky raised his Divine Hammer again and smashed it down.

Boom! A dull sound came out between heaven and earth. In the area above the City Lord’s Office, the City Lord of Tianyan City had set up an area to block off the office complex. However, terrifying shock waves still rushed down and impacted that layer of the defensive light screen.

Inside Tianyan City, the hearts of countless cultivators trembled fiercely once more. Those cultivators who were closer to the City Lord’s Office even let out a muffled groan, their faces pale. They were watching from the outside, and they were affected unexpectedly.

The battlefield was high above the sky, so one could imagine just how fearsome was this attacking power.

This time, Ye Futian did not ignore Wang Xiao’s attack. The divine light on his body dazzled, protecting his body, with the Great Path surrounding him. The starry light screen was shining when the wave of the Sky Tremoring Hammer blasted down. Everything seemed to be shattered. Ye Futian’s body trembled and was sent flying down to the ground again, and he was falling at a rapid speed.

When he stopped, Tianyan City was completely silent. Countless eyes were glued on Ye Futian.

After two successive attacks, how was he doing?

The power of the Sky Tremoring Hammer seemed to be increasing. The power of the second attack was obviously quite a bit more terrifying.

“It’s still too weak.” Ye Futian raised his head and looked up into the sky. An indifferent voice came out of his mouth, and his eyes were full of contempt.

This made Wang Xiao’s eyes became even colder, and murderous intent flashed across his eyes. Ye Futian’s provocation had finally enraged him.

The Sky Tremoring Hammer was too weak?

“It’s fighting words you speak,” Wang Xiao declared loudly. The Divine Hammer above the firmament fell again, and the attack was even fiercer this time. Those invisible light screens seemed to have turned into physical barriers. Layers of heavy golden divine light crushed the sky and swept down again, like halos of shocking lights that obscured the sky and the sun, smashing all existence.

Boom! In Tianyan City, many buildings exploded and shattered, disappearing in an instant. Some cultivators near the City Lord’s Office spat out mouthfuls of blood as they retreated rapidly. Not only them but also everyone in the entire Tianyan City seemed to feel that terrible power of attack.

Ye Futian’s body was plunged from the sky again, but this time, Wang Xiao did not stop but blasted down once again, as the shock waves of destruction continued to sweep downward. Above the firmament, a massive and boundless golden Divine Hammer and layers of golden light screens blasted down continuously. Even some of the giant figures from the Divine Prefecture who had survived the second Divine Tribulation of the Great Path could feel the pressure.

This attack was at a level that was enough to make them take notice.

“At its most domineering form, the Sky Tremoring Hammer could sweep down 108,000 halos all at the same time, which can shock and kill 108,000 times!”

Boom! As Wang Xiao’s voice fell, no sound seemed to be heard above the firmament. Only the shock waves of destruction remained. What would it look like when 108,000 halos of light smashed down at the same time?

Ye Futian clasped his hands together; his body was radiant all over. The Light of Buddha lingered, and true words were spoken. The Six Syllables of Truth seemed to penetrate that shock wave, resounding between heaven and earth. With him as the center, a whole realm—the domain of Buddha—had been formed.

All the Buddhas were present, surrounded by battle forms. There was also an incredible giant Buddha overhead above this space. Hundreds and thousands of Buddhist shadows were resisting 108,000 shocking halos of light.

When the Sky Tremoring Hammer fell, heaven and earth lost their voice and became deadly silent.

The greatest sound transcends the limitation of sounds!

In Tianyan City, countless buildings were wiped out in an instant. Many cultivators vomited blood and fell to the ground. They were, unfortunately, collateral damage, and their suffering was great.

In the area where Ye Futian was, all the Buddhist battle forms were annihilated, turning into ruins as they dispersed in the wind. The shock wave continued to move down. The Buddhist shadows that surrounded Ye Futian were shattered and blasted into the space below, landing upon the light screen set up by the City Lord of Tianyan. A violent roar was heard as the light screen trembled continuously. It seemed as if it was being destabilized.

Boom! A burst of sound resounded throughout Tianyan City, and the shock wave of destruction was finally waning. The power of this Sky Tremoring Hammer was simply unparalleled.

Ye Futian stood there quietly as if there had been no sound. A wisp of invisible wind blew through and caressed his silver hair.

Countless eyes fell on him. Would Ye Futian be annihilated by such a terrifying blow?

If he were killed, that would be a violation of the rules of the contest.

This blow was simply beyond terrifying.

But Ye Futian stood there without moving, like a statue. Wang Xiao looked down at him, unsure of the exact situation that Ye Futian was in at the moment.

“That’s all?”

Suddenly, a voice came out, and that figure moved again. He slowly raised his head, his eyes shining with a sharpness that aimed toward Wang Xiao, who was high above the sky. Wang Xiao’s eyes sharpened immediately.

Was this blow still unable to shake Ye Futian?

The cultivators from the Divine Prefecture and Tianyan City were shocked to the core. Didn’t such a powerful attack hurt him?

“This attack is actually good for tempering the flesh.” Ye Futian raised his head and looked at the man in the void. His body floated upward with incredible speed, clearly without being affected in the slightest.

Was he using the attack of the Sky Tremoring Hammer to temper his physical body?

Was he mad?

Perhaps Ye Futian was just saying it. No matter what a genius talent he was, he would not dare to be so conceited.

“Then, let us continue.” Wang Xiao spoke again, and the shock wave of destruction swept down once again.

But Ye Futian merely smiled sarcastically as his figure continued its upward trend. At the same time, rays of divine light gleamed upon his body; it was as if they had turned into countless halos, moving in the sky with him.

“You’ve been attacking for long enough. Now, it is my turn!” Ye Futian stretched out his hand. Suddenly, a spear appeared in it.

His cultivation did not concentrate on spear techniques, but at this moment, what had appeared in his hand was a spear.

“Let’s see if you can take this shot from me!”
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    《The Legend of Futian》