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The Original Sin: Despair
Author :Ikkarus
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4 Chapter 4

*Boar hat tavern*

Everyone is doing their own thing, meliodas and Elizabeth is serving customers, king is sleeping, diane is outside sleeping as well, and hawk is nowhere to be seen

Sin is wearing the boar hat uniform like meliodas, so right now they look like twins, Sin walk to meliodas and ask for permission to leave and will come back at noon

"Boss, can I go out until noon?"

"Huh, Why is there something wrong?"

"Nahh, just gotta buy something in the town"

"Alright, by the way Sin, there's festival in town next week, you coming?"

Sin was silent for a moment making meliodas confuse

'So next week is when he'll fight ban and the war between him and Hendrickson begins huh'

"Yeah sure, I'd love to" Sin answer with smile in his face

Sin went out and go deep inside the forest, he stops when he's deep enough for anyone not to notice him including meliodas

"So how do I use steel? Mm let's try this, MASK!!"

Suddenly, a shiny red goo envelope his whole body, it started making an appearance, his eyes and teeth become big but sharp like venom, his body started to grow big and only stop when he's already 3 meters, his back started to have hundreds of spikes that are at least 5.5 inch each, his whole body become red and shiny but looks terrifying, if you compare carnage or venom to him they'd look like a fucking cute puppy

"I feel stronger, LOT stronger. Let's see how strong I've become"

Sin hold his hands together and BAM smash the land, the trees started to flew, 2/5 of the forest turn into a BIG and DEEP crater, all the trees are upside dow.

Sin was dumbfounded, he didn't expect him to be this strong, he thought that God wouldn't make him this strong since he wants him to entertain him, but what Sin didn't know is that, steel is only the half reason of why he's this strong, the other half is because his own body, in earth there is 40 or so barriers covering it, making the gravity tons heavier than this world, even if god want to make him weak this is the best he could do.

steel is the strongest symbiote in the whole universe that ever existed, the god made a copy of it and made it as strong as the original steel, but he weaken it so Sin don't become too op, the only way to gain its full power is by eating living being, but Sin still end up being this strong

"Danmmm, then how about without the suit"

Sin turn back into his human form and did the same, he smash the land and 1/4 of the forest started shaking, making the already BIG and DEEP crater even more bigger and deeper, the tress that have fallen turn into broken wood, this time he's paralysed, he can understand that he's strong with the suit on but without it he thought that he'd be weaken a lot, at least 0.5/5 of his power, but nope, he's half as strong with his suit on when he's in human form

"This...this is incredible hahahaha!" Sin become excited and laugh like a maniac, he's already this strong with his first power, then how strong is he right now with his second power?

"Haha, ok let's try this telekinesis thingy, I hope it doesn't disappoint me" Sin was still excited from earlier show of power, he could feel his blood boiling from the excitement

"But how do I use this power though, do I just need to think of what I want to do? Alright let's this"

Sin's body started to glow green, he started floating from the ground, Sin open his eyes and become frantic when he saw himself floating, he was so happy that he chose this ability, he tried to lift a 100meters tree while he was still floating, he launched it into a open space, he was surprise when the 100meter tree shot forward like a bullet, it crash down to the ground and destroy a good amount of land. This time he lifts nine 100m trees and one 120m tree, he launches all of them into the ground, the force was enough to destroy an average mountain, when he tried to lift another tree he failed, he can only control this 10 big ass tree

"sigh...looks like God has weaken tatsumaki's ability, but he said I can make it strong but how? Well, I'll figure it out on the way of becoming stronger"

"But for now let's find food, I'm starving so let's hunt first before practising this ability of mine"

Sin didn't need to hunt when he destroyed nearly half of the forest all he needs to do is look for a dead animal, and it didn't take him long to find some big creatures.

He was about to roast it but suddenly, something inside him wants to eat it raw, if it's the old him he'd definitely hesitate or even maybe not eat it raw, but the new him...well, let's just say that he loves it.

Last night when he ate roast pig, it tastes bland and average, but eating this creature's meat raw...he feels like he ate the most delicious food in the world.

Every bite he takes, he feel his body getting stronger slowly, it replenish his energy as well.

He was only done eating when he can't see any more creatures from the destroyed forest


The sun is already set when he was done practising, he mostly focuses on Steel's ability and just do some of tatsumaki, he can control his symbiote so well after practising it for almost 10hours, he can transform his arm when he's wearing steel into anything he wants, blade, axe, sword, nunchucks, etc etc

However, there's no big difference in tatsumaki's ability, it almost still the same, apart from barrier he can create there's nothing new.

"Guess it's time to go back now," Sin said out loud

When he left the forest, a giant girl was sweating while looking at the forest where Sin practiced

"He-he's so strong, I need to tell this to captain and team before he can do anything bad to them!!"

She ran and disappeared in seconds

Of course Sin knew that she was watching, if he didn't notice her despite being that big then he should just throw his ability away and go live a normal life

"well she only appeared when I was practising tatsumaki's ability so it shouldn't be a problem," Sin said grinning and started to run back to Boar hat, leaving the devastated forest


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