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The Original Sin: Despair
Author :Ikkarus
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2 Chapter 2

*in meliodas tavern*

Meliodas is currently busy giving orders and sake

"Hey captain, where's master?"

Meliodas turn his head around and see a certain blue-sh hair guy, with a long scar in his neck

"Oh, you mean hawk? I think he's with Elizabeth doing something in her room"

"Awwwww, what are they doing this time? I wanna drink sake with master"

"Well ban, you just have to wai-"

he didn't get to finish his sentence as he suddenly looks at the sky like he's looking at something, even though all he could see is his tavern's rooftop

Ban was alert and turn serious, he only sees his captain like this when something is coming, and that something isn't usually good.

"Captain, did the holy knights found us?"

Meliodas just shrugged and jumped into one of the tables

"Sorry guys but we're closing early today, something is up and I have to go, please come again tomorrow"

Meliodas shout trying to get everyone's attention, all the customers look at him with a a grin on each of their face. They have been going to this tavern for a while and is very satisfied with this tavern's sake, and not once did they got disturbed, so this yellow hair kid must have somewhere to go or something important to do to close his shop this early.

Everyone stood up and left while still chatting and grinning with their mates.

"Hey ban, can you get back Diane and King here?"

Meliodas asked ban while still humming and whistling

"Captain what's going on?"

Ban ask again but still got ignored by the humming meliodas, he turns anxious but not because he's afraid of holy knights, heck he would even love for them to come here just so he could fight them, but seeing his captain like this... is definitely not normal, and not normal means not so good

The door open and king enter with his very large green pillow that he always carry

"Hi captain, hi ban, what's going on? Where are the customers?"

Meliodas turn his head and look at King

"Where's Diane?"

"Oh, she's just outside sleeping, like usual"

"That's good, now wake her up and t-"

Meliodas stop talking again and look up, he went out and take a walk outside and ignored ban's tantrum and King's suspicious glare

The two followed their captain as he just ignores them anyway and just keeps walking with his hands in his pocket. Suddenly meliodas stop and look up, ban and king look up as well only to see nothing but the blue sky like ban's hair, they keep waiting until their neck got tired. The two was about to ask meliodas of what was going on but then they see a blazing "meteor" coming towards them, this time they don't need to ask their captain and just get ready for battle, while king ran back and get Diane

When Diane get there she stares at the meteor as well, and get ready herself for the expected battle.

It didn't take long for the "meteor" to crash as it is already penetrating the ground, the four could feel the ground shaking as the suppose to be meteor continue its way making a straight crater, the "meteor" stop soon and they walk towards it cautiously.

Meliodas was leading the way, his hand still on his pocket. When they're in front of the crater that meteor creat, they heard someone giggling and of course who wouldn't be surprised, even meliodas was shock

*10 mins ago*

"Hehe entertain me well, kid"

"Wait wait have u forgotten something? I'm still my old self, and I definitely can't feel any symbiote in my body"

"Are you dumb? I wouldn't be this powerful if I'm that forgetful, once you step out of my domain you will instantly get you power and your new body/personality, now goodbye"

Sin couldn't even say something as he's suddenly in mid air...with no parachute or something that would make him land safely. His body comes rushing down at a super fast speed, so fast that even his whole body started to get on fire, but to his surprise, he didn't feel anything, the fire is just there, not doing any harm to him

"Somehow this reminds me of my death"

Full three minutes has fast and he's still in the air, with a thick fire that will make everyone in the land to only see fire falling down, not a person.

Due to his new personality which is fearless, he didn't get scared or felt fear, instead, he felt thrilled and fun, he's enjoying this moment.

He repositions his body and put his two hands in his legs, making him, even more, go faster, when he was about to land he brace himself and just be ready to feel the pain. He came crashing down making a big straight crater, to his surprise he didn't feel the pain he expected, instead, he felt the land like it was a lego that is so easy to break apart, eventually, his fun was ended as he stops.

He giggles and hopes to do that shit again in some time, he gets up from the crater and got out of the deep hole he was in, when he did, he was grinning again as he saw 3 guys and 1 giant girl

"Welp, there goes my lowkey plan sigh" sin sigh but grinned again and turn his head towards the four

"Well, hello there gentlemen"


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