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The Original Sin: Despair
Author :Ikkarus
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3 Chapter 3

"Well, hello there gentleman"

The whole group was silent, each of their face is shape in different way, Ban's mouth is open wide, King turn into his fat mode, Diane's face is serious, and meliodas is serious as well.

There is no fucking way another man can look EXACTLY like him, apart from this guy's hair, he's another him...literally.

"Hey captain, I didn't know you have a twin brother" said Ban

"I do have siblings, but this guy is definitely not one of them" meliodas turn even more serious remembering about his siblings

'Could this guy be sent by the demon clan? No, if he's from there I'll notice that immediately but I can't feel anything demonic from him, and if he's sent by them he wont appear like this, he'll probably attack us already if he's sent by demon clan anyway so I'm pretty sure it's not them, then...who is this guy?'

Everyone is looking at meliodas, seeing him turn serious like this is not their first time seeing it, but every time they see this is either someone touch his broken sword, or someone hurt Elizabeth, and that is not something they wouldn't want to see

While everyone was serious Sin just walk in front of them, if it's the old him he'd probably wet his short, because just being near them is enough to feel each of their pressure they releasing, especially meliodas, but now he can't even feel anything, it's like he's just walking in a park.

"Hi, why do you guys looks so serious jeez, I won't bite" said Sin still smile on his face

"Who are you?" Meliodas ask in serious tone, he's ready to attack at any given time, and the other three behind him isn't any different, if Sin move in suspicious way, they'll launch.

"Oh I'm Sin, Velasco Sin" at this point Sin is already in close range to meliodas, just another step and they'd be able to touch each other.

The three member of 7sins is staring at Sin as well, if someone saw this scene they'd be intense. That is because four group of people is looking at a kid seriously while the red hair kid is just grinning at them.

"Why are you here? And why do you look like our captain?" This time it's Ban's turn to ask questions

"What? Can't I be here without any reason? And about my looks, well let's just say what a coincidence" *grin*

"Coincidence? If this is coincidence then everything is coincidence, tell me, are you a holy knight?" This time it's the giant girl

"Well, do I look like a Holy knight to you? If I were to be a holy knight I wouldn't be topless like this with tattered short, instead, I'd be in some cool shining armour, right?"

Everyone ask questions like they're interrogating him, but meliodas just keep silent, he's still looking at Sin with serious face, it didn't take long for him to ask his another question

"Sin is it?"

"Yeh, that's me"*grin*

"Where are you from and what is your objective here?"

At this time meliodas got less intense, and was already smiling, although he doesn't know where this guy come from or why he looks exactly like him, but he can't feel any ill or bad intentions from him, so just get back to his laid back personality

"I'm from far away place that you wouldn't even know, didn't you just see me just falling from the sky? As for my objective it's nothing really, I'm just here to work at meliodas tavern or something like that"

Hearing this, the three behind him was about to attack, they're not that dumb to not realise that he knows who they are and be able to still grin at them, but meliodas stop them before they could attack him

"Why do you want to work at my tavern? Your income isn't gonna be that good yannoh" said meliodas smiling, no point hiding his identity now since he's pretty sure that this red hair guy knows who they are

"Nah, I don't really care about the income, I don't have a house to sleep into so I just want a bed, pillow and blanket and that should be enough"

"Alright, let's go then, Elizabeth is probably worrying about us now"

The three behind meliodas was still suspicious about this red hair guy, so they can't just accept him like that

"Hey captain, why did you accept this guy? He might be a spy from the kingdom"

"Yeh captain, this guy look so suspicious, especially his looks"

"I don't want to do this, but I agree to ban"

The three start throwing question to meliodas, but he just smile at them

"Come on guys, I wouldn't hire someone from holy knights, and I like him so why not accept him?"

The three sigh and just walk back in tavern, Ban is still asking Sin such as why do you look like captain? Are you guys twins etc.

It didn't take them long to get back in tavern, they went inside and see Elizabeth sitting in the table with worried expression in her face

When she heard the door opening she stand up and was about to ran into meliodas for a hug, but then

"Sir meliodas, I'm so worried about...why is there two sir meliodas?!!"

Meliodas just smile and hug Elizabeth, touch her boobs and thigh, Elizabeth was used to it so she just let him do it.

"Well you see, I found this guy falling from the sky, and he said he wanted to work in my tavern, and I agree since I like him"

"Oh I see, welcome to our tavern sir...?" Elizabeth was about to throw a warm welcoming to Sin, but she forgot she still didn't know his name

"Haha, Hi elizabeth my name is Sin, velasco Sin, but you can just call me Sin"

Elizabeth smile and welcome him by smiling at him, while meliodas is still hanging in her body like a Koala. Everyone laugh seeing this scene, Ban, King and diane was convinced that what meliodas is right, even though they can't judge quickly if someone is not good by their appearance like their captain could, they're still member of the seven deadly sins, and that title isn't just for show, so of course they could tell if Sin is a spy or someone bad which he is not.

Seeing this scene Sin just smiled and laugh with them, if its the old him he'd probably be nervous around these guys, but the new him is way too different from his old self.

He could feel the change, his fearless, wild and reckless personality is the best personality to fit in with these guys.

*night time*

The night came and Diane hunt a food for them to eat, she caught pigs and other big animals to the forest and they roast it.

Diane was watching them from the outside since she can't really go inside the tavern, king is laying in his floating green pillow while looking at the sky, Ban being Ban is drinking sake while riding his master and laughing like an idiot, and meliodas is groping Elizabeth as usual

Sin feels like he'v known these guys since he was a kid even though they just met, he feels so at home here, back to earth he's just average guy without talent on anything, his parents are in a different country since he was a kid, he lives with his aunt which he doesn't really love, so coming here is a blessing for him, not only he get powers, he get true friends as well

"Speaking of power, I should probably try my two powers tomorrow"


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