The Legend of Futian
2580 They Are Used to I
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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2580 They Are Used to I

After the banquet, Ye Futian and other key figures visited the rest of the residents in Ziwei Imperial Palace. Now, many new cultivators in the Palace were impressed with Ye Futian and admired him a lot.

Ye Futian was now a legend in the Ziwei Segmentum and the spokesperson of Ziwei the Great.

Afterward, he paid a visit to his elders and family. Then, after discussing with Taoist Monk Mu, he was ready to start another round of alchemy again.

Just when Ye Futian was about to start, suddenly, his mind moved slightly, and he took out the treasure mirror. On the other side, Xi Chiyao’s face appeared.

Xi Chiyao had a smile on her face that made her seem even more beautiful than before. Her temperament was even more outstanding.

“When I heard the news that you had breached the Imperial arms, I called on you immediately. 28 years, I finally got in touch with you again.” Xi Chiyao smiled softly. It was as if she was seeing a long-lost friend with much joy in her heart.

“Has the West Imperial Palace already gotten the news?” Ye Futian asked. Only Tianyan City should have known the news of him breaching the imperial arms.

This meant that Tianyan City had already allowed the news to spread.

“Such a big happy event. How could Tianyan City not share it with other forces in the Divine Prefecture?” Xi Chiyao teased and continued, “However, you are too secretive. If it were not because I got the news from Tianyan City, would you plan to keep this news a secret from me?”

“I just got out, and I was too busy cultivating. I also have a lot of things to deal with at Ziwei Imperial Palace. Now I plan to make some elixirs in retreat, so I didn’t think to contact you.” Ye Futian said, “I saw some changes within you. Did you have a breakthrough?”

“Look at you,” Xi Chiyao replied in awe. “You could even see something like that. Yes, I did break through the shackles of Renhuang and went one level higher. However, I am afraid that there is still quite a gap compared to you. You are continuing to make elixirs. Is it because you had another breakthrough in your cultivation?”

“Fortunately.” Ye Futian said, “Speaking of alchemy, can you use the resources of the West Imperial Palace to help me collect some alchemical materials? The rarer, the better.”

“No problem, I’ll do it now. When I have all of them, I will send them to the Ziwei Segmentum,” Xi Chiyao responded readily enough without any hesitation.

“Thanks.” Ye Futian nodded, and the two ended their conversation. Although the two were not close friends, they worked well together and trusted each other. Ye Futian asked Xi Chiyao to find alchemical materials, and she agreed right away. She knew that Ye Futian would not forget the West Imperial Palace’s favor.

Then, Ye Futian began to make the elixirs in retreat. Although he was still in the realm of the Renhuang, he had experienced the divine tribulation twice already while in the Renhuang realm, and he had no idea if he could produce Sub-divine Elixirs of the second tribulation. When he returned to the Ziwei Segmentum after having survived the tribulation the first time, he could produce the Sub-divine Elixirs of the first tribulation.

He didn’t lack any alchemical materials for the time being; he had gathered as much as he could back then on Elixir Emperor’s Island and obtained many precious medicinal materials, which had yet been used up. He wanted Xi Chiyao to help him to collect these materials, so he had some in reserve.

After all, there were more and more cultivators in the Ziwei Segmentum, and there were not enough elixirs to give to everyone. The Alchemy Palace, on the other hand, also required a lot of alchemical materials. If they go to the Divine Prefecture to collect them, it would potentially be a thorny situation. It was much easier to work with West Imperial Palace on the collection of materials. After he produced the elixirs, part of them would be sent over to West Imperial Palace. This way, it was a win-win for both sides. This mutual relationship could ensure their continued cooperation.

The secret to getting people to agree to help was never letting them get the short end of the stick. As long as both parties could benefit, the relationship would have no reason not to continue. In the cultivation world, feelings were a thing fragile, to begin with. Not to mention that his relationship with the West Imperial Palace was not at the level where feelings would be a factor.

The others in Ziwei Imperial Palace were also cultivating peacefully. After Ye Futian broke through the imprisonment of the imperial arms and returned to them, these cultivators in Ziwei Imperial Palace seemed to be hopeful once again. They were more motivated to cultivate, as their Palace Lord was personally working on producing those elixirs that were highly anticipated.

This time, Ye Futian first produced a large batch of top Renhuang elixirs. To him, this level of elixirs was far too easy for him, and its mass production did not require too much of his energy.

However, the Renhuang elixirs that he produced were absolutely unparalleled in all of the Divine Prefecture, and their quality was perfection itself. For cultivators in the Renhuang Realm, it had a massive effect and could help them lay the most solid foundation for leveling up.

After the batches were done, Ye Futian had Blind Tie and Old Ma distribute the elixirs, prioritizing top cultivators in the Renhuang Realm, making preparations for the impact to experiencing the Divine Tribulation of the Great Path.

After that, he continued to make higher-level elixirs, like the Sub-divine Elixirs.

For a long time after that, elixir tribulations were frequent occurrences and a common sight in the Starry Cultivation Court. But because of the experience they had many years ago, the cultivators inside Ziwei Imperial Palace were quite accustomed to it. However, they would be surprised if there had been no elixir tribulations when Ye Futian was practicing alchemy.

Undeniably, the elixir tribulation this time was clearly much stronger than the last time.

A few months later, Ye Futian finished the production of elixirs and distributed all that he had made. Lord Chen and the four lords were the firsts to receive the Sub-divine Elixirs, then those who were tittering in the peak of Renhuang for too many years were also given the Sub-divine Elixirs from Ye Futian. At the same time, they had sought advice from Lord Chen and several other lords who had experienced the Divine Tribulation of the Great Path.

Blind Tie was the first one to pass over the hurdle of Renhuang and experience the Divine Tribulation of the Great Path.

In his time, Blind Tie himself was a genius talent from Four Square Village. After some plotting from the others, he was blinded, and the teacher had him stay in the village as a blacksmith. Many thought that he had given up cultivation, but in truth, he was learning to return to the basics and what was truly important. Later on, he received the inheritance of the imperial star, and Blind Tie’s cultivation went one step further.

Now, decades later, he finally stepped into the Tribulation Plane.

His tribulation was an incredibly strong one, but Blind Tie was an incomparable figure himself. Not only was he not destroyed by the divine tribulation, but he successfully completed the Divine Tribulation of the Great Path.

Now some of the protectors around Ye Futian were also existences in the Tribulation Plane.

The second cultivator who survived the Divine Tribulation of the Great Path was Emperor Xi’s disciple—Yang Wuqi. This was rather surprising to Ye Futian. However, after some consideration, it appeared quite logical. Yang Wuqi’s talents were outstanding, but he maintained an extremely low profile and kept quiet while he followed Emperor Xi. Nevertheless, his mindset was extraordinary.

After surviving the Divine Tribulation of the Great Path, Yang Wuqi was on the same level as his master, Emperor Xi, and this delighted Emperor Xi to no end. As a result, Wangshen Palace now had two cultivators in the Tribulation Plane, which increased its strength considerably.

After another six months, Xi Chiyao took a group of cultivators from West Imperial Palace to visit Ziwei Segmentum. They were led into the Starry Cultivation Court to see Ye Futian.

“You are behaving yourself?” Xi Chiyao looked at Ye Futian and said with a playful smile. It had been more than half a year since Ye Futian broke the imprisonment and destroyed the imperial arms. However, he did not make any moves but stayed quietly inside the Ziwei Segmentum.

“What else do you expect?” Ye Futian replied.

“I thought you would go to the Divine Prefecture.” Xi Chiyao smiled, “This is unlike you.”

“I’m in no hurry,” Ye Futian said.

“True.” Xi Chiyao nodded. “Presently, the forces headed by the Ancient God Clans in Tianyan City have already begun their preparations the moment you broke out the imprisonment, so they will be ready for you anytime. If you go to the Divine Prefecture now, there are still some dangers for you. If these Ancient God Clans mean to do you harm. You should cultivate here for some time to come.”

She saw that Ye Futian’s realm had not changed; it was still in the Ninth-Realm of Renhuang. Although his combat effectiveness was extraordinary, and he was also an expert in Buddhist superpower, he had some extremely powerful enemies. If he left the Ziwei Segmentum now, there was a certain risk waiting for him on the outside.

But in Ziwei Segmentum, unless a force as powerful as the Donghuang Imperial Palace were to mobilize, no other principalities would be able to invade it.

Therefore, Xi Chiyao agreed with Ye Futian’s decision. She thought it best for him to cultivate for several years before leaving here, or, at the very least, until he had passed the Divine Tribulation of the Great Path.

“Un-huh.” Ye Futian didn’t bother to explain anything but asked, “Are you here to deliver the medicinal materials?”

“Wow, you get to the point quickly.” Xi Chiyao gave Ye Futian a look, but she still took out the things in the storage and handed them over to Ye Futian. “West Imperial Palace spent half a year’s effort to gather these. It’s quite a collection, so don’t spend them all at once.”

Ye Futian checked the items with his divine consciousness, then nodded slightly to acknowledge her statement. He simply said, “Thank you.”

As he was speaking, his divine consciousness went inside his own storage ring, and took a considerable amount of pills and elixirs, and put them inside a separate storage ring. He handed it to Xi Chiyao, “This is for the West Imperial Palace, but there is a condition: these cannot be distributed to those who raised their hands against me last time.”

“You hold grudges forever.” Xi Chiyao laughed and said, “Don’t worry. What happened last time will never be repeated again in West Imperial Palace. Once was enough for that kind of situation.”

When the two were talking, a horrific aura suddenly descended above the sky. The eyes of Xi Chiyao and other cultivators from the West Imperial Palace sharpened slightly as they looked towards that side.

Soon after, they saw a figure levitated into the air and heading higher into the sky; Ye Futian also glanced yonder. Once he knew who it was, he didn’t care too much about it anymore and redirected his gaze.

Likewise, the cultivators in the Starry Cultivation Court just glanced to see who it was, with a slightly envious look on their faces, and continued to cultivate without paying too much attention.

Above the firmament, that radiant figure was experiencing the Divine Tribulation of the Great Path alone, with no one even watching him. This strange sight piqued Xi Chiyao’s curiosity; the reactions of these people didn’t seem normal to her.

“This is Divine Tribulation!” Xi Chiyao said to Ye Futian.

“Un-huh,” Ye Futian nodded.

Seeing his nonchalant expression, Xi Chiyao felt even more curious and asked, “Did none of the people at the Ziwei Imperial Palace care about that?”

“They got used to it,” Ye Futian replied.

“Got used to it?” Xi Chiyao stared at Ye Futian incredulously with her beautiful eyes. These people got accustomed to seeing Divine Tribulations?

As the Goddess of West Imperial Palace, the entire West Imperial Palace attached great importance to her when she was experiencing the divine tribulation, and all the cultivators in the entire Palace were observing her at the time. She cultivated many years before she experienced the divine tribulation, and the whole clan witnessed it.

But now, someone was experiencing divine tribulation at Ziwei Imperial Palace.

No one cared!

“You are tough.” Xi Chiyao said, “It seems that the elixirs are effective. Let’s see what good elixir you have made this time.”

As soon as she said that, Xi Chiyao checked the elixirs that Ye Futian gave her with great anticipation. Ye Futian didn’t mind it, merely turning his head to look higher into the sky.

Soon, Xi Chiyao’s body stiffened, and her heart trembled violently. Her beautiful eyes fixed on Ye Futian.

“Chiyao, what is it?” The cultivator from Western Imperial Palace asked.

Xi Chiyao didn’t seem to have heard them. After a while, she looked at the people from West Imperial Palace and took out an elixir, “Second Tribulation, Sub-divine Elixir!”

When they heard what Xi Chiyao said, the eyes of all the cultivators from the West Imperial Palace were frozen as well!
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    《The Legend of Futian》