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The Original Sin: Despair
Author :Ikkarus
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1 Chapter 1

"Brrrttttt brrrrttt"(sound of dirt bike)

A loud sound can be heard in the mountain that are full of trees, a young man without a helmet was riding his dirt bike in the mountain despite it being a restricted area.

"Woooohooo, doing this shit is so thrilling!!"

Yelled the young while riding his dirt bike in a rather fast speed, which is dumb as the mountain is full of fallen branches and trees.

When he was about to stop and take a piss, he feels his front tire hit something that caused him to lose balance and crash into a big tree, he fell off his bike and come rushing down into mountain in a fast pace

"Shit shit shit shit, I need something to hold into"

When he saw a big fallen branch he quickly tried to hold onto it, but when he did he lose his balance once again, and hit his head into a rather sharp rock.

He could feel is conscious fading away, he couldn't even feel pain when he hit his head into the sharp rock as he didn't expect it to happen, it's too sudden.

"sigh at least I had my fun before I die"

Is his last word as he just accepted his death and try to be positive, he just embrace it and smile while losing his consciousness.

When he open his eyes he became excited and the thought of survviving the tragedy cross his mind, but when he look at his surrounding he wasn't in the place where he expected him to be, instead he is in a room full of computer and big flat screen tv like those military base.

"where...where am I?"

"You're in my domain, young soul"

Suddenly he hear a voice behind him, when he turn around he saw a middle age man with black beard and hair...watching anime(nanatsu no taizai)

"who are you?"

Sin asked cautiously

"well, I am a powerful being, probably the strongest person you'll ever meet"

"What do you mean...?"

"Hmmmm how do I say this...you humans call me God or something like that"

"God?!! Like papa God?!! Papa Jesus?!"

Sin got startled and asked a fast questions like he won the lottery

"What the fuck, who in the hell is Jesus? And did I hear it wrong or did you just called me papa? Sorry kid but you're not worthy to be my son, at least not yet"

"Then if you're not papa jesus, who are you?"

"Well, I don't really have a name so you can just call me whatever"

"Oh, ok papa black weird middle age man who likes watching nanatu no taiza, and why are you watching the anime version? Man of I were you i'll read the manga, anime is cringy as fuck man"

The middle age man, who proclaimed himself to be a God look at him with a deadpan expression. He ignore sin's nickname for him and instead ask him a question

"Young soul, would you be kind enough to entertain me?

Sin was loss at what to do, he wouldn't want to entertain someone for no reason, and even if he wanted to he can't really do anything entertaining.

"Sorry, but I have no skills like acrobatic or sucking gasoline and blowing fire, so I can't really entertain you"

"No no no, you stupid idiot. That's not what I meant, what I mean is go into another world like the usual and entertain me"

Sin's eyes shine bright like a diamond and look at the God like a predator looking at its prey

"Do I get cheat and powerful powers?"

"well, I will give you two power of your own choosing so yeh, I guess"

"Then I want a syst-"

before he could even finish God interrupted him

"Firstable, I want you to entertain me not to entertain yourself, so a system is a no no"

"Awwwww, then j what do I get in exchange for entertaining you?"

"You get to live"

"Get to live? That's it?"

"don't get me wrong kid, I can choose whoever I want to entertain me, and I just chose you cause you died first when I was getting bored, so if you don't want to live then i'll send you to purgatory now"

That middle age man's eye sharpened and said in a dominating tone

"Wait wait wait, I'll entertain you i'll entertain you!!" even if sin is not satisfied with the deal, he still agree, no matter what happened he's still human, and human fear the unknown. although if the middle age man said heaven he won't say anything but he said purgatory, he doesn't even know what the fuck that is, and he still wants to live as well even if it will be in another world, he feel nervous asf though

"that's what I thought, now choose a power but not too strong like system, saitama's power, infinite mana/health or something that would make you invincible, that would be too boring to watch"

"sigh fine...wait let me think for a second please?"

"Ok but hurry up"

After a while of thinking sin was done and ask for his first power

"Ok so my first wish is, give me a symbiote that will be strong enough to survive in whatever world I will get sent into"

The God closes his eyes for a moment and opens it after thinking

"Alright, I will give you steel, a symbiote that will increase your physical power and healing factor by a LOT, and you can transform him into any melee weapon that you like, I will remove its intelligence though as it is too much for you to handle, so you can control it perfectly, you can also increase its abilities by eating a living being, and you're gonna be immune in all poison or curse and increase your lifespan"

"Eat living being? Does that mean...i have to eat people?"

"who knows, oh I almost forgot your physics will be stronger there as well, since earth has like 40 barriers covering it so your physical power is limited in earth, but in the place I will send you there's no barrier so your body will be free"

The middle age man smile and look at sin with a mischievous smile.

Sin didn't pay attention so he didn't hear about the barrier thingy since he was thinking of eating human and it made him shiver

"Ok...anyway my last wish is to have tatsumaki's ability in one punch man, you know her right? Since you watch anime and all"

"Mmm yeh I do, but let me just think of this power if it is gonna be overpowered in that world I'm gonna send you into"

'Sending meteor in ordinary people is definitely overkill, but throwing a meteor at people at meliodas level will be easy to dodge or even punch through it, so I guess it's still passable'

After thinking for a while the middle age man look at sin's eyes and said

"Ok I've decided, I will give Psychokinesis to you, it will get stronger as well, but I won't tell you how, you just have to figure that yourself"

"Thanks, so where would you send me?" sin grinned and ask the middle age man, after all, he doesn't want to be clueless as hell

"I was just done watching nanatsu no taizai, so I will be sending you there. Now here, create your own character, after all, with that thinking and personality of yours, you wouldn't last on that world for long, and that would be too boring"

Suddenly a screen shape like box appeared in front of sin, in there he can see what he can change like his face, height, colour, his own personality, his ways of thinking etc

"wow, I need to be careful with this, I don't wanna be a rapist while changing my personality"

After a while sin was done creating the future him, his appearance is gonna be

-Height-same as meliodas

-Hair/hair colour- same as meliodas as well but colour red

-Eyes-same as meliodas

-Mouth- Meliodas as well

He's basically meliodas but with different hair colour and personality, because his personality is

-No mercy to enemy





-loyal to his future girlfriend/wife

"Hmm that's a nice pick, but why make yourself looks like meliodas?"

"well, I want them to take interest in me and join their group without showing my power, although I don't really care if they know, I just want them to think i'm mysterious or act cool, a manga lover desires yannoh"

"hehe I'm starting to like you, we both have the same taste, now I will send you to that world, and you will be near to meliodas tavern, you'll know about the timeline when you get there, now be prepare because I have an interesting way to get you there"

The middle age man grinned and point his finger at sin

"Hehe entertain me well, kid"


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